Our Planet, Our People are not Expendable! We Refuse To Sacrifice Life for Corporate Profits

by Stephanie McMillan
Published: Jul. 17, 2010 – Common Dreams

The Gulf of Mexico has been destroyed. Immeasurable, irreparable damage has been done to wildlife, the health of the ocean, and people’s livelihoods. We have been cursed for years to come. It can not, as BP promises, be “made right.” In fact, even after this utter catastrophe, crimes against the planet and its inhabitants continue without pause.

We are told that the government is supposed to guarantee the rights of the people. But when a big corporation decides our rights are not in their interests, then POOF! They vanish into thin air. In a clear violation of our rights to free speech and a free press, government agencies have assisted BP’s lies and cover-up by restricting media access, threatening journalists with felony charges and $40,000 fines. Uniformed police officers in Louisiana have harassed photographers at public beaches. BP has threatened workers with firing if they talk to anyone about anything.

We are also told that the government’s purpose is to protect the country and us. But instead the government helps big corporations plunder the country and trash our lives. The Minerals Management Service allowed BP to cut corners and violate safety regulations, leading finally to the fatal decision to save a few hundred thousand dollars by not installing a backup valve.

When BP ignored an order by the Environmental Protection Agency to stop using the dispersant Corexit 9500 (a poisonous compound banned in Europe), the EPA did absolutely nothing. Millions of gallons are still being dumped into the Gulf, even as it has been shown to evaporate and fall as toxic rain, and is damaging plants far inland.

BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates during the past 20 years, with the biggest portion going to Obama. It also spent $15.9 million on lobbying last year alone, for the purpose of controlling energy policy.

What does all this tell us?

The government repeatedly sells us out to corporate interests. It sells out our rights, our health, our safety, our livelihoods, our lives, and the natural world. The government is merely a tool to facilitate the conversion of life into profit.

The BP spill is not an accident. It is an inevitable consequence of a global economic system that values profit over life. The BP spill is not unique. Oil companies have ruined large areas of the Niger Delta, Ecuador and other parts of the world, and they will continue to do so until they are stopped.

The ruthless pursuit of profit has caused 98% of old growth forests to be cut down. 99% of the prairies are gone. 80% of rivers worldwide no longer support life. 94% of the large fish in the oceans are gone. 120 species per day becomes extinct. Now the Gulf of Mexico has been ruined. Clearly, a global economic system based on perpetual growth is unsustainable. Yet those who run this system do not stop, will not stop.

At what point will we stop accepting this?

We can not stand by while big corporations like BP, with the assistance of the US government, destroy our lives and our planet. We should have stopped them a long time ago. Now we must stop them before they do even more damage, before they kill everything. We depend upon the natural world — we must now urgently come to its defense.

Stephanie McMillan is a cartoonist who draws the daily comic strip “Minimum Security” and the weekly editorial cartoon “Code Green.” Her website is stephaniemcmillan.org. Contact her at steph@minimumsecurity.net.

Source: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2010/07/17-0



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2 Comments on “Our Planet, Our People are not Expendable! We Refuse To Sacrifice Life for Corporate Profits”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Hopes shattered lives lay wasted!
    Yet the voice of Providence cries out arise and shine
    By Dwight Baker
    7/18/2010 4:27 AM

    The all encompassing BP Blow Out allowed to be operated by the ones committing the crimes leaves We the People with nothing else to do than to bring charges against the many that have acted out a part with BP in it.

    Are you ready for the new twists in the BP scheme of things? Are you one that can dismiss the actors in fraud, deceit and wrongful death? Regardless of the hat they were wearing at the time of the crime? Good questions that will linger on until actions are taken to move the criminal process along as stated in the Rule of Law.

    Could it be that our Nation is on the edge of collapse? In the last several years we have been insulted with high crimes against us and up till now not much of anything has been done to fine punish ban and eradicate out the villains Corporate Raiders among us. If that is true are we lethargic lazy and stupefied by the enormity of the problems that seem like giant tidal waves that bury us under?

