BP’s Carnage: Reckless Drilling

by Dean Baker
Published: Jul. 13, 2010 – CounterPunch

While BP has taken some heat over its spill in the Gulf, it is remarkable how limited the anger actually is. Many defenders of the company have made the obvious point: It was an accident. BP did not intend to have a massive spill that killed 11 people, devastated the Gulf ecosystem and threatens the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Of course this is true, but it is also true that a drunk driver who runs into a school bus did not intend to be involved in a fatal collision. As a society, we have no problem holding the drunk driver responsible for a predictable outcome of their recklessness. Driving while drunk dramatically increases the risk of an accident. This is why it is punished severely. A person who is responsible for a fatal accident while driving drunk can expect to face many years in jail. Even someone who drives drunk without being in an accident often faces jail time because of the risk they imposed on others.

This raises the question as to why the public seems to accept that the top officials at BP, who cut corners and made risky gambles in their drilling plans, should be able to “get my life back,” as BP CEO Tony Hayward put it. The people who lost their livelihood as a result of BP’s spill will not get their lives back, even if BP does pay compensation. Certainly the 11 workers killed in the original explosion will not get their lives back. Why should the people responsible for this carnage be able to resume their lives of luxury?

There are two separate questions. The first is a narrow legal issue concerning the extent to which Hayward and other high-level executives can be held criminally liable for the accident. It may be the case that the laws are written so that even if companies commit gross negligence that results in enormous harm, including multiple deaths, top officials are not criminally liable. This is a question about the status of current law.

The second question is a moral and economic one about what the laws should look like. From either standpoint, it is very difficult to see why we would want to say that reckless behavior that would be punished with long prison sentences if done by an individual, somehow escapes serious sanction if done as part of a corporation’s pursuit of profit. Do we give a “get out of jail free” card to people when they are wearing the hat of a top corporate executive? This makes no sense.

Just to take the extreme case, suppose that Tony Hayward was racing back to the office after a three-martini lunch in order to prepare the paperwork for a big contract that he had just negotiated. On his way, he hits a school bus, killing 11 children. Would it make sense to absolve him of blame for these deaths because it was the result of his efforts to raise BP profits? And, if that doesn’t make sense, why does it make sense to absolve him of responsibility for the deaths of 11 oil rig workers that were the direct result of his decision to cut corners in order to increase profits?

We can ask the same question about the responsibility of the top executives of the Massey Energy Company, whose shoddy safety practices led to the explosion that cost 29 workers their lives. We should also ask why the top executives of UtahAmerican Energy Company weren’t subject to criminal prosecution when their recklessness led to the deaths of six miners and three rescue workers in a mine collapse in 2007. In these cases and many others the problem was not simply bad luck. In all three cases, the accidents were the direct result of reckless behavior on the part of the management of these companies. They ignored standard safety measures in order to save money.

Of course most acts of recklessness don’t result in fatalities, just as the vast majority of incidents of drunk driving do not end in fatal collisions. Nonetheless, when they are caught, we still punish drunk drivers for their recklessness. This would be a good pattern to follow more generally. The executives of the major oil companies whose clean-up plans for the Gulf of Mexico involved procedures for rescuing walruses would find the matter far less humorous if it involved jail time. Is there any reason it should not?

The problem is that government has been controlled for far too long by soft on crime conservatives. They are willing to look the other way and give break after break to criminals, as long as they are the white-collar types who belong to the best country clubs.

This must come to an end. The country can’t afford special privileges for high-class criminals. It is time to take a tough stand on criminals who inhabit the corporate suites. We have to tell the top executives at BP, Massey, Goldman Sachs and elsewhere that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Dean Baker is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). He is the author of Plunder and Blunder: The Rise and Fall of the Bubble Economy and False Profits: Recoverying From the Bubble Economy.

Source: http://www.counterpunch.org/baker07132010.html



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  1. Dwight Baker says:


    I suppose you know what you are talking about when it comes to the known media obvious. But Dean there is much more than that that meets the eye when peering in looking for the crooks behind the scenes.

    1. The Congress at this time has documents filled with proof that four BP lower rung characters approved of the final last 4 or 5 miss steps that caused the eleven men to loose their lives.
    2. Now to me that means that handcuffs are in order. Murder trials should be set, but OH NO that is not the way our crooked and perverse Federal Government works.
    3. Now Congress wants the power to pull in whomever and question them for about 20 years then all walk away some day with a one million page document that is filled with more of the BP BS.
    4. I know for I have lived through it and my white hair and long teeth prove it.
    5. I am not a schoolboy any longer looking for a real job, for I have stood the test in oil and gas and have credits to prove my worth.
    6. Yet President Obama and his staff of lawyered up and pedigreed folks do not want any one around to raise a flag of dissent with stupid-o’s do stupid things.

