Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky

by Rady Ananda
Published: Sep. 07, 2010 – The Peoples Voice

Imagine our declining pollinators – bees, moths, butterflies and bats – coming upon thousands of acres of toxic trees, genetically engineered so that every cell in the tree exudes pesticide, from crown to root. Imagine a world without pollinators. Without seed dispersers. Without soil microbes.

It would be a silent forest, a killing forest, an alien forest. No wonder Vandana Shiva scoffs at the moniker, biotechnology. “This is not a life technology. It’s a death science.”

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Our Planet, Our People are not Expendable! We Refuse To Sacrifice Life for Corporate Profits

by Stephanie McMillan
Published: Jul. 17, 2010 – Common Dreams

The Gulf of Mexico has been destroyed. Immeasurable, irreparable damage has been done to wildlife, the health of the ocean, and people’s livelihoods. We have been cursed for years to come. It can not, as BP promises, be “made right.” In fact, even after this utter catastrophe, crimes against the planet and its inhabitants continue without pause.

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As BP claims success in capping well: Gulf economy in ruins

by Tom Eley
Published: Jul.17, 2010 – WSWS

After 86 days of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP on Tuesday claimed initial success in temporarily capping the Macondo well about 50 miles off the coast from Venice, Louisiana.

Whether or not the latest effort to stave off the gusher will succeed is not yet clear. This depends on whether damage to the well casing beneath the ocean’s oifloor has taken place. If so, it will indicate that the disaster is far worse than understood even now, raising the possibility that the well cannot be stopped until pressure from its multibillion-gallon undersea reservoir subsides—a catastrophe, in other words, that could carry on for years.

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Video series: The human toll of the BP blowout

First Published: Jun. 29, 2010 – WSWS

The BP blowout has devastated the economy, environment and health of the entire Gulf region. WSWS reporters C. W. Rogers and Andre Damon interviewed residents, small businessmen and environmental and health experts on the Gulf coast and compiled this video report.

Part 1/5 —The economic impact

Part 2/5—The effect on human health

Part 3/5—The social impact

Part 4/5—The environment

Part 5/5—Residents respond to the disaster




BP’s Carnage: Reckless Drilling

British Petroleum’s oil spill is latest crime in a criminal history

VIDEO – Requiem for the Gulf

BP’s Carnage: Reckless Drilling

by Dean Baker
Published: Jul. 13, 2010 – CounterPunch

While BP has taken some heat over its spill in the Gulf, it is remarkable how limited the anger actually is. Many defenders of the company have made the obvious point: It was an accident. BP did not intend to have a massive spill that killed 11 people, devastated the Gulf ecosystem and threatens the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Of course this is true, but it is also true that a drunk driver who runs into a school bus did not intend to be involved in a fatal collision. As a society, we have no problem holding the drunk driver responsible for a predictable outcome of their recklessness. Driving while drunk dramatically increases the risk of an accident. This is why it is punished severely. A person who is responsible for a fatal accident while driving drunk can expect to face many years in jail. Even someone who drives drunk without being in an accident often faces jail time because of the risk they imposed on others.

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