    Stephanie McMillan has her eyes riveted and transfixed on the problems she has done a good job at making clear of the aggressions by the corporate raiders, yet does she stand out as the only one? Don’t think so, she is just one of the many thousands that needs to move out in an effort to bring about the gathering of the Few in the Many that also share these same views and want to work the work in a communed group to bring about real change in world politics.

    The gross offenders are not above any kind of civil and sane law. Regardless of where Laws are enforced to protect the people. Then essence of getting to the heart and core with power to inflict permanent damage to the corporate raiders may not be in America since our nation is behind most of these illicit efforts. We are living in the vilest evil empire ever to exist in the history of mankind.

    Yet because of our seemed failures at allowing such illicit actions on our watch I will not and do not stand condemned as an enabler.

    I have never in my entire life taken from widows or orphans, I have never abused the poor and needy, I refused to serve in the Vietnam War. I did not protest but did join the National Guard and am proud of it.

    I have protested against the income tax for over 30 years and have been chided by them for doing so. I worked in oil and gas for 30 years and continue to do so today. I have 13 USA PATENTS and continue to spread my God given creative intellectual wings to fly with the eagles of innovation to assist my fellow man and nature daily.

    I worship and serve the only true living One God Jesus Christ as a bondservant unto Him I do all I can to follow His explicit instructions given to me to do. Does weariness set in? Of course it does I am still human but as in all things that too passes away. And with each seemed impassable mountain as I climb to the top comes a breath of fresh air when standing on the summit looking down at the valley that I once thought was not mine to share.

    I am but one, and there are many thousands millions maybe billions of like minded men and women on the earth at this time that want to JOIN IN Arise and Shine and enforce the rule of law to bring down and shatter into pieces the evil design of the corporate raiders that have had their stint in the destruction of the people and our entire planet earth for far too long.

    God can make just that happen when the time is right and I pray that His ears will hear the pleas of the Few in the Many that cry out Lord choose me to work the work in the Kingdom to bring about your will that has gone un-attended for way too long.


  2. Annie Ladysmith says:

    It is not about profit! It is about power, control and destruction. It is Eastern religion who’s ultimate goal is for Satan to be the destroyer of everything, but especially the blue-green gem of Earth.

    It is not the rotten government, it is the system behind the government, the men are mere pawns. It is about destruction of everything we know as good, as pure, as natural, and as positive to life.

    Americans need to rise up against their government and take control of their country. No good complaining, the system is against us, we need to destroy it. For the last 20 years the “government” has been preparing for this scenario.

    There is a nuclear war in the immediate future, if the people do not respond to this universal threat, the whole world will be turned into a dead zone, while the Rockefellers hunker in their underground cities.

    The people of the US need to declare war on the corporate nation of BP. Every asset needs to be seaized and everything they own in the Gulf should be blown out of the water. Every BP agent should be immediately rounded up an taken to detention centers. Any BP owned vessel that dares come of the US coast needs to be blown out of the water.

    If Britain gets in anyway involved, the City of London should be nuked to a crisp, this would in one swoop take care of many problems in the world. It is time to take action or suffer the consequences. BUT, please, STOP FRICKIN’ COMPLAINING!

    The real government in America, run by the Rockefeller family and cohorts, should be rounded up and taken to Gitmo. We are in grievious peril, if we do nothing then we will, there is no doubt, perish in the destruction that is coming to this world.

    The Destroyer of worlds has already been born, he is coming to take his thrown upon the Earth and everything living on the Earth will moarn, weep, and suffer under the Monarch of Death.

    You think that the natural world is all there is but, we are fighting against comsumate evil in realms we cannot even penetrate. When ultimately released, by the decision of men, these forces cannot be contained by anything humans could possibly bring against them. It is a reality we are quickly heading into through complacency, ammorality, sloth, and wickedness. It has already begun.

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