    NOW for the proof that BP BS fills the air pushed by CNN —MSNBC— ABC— CBS— AP and I suppose all the others.

  2. Dwight Baker says:

    Holding the High Hand!
    By Dwight Baker
    July 14, 2010

    High stakes poker has made and broke many a man. Often times the high hand was folded for fear struck at the heart and the man run from final card.

    All know that poker is in the luck of the cards and the luck of the draw. Yet on top of it all is the tenacity of the man who stands and cannot be run off regardless.

    Thus what is next for BP the top dog in the high hand poker game called the Macondo blowout. All the banter that has come along with all the BP hucksters, media publicist, high paid advertising junksters, pundits paid to lie, DC political ties, broken agendas, dying men, a gulf full of victims yet BP has stood and stood and stands with a losing hands. WHY?

    They have been a bit dumb all along, ruled by a bunch of belligerent self-righteous men BEAN COUNTERS who thought they could wield their power and seemed might against us in America who had been through blight after blight. Most of us had been starved out many times before by the old line Barons of Oil and Gas. While I was just one of them I took the blow out very personal as a jab in our Collective American Eye.

    Last night July 10,2010 on NBC Brian Williams went back to the start of the blow out and showed each step of the way with the BP actors in play that alluded to a high hand but when the time come to roll the cards over they run away the BP actors at that time vanished in mid air.

    Each time the so-called self-proclaimed and some appointed ones to head up the how to fix it game they have proved they were out of their league big time. President Obama thought wrong about higher education preparing a man or woman to fight the wars against Mother Nature in oil and gas. Now is that his fault for appointing the wrong folks? For sure it is. And without him fixing the problem at hand he will for sure be a long term Lame Duck. Banter and brag have long gone from rhetoric the American folks want to hear.

    I never threw cold water, as they stayed on their loosing hands I hoped beyond hope that some miracle would come along and save our Gulf with all its good people and great riches. And as their stupidity was revealed in what they proposed to work and did not, I continued to see the hypocrisy they stood on and knew in the end all they proposed would blow up in their final loosing hand.

    Now some of the other primary players in the Macondo blowout might have stepped far beyond their bounds and got too far entrenched with the BP GANGLAND THUGS to ever see the light of day again. What could that mean long term —- a shake up and shake down from top to the bottom of the heap of the big boys who thought they could Rape America and go Scott free. Time will tell and very soon we will see as the final hand goes down.

    Yet BP still does have the option to do things right —-right now. The Tame Nature Plan using an overshot is the only way to cure the blow out, suddenly with the power of gravity on the plans side and the unstoppable nature of mighty men who will stand on the deck of the mother ship and call all the shots knowing they hold Mother Nature at bay with a good laid out plan mighty machines and iron that can withstand the groans of high pressure and keep on working.

    The poor undone BP Brits have run from standing on the deck of the Mother Ship calling all the shots to run the Tame Nature Plan knowing what happened to the Deep Horizon that fatal night when the high-pressure oil and gas ripped and whipped the rig and men too shreds.

    So because of BP cowardly nature and devious acts our people and rich Gulf of Mexico has been under attack by Mother Nature that could have been controlled as early as March 13, 2010 when I first sent the Tame Nature Plan to BP.

    I have held the high hand from Providence for a very long time. And from the top of the heap in DC down to the lowest so-called folks in charge along the Gulf region that have seen the plan and most have just gone OH HUM. All I have got to say to each of them and as a group “To hell with your idiotic ways of trying to take care of oil and gas engineering business at hand”.

    Each of you that have been an actor and done wrong instead of right – now you have a lot of blood on your hands that will not wash off.
    The video told me many BP BIG BOYS are headed for jail —-
    BP BAD FIX http://www.stopthespraying.org/—-
    Corexit is 4x more toxic than crude oil

    By Dwight Baker
    July 11, 2010

    Relief wells by BP another lie.
    WHY? Facts:
    1. The blown out well has a flowing pressure of over 13,000-PSI, the volume stated is 100,000 barrels per day. Gas being produced is estimated to be 10 to 100 million cubic feet per day.
    2. Relief wells to drill into 9 5/8 –inch casing just above the 1300 foot of open hole where the flow of oil gas and some formation water is flowing.
    3. Using 5-inch drill pipe to pump down mud, glue other stuff and cement etc, the maximum that can be pumped is 100 barrels per minute at 15,000 PSI
    4. In a 24-hour period 14,440 barrels can be pumped NO MORE.
    5. Two wells about 30,000 barrels
    6. So what we are all waiting around on is to hear from BP GOSH WE MADE ANOTHER MISTAKE.
    7. And hear our poor misplaced Thad Allen or his replacement try to defend BP in all their idiotic non-oil and gas engineering ways not using common sense and reason.

