How Sovereign is Europe? Washington has Murdered Privacy Rights at Home And Abroad

by Paul Craig Roberts
Published: Mar. 22, 2010 – Global Research

In the Swiss newspaper Zeit Fragen, Professor Dr. Eberhard Hamer from Germany asks, “How Sovereign is Europe?”

He examines the issue and concludes that Europe has little, if any, sovereignty.

Professor Hamer writes that the sovereign rights of Europeans as citizens of nation states were dissolved with the coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty on Dec. 1, 2009. The rights of the people have been conveyed to a political commissariat in Brussels. The French, Germans, Belgians, Spanish, British, Irish, Italians, Greeks, and so forth, now have “European citizenship whatever this may be.”

The result of aggregating nations is to reduce the political participation of people. The authority of parliaments and local councils has been impaired. Power is now concentrated in new hierarchical structures within the European Union. European citizenship means indirect and weak participation by people. Self-rule has given way to authoritarian rule from top to bottom.

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“Catastrophic Global Warming”, Ecological Brainwashing and World Government

by Olga Chetverikova
First Published: Dec. 10, 2009 – Strategic Cultural Foundation

After an annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club in May 2009, the establishment of the global management system of institutions seemed to have been given a boost, repeating the plots of American apocalypitc blockbusters.

As soon as the financial top had opted for a lingering crisis, global managers were instructed to work in two major ways: first, to invent a myth about the danger of swine flu pandemic (in order to take control of the national healthcare systems and reorganize the World Health Organization (WHO) into a global healthcare ministry) and impose a threat of global warming to gain control of world natural resources and introduce a unified ‘green’ tax (alongside with creation of a new sub-national managing body- an international ministry of ecology).

Both tasks aim to intimidate the population and thus substantiate any policies undertaken by international organziations. Chairman of the Board of Governors ‘British Petroluem’, Peter Suterlan, once frankly admitted that he would like to impose fear of global warming in order to increase taxes and make people revise their lifestyle.

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Global Dictatorship Based on the EU Model

by Daniel Taylor
First Published: Nov. 24, 2009 – Old Thinker News

Herman Van Rompuy, the first President of the European Union, recently announced during his installment that 2009 was the first year of global governance. Indeed, 2009 has seen major steps towards global governance. The establishment has also taken severe blows this year, which will be discussed shortly. Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization and frequent attendee of secret Bilderberg meetings, sees the European Union as a testing ground for the machinery of international governance. In a speech in Italy on November 9th, Lamy stated that the EU model should be used on a global scale.

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NEWS (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

NATO strike kills nine civilians in Helmand, Afghanistan
Thu. Nov. 05 – LASHKARGAH: Artillery and mortar shelling by the NATO-led international troops killed nine civilians in southern Afghanistan, locals said.

Two Pakistanis killed in US drone attack
Thu. Nov. 05 – Two people have been killed as a result of a US drone missile attack in the tribal region of North Waziristan bordering Afghanistan.

US soldier killed in Afghan attack
Thu. Nov. 05 – An American soldier serving under NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.

Iraqi colonel killed in Baghdad blast
Wed. Nov. 04 – A senior Iraqi police officer has been killed after being hit by a bomb left outside the door of his house at Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad.

5 British soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan
Five British soldiers have been shot dead in Helmand Province, in an attack the UK military blamed on a “rogue” Afghan policeman.

US military suffers first casualty of month in Iraq
Tue. Nov. 03 – A non-combat incident in the Karadah district of southeast Baghdad has claimed the life of a US soldier.

Taliban denounce ‘puppet president’ Karzai
Tue. Oct. 03 – The Taliban has questioned the legitimacy of the Afghan administration after the cancellation of a planned run-off following the fraud-stained August presidential vote.


Mysterious Virus Hits Ukraine (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Panic in Ukraine over swine flu
Thu. Nov. 05 – Officials in Ukraine have closed schools for three weeks, imposed travel restrictions and are limiting public events as the country battles to stop the spread of swine flu.

Ukraine Cases Double To 478,000 In 2 Days – 81 Deaths
Wed. Nov. 04 – The above numbers are from the latest update from Ukraine. The number of infected patients has almost doubled to just under ½ million, compared to the report two days ago (see map).

NATO providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Wed. Nov. 04 –  NATO member states have started to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the press service of the NATO department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported on Tuesday.

Tymoshenko says all Ukrainians will be provided with gauze masks in a week
Wed. Nov. o4 – Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has ordered regional state administrations and city administrations to produce gauze masks within a week.

Yushchenko called on to help Ukraine: Unknown virus is killing people
Tue. Nov. 03 -In last 24 hours, an unknown virus (presumed pneumonic plague) infected another 37 thousand and killed 12 more people. The authorities deny that this is pneumonic plague, and insist that people die from influenza, pneumonia and ARI.



Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Iran welcomes Israel war crimes probe
Thu. Nov. 05 – Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee has welcomed an investigation into Israeli crimes during the Gaza war.

Israel destroys 2 more Palestinian homes
Tue. Nov. 03 – Israeli forces have demolished two more Palestinian-owned homes in Jerusalem Al-Quds as part of Tel Aviv’s efforts to increase the number of Jewish settlements there.



Totalitarian Tiptoe to the New World Order (Last Updated: Wed. Nov. 04)

Czech president signs EU reform treaty
Wed. Nov. 04 – Czech President Vaclav Klaus says Prague has finally committed to the European Union’s reforming Lisbon Treaty, hours after a top court ruled that it was in line with the constitution.


More News (Last Updated: Wed. Nov. 04)

Iraq signs major oil deal with BP, CNPC
Wed. Nov. 04 – Iraq has signed its biggest oil deal since the US 2003 invasion with Britain’s BP and China’s CNPC to develop the giant Rumaila oilfield.

One fifth of mammals near extinction
Wed. Nov. 04 – Over 17,000 species assessed in a major international biodiversity study are threatened with extinction, a leading environmental group has warned.

Poll: Obama’s popularity below average
Tue. Nov. 03 – US President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to decline nearly one year after his arrival to the White House, a new poll shows.

UK graduate unemployment soars 44%
Tue. Nov. 03 – Graduate unemployment in the UK has soared 44 percent, reaching the highest level for more than a decade, a recent research has shown.

Poverty indicator targets large number of US children
Tue. Nov. 03 – A new study has shown that nearly half of all US children and 90 percent of black kids will eat meals at some point during their childhood paid for by food stamps, an indicator of poverty.

Intimidation, Bribery, Lies, Concealment and Breaches of Constitutions for Irish Yes to Lisbon Treaty to Position EU´s War Chief

by Anders
Published: Oct. 07, 2009 –

Abstract: Immediately after the Irish “yes” to the Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders are bringing Rothschild´s favourite employee, Tony Blair, into position for the first permanent EU presidency. However this has evoked strong protests from the British tories who are threatening to hold a referendum to take British powers back from Brussels. But since they are also Rothschild-dependent this is probably insignificant.
The EU has conspired with the Irish government for the “Yes” – never respecting the “No” of 2008. Both these parties have transgressed Irish and EU law by interfering with the Irish referendum: Mr. Barroso bribed Irish workers to vote yes. Both sides told false horror tales about the coming poverty in already poor Ireland in case of a “No.”
The EU Commission paid with our money a 16-page biassed guide to the Treaty to be inserted in national Irish newspapers. The EU funded the advertisements of the Yes side. Illegal disinformation was given – in particular by the Irish Referendum Commission´s chairman, who under law is obligated to be neutral. He lied about the consequences of the Treaty and did not tell the Irish about the new Lisbon-EU citizenship and its duties. The government illegally used tax-payer money to distribute its pro-Lisbon propaganda by snail mail. The Referendum Commission told nothing about the necessary change of the Irish Constitution and its coming “commitment to the (Lisbon) European Union”. This is EU in a nutshell: Intimidation, bribery, lies, concealment, breach  of constitutions. Read the rest of this entry »

Lisbon Treaty: Will War Criminal Tony Blair become President of the European Union?

by James Corbett
Published: Oct. 03, 2009 – The Corbett Report

Major media outlets from the BBC in Britain to RTE in Ireland are now reporting that the Yes side scored a resounding victory in Ireland’s vote Friday on the EU Lisbon Treaty. With the treaty’s ratification, the obstacles preventing the total federalization of the EU superstate are now removed.

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The Face of Dictatorship: EU Preparing for Armed Gendarmerie Against Treaty-disobedient Populations

by Anders
Published: Sep. 27, 2009 –

Summary: First a video with Barroso’s nervous speech to the masterminds of the EU – the Council on Foreign Relations. Sweden wants an answer as to why EUFOR soldiers are not being used more outside the EU – has even created a Nordic Battlegroup whom Sweden wants to use! Two exercises have been held in Sweden, where EUFOR as the Southern Liberation Army was to defeat a Nordic National League for the benefit of Southeners! Since 2006, there is now a European Gendarmerie Force, consisting of armed combat troops in police uniforms. They are the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the New World Order. The gendarmerie is primarily under the EU, but may be ordered to be deployed anywhere by the UN, NATO, OSCE and other international organizations. They are to be deployed in expected unrests and civil wars (against Muslims?) in countries under the Treaty of Lisbon – as well as against countries that do not want to join it. Gendarms from outside will be sent to a rebellious country, lest they should stick at shooting into demonstrations and at others, which they are entitled to, after death penalty is reintroduced with the Treaty of Lisbon (Prof. KA Schachtschneider, German politician, Klaus Buchner). Buchner describes the Lisbon Treaty as a coup d´état. None of the German Bundestag members had seen an authorized version of the Treaty before they voted for it – because the party leadership said they had to!

