Rumsfeld’s Award, Unrest in Egypt and Food Crises

by James Corbett
First Published: Feb. 14, 2011 – The Corbett Report

This is James Corbett of with your Sunday Update for this 13th day of February, 2011.

Leading the news this week, war criminal Donald Rumsfeld was on hand at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. to receive an award signifying his status as a Defender of the Constitution.

The honour was particularly baffling to observers who noted that in his time as Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, Rumsfeld oversaw the unconstitutional imprisonment of American citizens without trial, the unconstitutional torture of detainees under American detainment at Abu Ghraib, the unconstitutional Information Operations Roadmap, which instructed US psyops personnel that American military propaganda could be used against the American population and the unconstitutional declaration of the Coast Guard as a branch of military under the newly-formed and unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security in 2003 with the unconstitutional authority to administer martial law on civilians.

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Mubarak’s Iron Wall

by Jeremy Salt
First Published: Jan. 17, 2010 – The Palestine Chronicle

Early in the 20th century the Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote of the ‘iron wall’ that would have to be built between the settlers and the indigenous people of Palestine, whom he knew would resist the attempt to take their land to the end. What he meant by an ‘iron wall’ was the force the Zionists would have to use to subdue the Palestinians if they were to take their land. He did not actually mean a wall according to the dictionary definition of such a structure but that is what has now been built across the West Bank to pen the Palestinians up like the wild animals the Israeli historian Benny Morris says they are.

Indeed, the Palestinians have been ghettoised by a variety of walls and ‘fences’. There is the monstrous ‘separation ‘ wall weaving in and out of the rapidly disappearing ‘green line’ separating Palestinian land which had been occupied before the 1967 war from that which was occupied during it. The Gazans live in what has been described as the world’s largest open air prison. It could also be likened to a game reserve. Every season is open season and no weapon is banned. The Gazans are enclosed by the sea on one side, patrolled by the Israeli navy so that that fishing boats cannot get out and relief boats cannot get in. They face an Israeli fence on two other sides and a concrete barrier on the border with Egypt. This is now being reinforced by Husni Mubarak’s ‘iron wall’ of steel plates driven deep underground, destroying the tunnels through which Gazans have been supplied with desperately needed food, fuel and medicine.

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Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why (With Videos)

by Giordano Bruno
Published: Dec. 09, 2009 – Pak Alert Press

Mind Control” is a loaded term, often associated with science fiction and the fantastical by people who are not aware of its very real history. Images of Orwell’s “1984” or Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” are conjured; dystopic nightmare landscapes assumed only possible in pulp literature. What many people do not know or realize is that these books were based on actual ideas and theories that had been put forward by social and scientific elites for decades, and in some cases, centuries. The desire of the “ruling class” to understand the mechanics of the human mind has left a trail of misery dating back to earliest recorded history. It was not enough for them to subjugate the masses through force; the Elites wanted the people to accept their slavery, to integrate it into their psyches. They wanted us to be “thankful” for our servitude, for only then, would they truly be in control of the world.

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Egyptian media: Israel bombed Iranian arms ship allegedly headed for Gaza…

According to a report in the Egyptian newspaper El-Aosboa on Sunday, a recent attack on an Iranian ship off the coast of Sudan was carried out by the Israeli navy, with possible U.S. involvement.

After January’s Israeli invasion of Gaza, there have been several incidents of Israeli attacks on what they claimed were arms shipments from Iran bound for Gaza. No Palestinian group has ever claimed a connection with Iran, and the homemade shells fired by Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza are mainly made of homemade materials, lacking any sophistication that would imply Iranian involvement.

In January, an aerial bombardment of a convoy of trucks in Sudan was claimed to be an Israeli airforce attack on an Iranian arms shipment, but neither side confirmed this claim.

In February, the government of Cyprus detained a ship that they claimed was headed for Gaza with anti-tank and anti-mortar weapons.

Neither the U.S. Nor Israel have issued any statement regarding Sunday’s attack. However, Israeli politicians in the new administration have stepped up rhetoric against Iran, at the same time that the new administration in Washinton has called for direct talks.

Whether or not Iran has been trying to get weapons into Gaza is a matter of much speculation among political analysts in the region. What is clear on the ground, however, is that if Iran has smuggled weapons to Gaza, the Palestinian resistance has not used them, as the sporadic homemade shelling that they engage in continues to use the crude, homemade weaponry that lacks any aiming capability or consistency.

Source: IMEMC News