American leaders joke about dead veterans and children

Realist Report – 04/02/2014

American political leaders of both parties are war mongering psychopaths. They do not care about you, your family, or the lives of innocent people. Watch as they laugh and make jokes about suffering and death.

3 Comments on “American leaders joke about dead veterans and children”

  1. America is a puppet state of the International Zionist Bankers. They are not all so-called Jewist. They are led by the Rothschild Banking criminals out of Europe. They have been behind every major war in modern history. Their objective is not to gain more money, but to gain total control of all of the earths resources, and of course control all of the people as well. War is justj

  2. Annie Ladysmithj says:

    Nice to see u back, my friend. Long time ago. Hope all is well.

    The US is a vassal state of Israel. Israel controls the Pentagon, IRS, Fed Reserve, CIA and so on. If u want to know US gov’t policy just look to Israel for ur answers. What does this all mean for the world, well, ask the Palestinians. Israel cares nothing for the humanity of the world. They have already robbed the US people blind, without even an investigation, never mind punishment. They will steal everything like they Gypsies they r. They already have the wealth, they have the power, it is something much more sinister than this they still strive for…it is the genocide of Western Civilization, that is what they want to wipe from the earth.

    My friend, I told u about Obama, and all has come to pass. Still an amazing thing, Americans continue to be well armed and r getting more and more belligerent towards the Federal Gov’t. everyday.

  3. FRED says:

    Its much worse than you realize, they have taken over the governments ,police,medical and education systems. They have been killing people who simply cross one of their low life employers and who don’t respond to crazy “hints” They tried to turn me into one of their slaves for the rest of my life and I barely escaped with my life. Now they seem to think they have the right to torment me until they kill me. WE ARE ALL IN REALLY BAD TROUBLE, THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!

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