    Sometimes simple math is all that is needed.
    Contact dbaker007@stx.rr.com for a copy of the Tame Nature Plan sent to you for asking. Full proof of how easy it is to stop the flow of oil in a week or less.

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    BP oil spill: John Wright – the man who answers when you dial 1-800-BLOWOUT
    By Dwight Baker — Creator of the Tame Nature with an overshot plan the only cure for the out of control blown out well.
    July 6,2010

    I have serious doubts that Mr. Wright is on the right path because what he is trying to do just can’t be done. Relief wells are a far cry form Taming Nature coming up the Macondo Well at a furious volume and pressure that can not be discounted or overlooked but looks as if Mr. Wright got that idea sold to the non-engineers running BP and cutting the checks.

    So the plan is to wait until mid August September maybe October rolls around then listen to more BP BS about what went wrong, after the fact that Mr. Wright did drill into furious Macondo well then pumped night and day for 30 days or more but the volume and pressure did not dissipate or slow down. GOSH FOLKS have we seen that before?

    Oh well BP must go back to the drawing board while our contaminated Gulf waters is killing all down under and all in sight. DO NOT GO SWIMMING IN THAT WATER.

    May MY God help all those breathing that contaminated air?

    For full article READ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/7873572/BP-oil-spill-John-Wright-the-man-who-answers-when-you-dial-1.800.BLOWOUT.html

    I have the Tame Nature Plan I would be happy to send along contact Dbaker007@stx.rr.com and it will be sent right away.

  4. Dwight Baker says:

    BP lies and miss statements confuse the
    PRESS why not the Press is clueless
    By Dwight Baker
    July 14,2010

    I believe our Federal Government folks are clueless too.

    Case in Point now the words are finally coming forward from BP the Macondo well is flowing 100,000 Barrels oil per day.

    Yet no one and that means no one in the FREE PRESS has a clue how much natural gas is going out into our Gulf. And to further prove that our Free Press is clueless at one time BP called the gas methane. To further get the monkey off BP back calling it methane — for the natural gas flowing is ultra rich in hydrocarbons as at the top of the hydra carbon chain.

    So because of all those misnomers or just lies by BP our Gulf is dying and all that gets in or around that water with all the natural gas in it is destined to die too. CNN folks that is what you smell when getting close to the water, and on that note that is why our big brass in DC take flyovers. No way are they going to put their life in harms way by being on the ground close too the water smelling those vapors that are killing our Gulf.

    However our big wigs that control the money flow in Texas says that all is Ok the water is fine. Come ahead and spend your money.

    Sounds like a huge class action lawsuit in the making against the foes of We the People putting their need for greed ahead of our safety.

  5. Dwight Baker says:

    Some day soon Bob Dudley will strike out then BP Lord Browne will be up for bats.
    By Dwight Baker
    July 6, 2010

    It has never been a surprise to me that not one BP engineer could find oil in a filling station. And even if finding a can of oil could not pour it out without spilling. But we have seen and heard that bunch gets along well with our Federal Employees. Why not they are all pawns in the game alike, the blind leading the blind. But some of our bunch has high up pedigrees, whoopee.

    In Lord Browne cost cutting measures while going after the giant oil fields to improve the bottom line. The BP Engineers were hammered down by Lord Browne and were expected to break all the rules of engineering safety and dependability. Many of the good engineers left their creditability meant more to them than being approved by Lord Browne.

    Now just one more of Lord Browne human ruse is in the HOT SEAT, Bob Dudley is at bats Tony Hayward struck out. The only two big boys remaining that learned early on to kiss Lord Browne buttocks to stay in good with the upper echelon at BP.

    MY TAKE we have NO ONE on our side at this time. They are all puppets trained to jump through the hoops and if that makes good oil and gas engineers then I say oops. None of that bunch could get a job to work for me.

    I have had the Tame Nature Plan with an overshot in front of BP since May 13,2010 it is the only way to plug the blown out well. Now if you want to see and read the Plan contact dbaker007@stx.rr.com I will send it right out maybe the more that raises a red flag will finally get our Politicians attention.

    The U.K. government has appointed former BP chief Lord Browne as its new efficiency czar. Tom Bower on the extraordinary insult of promoting the man who bears huge responsibility for the Gulf oil crisis.
    The British government has appointed Lord Browne, the former CEO of BP, as a new “super-director” to cut waste and increase the efficiency of the British government machine in Whitehall.

    The announcement of Browne’s appointment was delayed while officials weighed the consequences of inevitable controversy. Browne is widely blamed for the drastic cuts of BP’s safety and maintenance program of its oil installations in the U.S. while he was BP’s CEO between 1998 and 2007.