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Irish No will not stop Europe advancing, says France

by Honor Mahony
Published: Sep. 29, 2009 – EU Observer

France has indicated that even if the Irish vote No in their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on Friday, it will not hinder the European Union from taking steps towards further integration.

Pierre Lellouche, France’s state secretary for Europe, told French TV on Monday morning (28 September), that a “solution” will be found in case of a second Irish rejection of the treaty as “whatever happens, Europe will advance because we don’t have a choice.”

“The institutional fate of 500 million Europeans is in the hands of 3 or 4 million Irish. It’s a very undecided country,” he said.

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The Lisbon Treaty: Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy

by Anders
Published: Sep. 23, 2009 –

Summary: Ireland’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will probably determine the fate of Europe. After false scaremongering, the Irish seem to be afraid of their own courage and will probably vote for the treaty. If that happens, only one brave, decent, clear-sighted man could save us from a genuine New World Order dictatorship: Czech President Vaclav Klaus. In the dictatorship, the corrupt EU may change this constitution at will – without asking its citizens. The right of waging offensive war is enshrined, the treaty enables a common immigration policy from above and EU-enlargement, pedophilia is de facto legalized – and death penalty – including for disturbances and rebellion – is reintroduced. Countries’ constitutional courts are sidelined by a European Court, which according to Prof. Schachtschneider lacks legitimacy.
EUbusiness 8 Sept., 2009
 Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said here Monday his country, which next takes over the European Union presidency, has no back-up plan if Irish voters again reject the Lisbon Treaty. “We do not have a plan B, it would be bad to already speak of a plan B.” Mark “already.”


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Nigel Farage on the Lisbon Treaty and the Irish Referendum



The Lisbon Treaty: Brainwashed Political Brotherhood Unanimously Keen on Giving up Democracy

Germany passes legislation to ratify Lisbon treaty

The End of the Nation States of Europe

VIDEO – Interview: Ms V Reveals The Hidden Agenda of the European Union

Czech leader: Brussels ‘recreating Soviet bloc in Europe’

VIDEO – Is The European Union the New Soviet Union?

Germany passes legislation to ratify Lisbon treaty

 German MPs have passed revised legislation to ratify the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty increasing pressure on the Irish to vote Yes in a second referendum in three weeks.

Published: Sep. 08, 2009 – The Telegraph

Germany’s Bundestag was forced to re-ratify the controversial treaty, the successor to the European Constitution, after the country’s supreme court asked for extra safeguards against the extension of EU powers in June.

New legislation had to be drafted to satisfy judicial fears that the Lisbon Treaty did not allow the EU “to exceed the powers given to it” by usurping national parliaments.

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The End of the Nation States of Europe

by Philip Jones
Published: Jul. 21, 2009 – The Righteous Alliance

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” Jean Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU).

On June 12th 2008, the fate of nearly 500 million people will be decided by a country whose population totals only 4.2 million. The people of the Republic Of Ireland will be the only `citizens` of the European Union given the opportunity to have their say on what is potentially the most fundamental piece of legislation in the history of the `Old Continent`. All the other member states have simply ignored the wishes of their people and left ratification to be `rubber stamped` by their respective parliaments. However, it is necessary for all twenty seven member states to complete ratification before the `Treaty` becomes legally binding.

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EU trains a new diplomatic corps – without waiting for Lisbon Treaty…

Five hundred and thirty staff from the European Commission have already begun training to build a “shared diplomatic culture and an esprit de corps” for the EU’s putative External Action Service (EEAS).

Irish voters blocked the Lisbon Treaty, which provides the legal basis for a new Euro-diplomatic corps, when they rejected the renamed EU Constitution in a referendum last June.

The disclosure that the Commission has simply pressed on regardless and begun training the euro-diplomats infuriated Irish politicians. Ireland is expected to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in October.

Declan Ganley, an Irish campaigner for a “No” vote, said: “It is cause for serious concern that, by implementing the Lisbon Treaty, EU institutions are manifesting outright contempt for democracy.”

Privately, EU officials are aware of the sensitivity of going ahead with training a euro-diplomatic corps. “We are trying to push the envelope as far as we can within the current environment,” said one official in “European Voice”, a Brussels weekly.

Staff are being discreetly trained, “without being too obvious”, on 59 courses with the help of foreign ministries from 17 member states, according to EU sources.

The training aims to foster a “specifically European dimension of diplomacy” and to “create a sense of common European purpose” for the new service. Ireland is one of four EU member states – the others are Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany – which have yet to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Under the EU’s founding rules, no treaty of this kind can come into effect without the unanimous approval of all member states.
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