Big Brother is DEFINITELY watching you: UK has one CCTV for every 32 people

Published: Mar. 03, 2011 – Daily Mail

It’s an astonishing statistic that is sure to send chills down the spines of freedom campaigners.
In Big Brother Britain there is an incredible one CCTV camera for every 32 citizens, a study has revealed.

The revelation that 1.85 million cameras are watching our every move confirms the shocking extent of surveillance in 21st century Britain.

Coming a day after it emerged tiny drones could be used to spy on Britons, the CCTV study is sure to add fuel to the debate that we have become a Big Brother state.

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10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased

Are technological advances infringing on our right to privacy?


Published: Jul. 10, 2010 – The Activist Post

The war on terror is a worldwide endeavor that has spurred massive investment into the global surveillance industry – which now seems to be becoming a war on “liberty and privacy.”  Given all of the new monitoring technology being implemented, the uproar over warrantless wiretaps now seems moot.  High-tech, first-world countries  are being tracked, traced, and databased, literally around every corner.  Governments, aided by private companies, are gathering a mountain of information on average citizens who so far seem willing to trade liberty for supposed security.  Here are just some of the ways the matrix of data is being collected:

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Documentary – The Real Big Brother (2006 – 28 mins.)

Is Big Business The Big Brother Controling your Life. A glimpse of the things to come about the surveillance society

Surveillance Societies

by Sarah Meyer
Published: Oct. 31, 2009 – Index Research

In the name of “National Security“, one of the biggest lies is “making you safer .” This absurd promise applies to surveillance as well as to the reason for prisons, torture, rendition (kidnapping), etc. But “Making you safer” is really about making money for corporations.

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Artificially Intelligent CCTV could prevent crimes before they happen

A new generation of Minority Report-style security cameras that can detect criminals before they strike could be in operation across Britain within five years, scientists claim.

by Richard Alleyne
Published: Sep. 23, 2009 – The Telegraph

The CCTV technology identifies suspicious individuals and behaviour and then acts to stamp out crimes before they happen.

When a crime looks like it is going to occur, the system will verbally warn the perpetrator and then if necessary alert the nearest police officer.

ISIS, short for Integrated Sensor Information System, is being developed by a team at Queen’s University Belfast at its Centre for Secure Information Technologies.

It is designed to work with the extensive network of CCTV cameras already installed on buses and trains as well as in stations, airports and on the street.

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Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes…

by Charlie Sorrel
Source: Wired

As an ex-Brit, I’m well aware of the authorities’ love of surveillance and snooping, but even I, a pessimistic cynic, am amazed by the governments latest plan: to install Orwell’s telescreens in 20,000 homes.

£400 million ($668 million) will be spend on installing and monitoring CCTV cameras in the homes of private citizens. Why? To make sure the kids are doing their homework, going to bed early and eating their vegetables. The scheme has, astonishingly, already been running in 2,000 family homes. The government’s “children’s secretary” Ed Balls is behind the plan, which is aimed at problem, antisocial families. The idea is that, if a child has a more stable home life, he or she will be less likely to stray into crime and drugs.

It gets worse. The government is also maintaining a private army, incredibly not called “Thought Police”, which will “be sent round to carry out home checks,” according to the Sunday Express. And in a scheme which firmly cements the nation’s reputation as a “nanny state”, the kids and their families will be forced to sign “behavior contracts” which will “set out parents’ duties to ensure children behave and do their homework.”

And remember, this is the left-wing government. The Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, batting for the conservatives, thinks these plans are “too little, and too late,” implying that even more obtrusive work needs to be done. Rumors that a new detention center, named Room 101, is being constructed inside the Ministry of Love are unconfirmed.

Big Brother really is watching you…

Recent statistics reveal that, on average, anyone in the UK will be captured on a CCTV camera up to 350 times… a day. Whether they be police surveillance cameras, underground or over-ground train systems’ coverage, CCTV cameras on buses (yes) or private cameras on the walls of banks or inside and outside shops and supermarkets and shopping malls, smile. You are on TV.
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UK: CCTV is popular with public claims minister…

Justice minister Lord Bach was replying in a Lords debate on surveillance in which most speakers criticised the system and questioned its effectiveness.

He said: “CCTV is a powerful crime-fighting tool. It has been claimed in this debate that it has only resulted in 3% more convictions but the amount of crime that it deters has not been mentioned.”

Lord Bach told peers: “People would concur with the general suggestion that CCTV is indeed a powerful tool and are grateful that it is there.

“Police operational experience and various research shows that it deters and detects crime and helps secure convictions. It also reduces fear of crime.

He added: “We remain committed to the use of CCTV in helping to make communities feel safer.”
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Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother’s All-Seeing Eye…

part 1/2

part 2/2

Via Old Thinker News

NYPD seeks to expand surveillance cameras, license plate readers…

If New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has his way, surveillance cameras will blanket the entire midtown area of New York City.

Kelly says he intends to pattern the surveillance system after the “ring of steel” system now used in London. “That would mean the cameras and the license plate readers and coordinate it from the new coordination center located in lower Manhattan,” said Kelly. The system is intended as an “anti-terrorism” measure.

“The idea, Kelly testified before a City Council committee, is to allow police to do everything they do downtown – scan license plates, monitor surveillance video cameras and use radiation and bioterrorism detectors – between 34th and 59th streets, from river to river,” Newsday reports. The NYPD has already obtained most of the necessary $92 million but federal grant funds are needed to complete the project.
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Documentary – Suspect Nation (47 min.)

SYNOPSIS: Since Tony Blair’s New Labour government came to power in 1997, the UK civil liberties landscape has changed dramatically. ASBOs were introduced by Section 1 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and first used in 1999. The right to remain silent is no longer universal. Our right to privacy, free from interception of communications has been severely curtailed. The ability to travel without surveillance (or those details of our journeys being retained) has disappeared. Indeed, as Henry Porter (the Observer journalist famous for his recent email clash with Tony Blair over the paring down of civil liberties) reveals in this unsettling film, our movements are being watched, and recorded, more than ever before.