    The consequence of those cuts were three major accidents in the U.S.—an explosion at the Texas City refinery in 2005, two oil spills in Alaska in 2006; and the current catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Adamantly, Browne has refused to discuss his responsibility for the Gulf crisis. He is undoubtedly relieved that the British government decided to ignore the allegations about his culpability and promote him to a senior position. Ever since he was forced to resign from BP after signing an untruthful court statement about his gay relationship with a young Canadian, he has struggled to restore his reputation as the “Sun King.”

    The Hapless Tony Hayward who inherited the poisoned legacy was never suitable to repair the damage, which inevitable led to the explosion one mile beneath the Gulf’s waters.

    Small, dapper, and authoritarian, Browne transformed BP from a dying oil corporation in the early 1990’s into the world’s second largest oil behemoth. By re-focusing BP on “elephants”—the big oil reservoirs—and ruthlessly cutting costs, his mastery of financial engineering used BP’s rising share price to stage audacious takeovers of failing oil companies, especially Arco and Amoco in America. BP flourished by consistently discovering new reserves to replenish the oil it was extracting. His stint at BP showed he was the master of so-called efficiency savings and self-publicity. In a speech at Stanford, he re-branded BP as “Beyond Petroleum”—the world’s most environmentally friendly oil company. The re-labeling was by many environmentalists as a cynical ruse but, with the help of lobbyists and donations to Congressmen and senators, Browne won praise in Washington as a pathfinder for the oil industry and, unusually, a CEO who could be trusted.

    In reality, behind BP’s new sunburst logo, some insiders were railing against an increasingly putrid organization. Unwilling to tolerate their criticism, Browne ruthlessly removed talented executives and potential rivals who threatened to prematurely inherit his crown. What remained were “the turtles,” the sycophants trusted by Browne to carry his burden and unquestioningly deliver his ambition. Tony Hayward ranked among the chosen ones, as did Robert Dudley, the new American supreme.

    Cutting costs was Browne’s obsession. His philosophy was ‘More for less”—100 percent of a task would be completed at a cost of only 90 percent of the previous resources. Targets became his Gospel. On July 11, 2000, he announced that BP’s production would annually grow over three years by 5.5 percent to 7 percent, mostly in the Gulf of Mexico and Angola. In fact, growth never exceeded 2.9% and skilled oilmen resigned rather than worship Browne’s impossible dream. Among them was Doug Ford, the ex-Amoco executive responsible for refineries including Texas City. Ford was appalled by Browne’s confrontational challenges to cut costs accompanied by the unspoken threat: “You’d better deliver.” Meetings with Browne were characterized by Al Kozinski, also an ex-Amoco refinery specialist as “a clash of big egos.” Browne expected clicking of heels in obedience rather than measured discussion. He ignored warnings about the consequences of his draconian cuts. Along with hundreds of BP’s engineers, Ford and Kozinski resigned and were replaced by a Browne “turtle,” John Manzoni, an accountant who zealously pruned safety and maintenance costs. The first casualties were 15 sub-contractors at an explosion in Texas City. A US government report blamed “systemic lapses” by BP’s management and budget cuts, which knowingly left at Texas City “unsafe and antiquated designs…in place, and unacceptable deficiencies in preventive maintenance were tolerated.”
    Although he paid lip service to investing in maintenance, Browne rejected the criticism and continued to replace BP’s engineers with sub-contractors. Just as ExxonMobil was hiring engineers because “drilling is the core of our business,” Browne was ditching BP’s in-house expertise, which could second-guess every technical operation on land and under the sea. Farming-out saved money but changed BP’s culture. Instead of specializing in oil engineering—needed to minutely supervise the sub-contractors working on Deep Horizon in the Gulf—Brown pursued financial engineering to fulfill his ambition: to overtake ExxonMobil and transform BP into the world’s biggest oil corporation. His goal could only be realized if BP’s high profits sustained a record share price to grease a merger with Shell. He was betting the house on beating his competitors.
    Despite the condemnation of Browne by the U.S. government’s regulator in Texas, he approved Manzoni’s continued cut backs on maintenance in Alaska—even abolishing the employees annual lobster feast. When oil through a corroded pipeline, Browne pleaded honest apologies but Congressional investigators unearthed negligence and even suppression of the evidence.

    In London, Peter Sutherland, BP’s highly respected Irish chairman, was exasperated by Browne’s behavior and suspicious of his excuses. He wanted Browne out but the wily executive had made the appointment of a suitable replacement impossible. No one of real aptitude had been left standing after Browne’s cull. The hapless Tony Hayward who inherited the poisoned legacy was never suitable to repair the damage, which inevitably led to the explosion one mile beneath the Gulf’s waters.

    So far the British, with bizarrely civilized manners, have not damned Browne for his “vision.” Instead, the government has promoted him to deploy the same skills for Britain as he applied to BP.

    Tom Bower is a distinguished investigative historian, broadcaster, and journalist, as well as the author of several bestselling books about tycoons, politicians, intelligence and post-war Europe.

  6. Dwight Baker says:

    BP oil gusher touches all Gulf States as officials say tar balls wash up on Texas beaches
    By JUAN A. LOZANO , Associated Press
    Last update: July 5, 2010 – 6:17 PM

    Lies told by BP to hypnotize ALL. Tame Nature overshot Plan has been in BP hands since May 13,2010 the only cure to plug the blown out well.
    BY Dwight Baker
    July 5, 2010

    From the article—– The storms have not affected drilling work on a relief well that BP says is the best chance for finally plugging the leak. The company expects drilling to be finished by mid-August.

    What has been stated to AP by some one in BP is just a bold face lie. The relief wells will not solve the problem they cannot plug the Mocondo well. WHY? Oil and gas engineering principles have not been used and have been shoved aside gone by the wayside while our people, plants, fish and wildlife in the Gulf dies. Then the next question is this: Who really cares that BP is still allowed to run amuck doing stupid stuff out on the far edge’s of oil and gas insanity? I know do you?

    Now once again I have laid a trap for our so-called –free press to get vital oil and gas engineering information thus is informed of the many lies that BP has told and continues to do so.

    FOR WHAT PURPOSE? To warn the public of the dangers that wait and the hazards that has been found causing death and decadence caused by the Blown out well.

    FROM ME TO YOU FREE for those that publish or have the ear of the public-Contact Dbaker007@stx.rr.com for a full set of plans diagrams of well profiles and up to 100,000 words of documented proof.

    AP article TEXAS CITY, Texas – Tar balls from the Gulf oil spill found on a Texas beach were confirmed Monday as the first evidence that gushing crude from the Deepwater Horizon well has reached all the Gulf states.

    A Coast Guard official said it was possible that the oil hitched a ride on a ship and was not carried naturally by currents to the barrier islands of the eastern Texas coast, but there was no way to know for sure.

    The amount discovered is tiny in comparison to what has coated beaches so far in the hardest-hit parts of the Gulf coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. It still provoked the quick dispatch of cleaning crews and a vow that BP will pay for the trouble.

    “Any Texas shores impacted by the Deepwater spill will be cleaned up quickly and BP will be picking up the tab,” Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said in a news release.

    The oil’s arrival in Texas was predicted Friday by an analysis from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which gave a 40 percent chance of crude reaching the area.

    “It was just a matter of time that some of the oil would find its way to Texas,” said Hans Graber, a marine physicist at the University of Miami and co-director of the Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing.

    About five gallons of tar balls were found Saturday on the Bolivar Peninsula, northeast of Galveston, said Capt. Marcus Woodring, the Coast Guard commander for the Houston/Galveston sector. Two gallons were found Sunday on the peninsula and Galveston Island, though tests have not yet confirmed its origin.

    Woodring said the consistency of the tar balls indicates it’s possible they could have been spread to Texas water by ships that have worked out in the spill. But there’s no way to confirm the way they got there.

    The largest tar balls found Saturday were the size of ping-pong balls, while the ones found Sunday were the size of nickels and dimes. Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski said he believed the tar balls were a fluke, rather than a sign of what’s to come. “This is good news,” he said. “The water looks good. We’re cautiously optimistic this is an anomaly.”

    The distance between the western reach of the tar balls in Texas and the most eastern reports of oil in Florida is about 550 miles. Oil was first spotted on land near the mouth of the Mississippi River on April 29.

    The spill is reaching deeper into Louisiana. Strings of oil were seen Monday in the Rigolets, one of two waterways that connect the Gulf with Lake Pontchartrain, the large lake north of New Orleans.

    “So far it’s scattered stuff showing up, mostly tar balls,” said Louisiana Office of Fisheries Assistant Secretary Randy Pausina. “It will pull out with the tide, and then show back up.”

    Pausina said he expected the oil to clear the passes and move directly into the lake, taking a backdoor route to New Orleans.

    The news of the spill’s reach comes at a time that most of the offshore skimming operations in the Gulf have been halted by choppy seas and high winds. A tropical system that had been lingering off Louisiana flared up Monday afternoon, bringing heavy rain and winds.

    Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said there was a 60 percent of the storm becoming a tropical cyclone.

    Last week, the faraway Hurricane Alex idled the skimming fleet off Alabama, Florida and Mississippi with choppy seas and stiff winds. Now they’re stymied by a succession of smaller storms that could last well into this week.
    Officials have plans for the worst-case scenario: a hurricane barreling up the Gulf toward the spill site. But the less-dramatic weather conditions have been met with a more makeshift response.

    Skimming operations across the Gulf have scooped up about 23.5 million gallons of oil-fouled water so far, but officials say it’s impossible to know how much crude could have been skimmed in good weather because of the fluctuating number of vessels and other variables.

    The British company has now seen its costs from the spill reach $3.12 billion, a figure that doesn’t include a $20 billion fund for damages the company created last month.

    The storms have not affected drilling work on a relief well that BP says is the best chance for finally plugging the leak. The company expects drilling to be finished by mid-August.

    Associated Press writers Tom Breen and Mary Foster in New Orleans contributed to this report.

  7. Dwight Baker says:

    BP new big boss Bob Dudley is using his power to SPIN SPIN SPIN
    By Dwight Baker
    July 5, 2010

    MY TAKE what about plugging the well Mr. Dudley?

    Away from the cries morns of the suffering breathing contaminated air are the many that have sunken eyes and will never be right again. It is out there we can see, Godless disparity unleashed on a once strong enterprising free people.

    Yet standing just within an eyes view are the spinsters high paid hucksters preaching HOLD ON trying to buy more time for BP to do what? And behind that crew of the misfit media morons is BP big money to keep the stories going about how much they care and what they are going to do to save our Gulf in total and our American People.

    How about what we hear out of our Federal Government? The same old BP huckster BS. From TOP DOWN it is all about the same.

    So what are we to do to help aid our folks in the Gulf today then tomorrow and on?

    Try to find an audience and once done EXPOSE the incensed embittered TRUTH of it all. Then maybe public awareness will prevail to rid our nation of those many that have not a clue what to do except play like expert authorities!

    BP eyes stake sale as spill cost tops $3 billion
    Raji Menon and Eman Goma
    LONDON/KUWAIT | Mon Jul 5, 2010 3:37pm BST
    LONDON/KUWAIT (Reuters) – Shareholders in oil company BP balked at reports it would seek urgent investment from a wealthy Middle East or Asian country as clean-up costs for its U.S. oil spill topped $3 billion (1.99 billion pounds).

    Over the weekend, while U.S. Independence Day holidaymakers shunned Gulf of Mexico beaches tarred by the leaking well, media reports said BP was looking for a strategic investor among the sovereign wealth funds of the Middle East and Asia.

    An investor would help ward off a takeover and raise funds for the liabilities racking up behind the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the reports said.

    BP shares rose 4.35 percent in London to 336.95 pence at 2:45 p.m. after the reports, but some shareholders balked at the idea of a strategic investor.

    We don’t think a strategic partner is at all necessary,” said one top-10 BP shareholder who did not want to be named. “We think this is just people trying to panic the company and stampede into doing something to earn huge fees from selling new shares in BP. Shareholders will be saying ‘No, thank you’ to this and we have communicated this to the company.”

    Another top-10 investor agreed that BP “probably did not” need a strategic investor at the moment.

    The Sunday Times said BP’s advisers were trying to drum up interest among rival oil groups and sovereign wealth funds to take a stake of between 5 and 10 percent in the company at a cost of up to 6 billion pounds. BP declined to comment.

    One former investment director at a Dubai-based state investment company said it was a predictable move for BP to seek a strategic investor, but he doubted it would find one among the oil rich sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) of the Middle East.

    A London banker said any SWF involvement might more likely involve the Far East than the Middle East.

    Separately, several newspapers reported interest among SWFs in buying some of BP’s assets in the Middle East and Asia. BP has said it hopes to raise $10 billion from asset sales this year as part of its plan to fund a $20 billion clean-up fund set up under pressure from U.S. authorities.

    Arabic language daily al-Jarida was most specific, saying state-run Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co (KUFPEC) is reviewing investing in oil fields in Egypt, Yemen and east Asia.

    BP shares have lost more than half their market value since the worst U.S. oil spill in history struck on April 20, the result of an explosion on a drilling rig that caused a well to rupture and spew millions of gallons of crude into the sea.

    Attempts to stop the flow have been unsuccessful, with BP now pinning hopes on a relief well that should be complete in August.


    Some oil is being captured through a pipe, while some is being burnt off. BP said it collected or burnt 25,195 barrels on Saturday but estimates of the total amount flowing go as high as 100,000 barrels a day.

    BP said on Monday it had so far spent $3.12 billion on the response effort, including $147 million paid out in claims to those affected by the disaster. Plans are being developed for additional containment capacity, it said.

    Skimmer vessels have been out in force — a fleet of 89 was watched returning from their efforts through Biloxi Bay channel on Sunday — but the hurricane season has hampered efforts and high seas were preventing most from operating.

    A super tanker adapted to scoop oily water from the surface was still being tested by Coastguard officials just north of the well site, said Bob Grantham, spokesman for TMT Shipping Offshore, which operates the vessel, named “A Whale.”

    “Once the effects of Hurricane Alex on wave action have sufficiently passed, we will be able to test skimming operations with an important boom system deployed to draw and direct more oily water in the direction of the A Whale’s intake jaws,” Grantham said.

    TMT hopes that once the ship has passed the test it will secure a skimming contract that could enhance the total capacity of the containment operation to remove oil pollution from the water.
    The impact on the Gulf of Mexico tourist industry was evident on Sunday, the 76th day of the disaster, as dozens of workers picked up tar balls along Pensacola Beach.

    “It’s … sad to see the beach is not as crowded as it normally is, there’s not as many people here. Not as many people in the restaurants. Very sad because you know they need the business,” said Derek Robbins, a tourist from Houston who has been coming to Pensacola every year for decades.

    The Sunday Telegraph reported that BP was facing fresh criticism over its approach to safety as it emerged it did not use an industry standard process, known as a safety case, to assess risk at the Deepwater Horizon rig.

    A BP spokeswoman confirmed that it did not use the procedure, developed in Britain after the Piper Alpha oil rig explosion in 1988, at any of its U.S. wells because it was not legally required to do so in the United States.

    A federal court last week lifted a six-month drilling ban imposed by the Obama administration. A new moratorium now being sought through the courts is expected to be more flexible and could be adjusted to allow drilling in certain subsea fields.

    (Additional reporting by Sharon Reich in Pensacola Beach, Fla., Leigh Coleman in Biloxi, Mississippi, Matthew Bigg in New Orleans, Shaheen Pasha and Dinesh Nair in Dubai, Victoria Howley and Matt Scuffham in London; Writing by Andrew Callus; Editing by Jon Loades-Carter)

  8. Dwight Baker says:

    Dwight Baker
    Tame Nature with overshot
    Eagle Pass TX

    July 3, 2010

    Mr. Bob Dudley
    BP Managing Director for Asia and the Americas
    Houston Texas,

    Mr. Dudley,

    I will be in Houston from July 5th through July 26th. Should you want to meet with me and discuss the Tame Nature Plan with an overshot to plug the blown out well, I will call often and come by then seeing me is up to you.

    It would be far better for you to meet me early on than to wait and be pressured by the People the Free Press and some of the power brokers in our Federal Administration that is on the edge of loosing at a great cost to them personally and to us as a nation. Need I say more about those folks?

    Bob you as BP Point man sets in a giant quandary and nothing at all is going to change that until you decide it is far better to swim in the goo and muck that was created by BP than to try to imagine another ending.

    I can not think of or remember one single thing that BP has got right as far as civil and sane issues since the blow out begin and the Deep Horizon was sunk. Now I am some older than you and have far more experience in oil and gas engineering than you so that makes me your senior bottom line.

    Some folks that have set in HOT SEATS before understand the darkness that can come in a blink of an eye and then all is lost, gone up in smoke and the good things done sank into oblivion with the advent of the darker evil days that came and stayed and stayed and then whoops all was gone. Bob that is right where you are, unless you take that other route just give up walk away and then go find another job.

    I have little to no respect for the Corporate game for those that end up on the top are nothing more than pushed to the top hired hands. And that is simply what is wrong with BP game plan right now, seems NO BODY has the balls to make the right calls.

    And it is on that note that I believe you think you can wink at the horrors BP has caused and in some stupid ass corporate way just decide to ride out till some high times come along and maybe some one will come along to save your ass and the old line money cats that own BP. Is that about right?

    I think I have read that in your eyes. When you talked about the relief wells going to fix all BP Woes I that bigger question STUCK IN YOUR BRAIN what if not? Yep my call has been to stop the oil plug the well and that call has been from that good source called providence. Most corporate jocks do not understand. But that is their and maybe your problem too, not mine.

    Now you can do business with me and Yes I will save your ass and the fat cats that own BP but it will cost you going in and coming out but in the end BP will finally win and that is a far cry from where you are today.

    The entire worlds human population is pissed at BP. and if you casually think that you can climb around in and out of bed with those in DC to further your cause. Better think again.

    I heard that come out of your mouth how your decisions to do the right thing depended on the GLORY ONES IN DC. That was a big mistake.

    Now on the other sad note that you may decide to play on your BIG HORN as BIG BOSS is this. Your fate is going to be sealed in how you finish these tasks. And plugging the well is at the top of the list. And for you to even imagine one of your so-called engineers has this all figured out then there you go back to the bottom of the stack, sounds a bit what happened to Mr. Hayward.

    My take: When the Macodno well blew out the Ultra High pressure went too ripping and whipping the big iron on the rig floor that scared the living hell out of all within BP. And I know of no one with BP that is willing to put his life and limbs on the line to run the job Tame Nature with an overshot. Why, BP folks —knows far more than they are telling about that sad night and following days. But I have read and studied internal papers and have seen between the lies told to us by BP and I for one am not afraid to run that job to kill the well. So there you go a scapegoat to save your ass.
    So what is going to be— trust the engineers that said they could drill into the 9 5/8 casing and pump down more than will be coming out at them— we have seen that drama play out before. Then as speculated pump mud and cement back into the formation about 1300 to 700 feet thick to stop the flow of gas, oil and some water. And what if two rigs try to do the same thing? Same old sad song then what?

    Bob you set in a HOT SEAT from hell, and it is never going to get any cooler until you take the bull by the horns and use the brutal force of man and machine and Tame Nature that BP TURNED LOOSE.

    There are no other higher courts than those of the Worlds people of public opinion, and those will be played out over time and in the end BP meaning all of you who had a finger on the trigger to do right thing but did wrong could stand trial for murder with the death penalty the only thing to bring you and the others a reprieve. Now how would Dwight Baker fit into those courts just think I have an oil and gas engineering background and proven recorded of doing right not wrong and my view with hard facts that prove BP and its people did conspire to cause death and decadence on this massive scale this earth and its people has never seen before.

    And after doing such lied and tried to deceive to try and get some others to pick up the ball and try to fix your broken well and all that went with it —- like killing our Gulf of Mexico in total. And what further awaits you in the hot seat is all the air borne infections and diseases that are killing folks little by little now but soon bodies will line the streets rotting because of what BP allowed to happen on their watch. The EXXON Valdez clean up crews that were used not ONE of them is alive today—- do you see that in your minds eye?

    Now, how does it feel to have a man come to you with an olive branch in one hand and the sword of your ultimate defeat in the other?
    You were the BP fair hair boy to screw the Russian Mobsters turned oil tycoons and made BP more fortunes in doing. But what you did then is a far cry from the HOT SEAT you are in today.

    You can get help if you will Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg he knows me and knows of the Tame Nature Plan. He is a logical thinker and has proved that time and time again. He can give you some satisfaction that you are on the right path. Just give him a call.

    Best Regards

    Dwight Baker

    END NOTE: Just in from a true blue American
    Before the 4th of July weekend, there was unreported maneuver in the Senate designed to protect BP and the federal government from liability in the Gulf disaster.

    If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

  9. Dwight Baker says:

    Who is kidding Whom?
    OP ED
    By Dwight Baker
    July 5, 2010

    Games are played out in our Congress and Senate that simply defy common sense and reason. Subpoena Power for what I ask?

    I read the in-detail report provided to BP Tony Hayward by our Congress to respond too when asked questions. The document is chocked full of facts and details [evidence] that is far more than enough for the Justice department to arrest the four BP men on duty the night of the blow out and charge them for murder.

    Now who in their right mind would appoint a Congressional Commission to do the Job of the Justice Department? Have we forgotten the Separations of Powers?

    Then on another sad note about our most recent past— what are these Emperor Decrees called Executive Orders? GW Bush led the hard charge for doing those things but Bill Clinton had done the same things. Now I have only heard but not read that President Obama uses Executive Orders to wield his power as an Ominous Power Hungry Self Severing Emperor!

    OH NO I voted for Him to become our President NOT EMPEROR!

    NOW CHEWING UP THE CLOCK with wasted motion leaves many dying, hurting and hungry running from our Congress and Senate and their crooked and perverse ways. Pray tell what commission ever got to the real source of the rub—- NONE FOR SURE.

    Thus this notice I got this early morning raised the flag but when checking it out the Republicans in the Senate had changed their minds. SAY WHAT?

    Before the 4th of July weekend, there was unreported maneuver in the Senate designed to protect BP and the federal government from liability in the Gulf disaster.

    If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

    Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/890.html

    To end
    CHEWING UP THE CLOCK with wasted motion leaves many hurting hungry and dying while family members still alive are running from our Congress and Senate and their crooked and perverse ways. Pray tell me what commission ever got to the real source of the rub—- NONE THAT I KNOW ABOUT—- so is this whole ordeal just an effort in futility as designed to be?

    Then last none of us ever forget the Separation of Powers.

  10. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Yada,yada,yada! Listen, they are all lyers. This was a planned event by BP (the ‘crown’), the US government (Obama), and of course, oil baron extraordinaire David Rockefeller. NOTHING happens in this world without a pass from the New York, UN king, Rockefeller.

    They should stand at trial for murder with a jury picked from the states affected by the “spill”. If this happened we could save the world from even bigger diasters they are planning. If found guilty they should all be dropped by helicopter into the oil spill and none of us will ever look back.

  11. Dwight Baker says:


    A short follow up to your comment. My son works in Indonesia for a well know company

    Twelve hours before the blow out all of their men on board of the Deep-Horizon was told to go ashore.

    But the bigger question for me and I have seriously thought it through for what purpose was it done —- if in fact —-it was planned?

    If you have insights into that please comment.

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