Ten things you need to know about Tony Blair’s ‘extremism’

by  Lindsey German and Robin Beste

Stop the War Coalition | 24 April 2014.

In a keynote speech on 23 April 2014, Tony Blair blamed Islamic extremism for failures of western intervention in the Middle East. Here are ten things he neglected to mention about the extremism of his own political career.

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Tony Blair glorifies his war crimes yet again under the 9/11 brand

The media is at its most slobbering and indulgent when interviewing home-grown war criminal Tony Blair wishing to present himself as a pillar of wisdom and insight.

by Robin Beste
Published: Sep. 13, 2011 – Stop the War Coalition

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approached, you could hardly turn a page of a newspaper or watch a TV screen without being confronted by war criminals with the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands.

From Dick Cheney to Donald Rumsfeld, from Colin Powell to mass murderer-in-chief George W Bush, they all exploited the 9/11 marketing brand for all it was worth to justify some of the worst crimes against humanity in a generation, usually with a convenient book to flog at the same time.

But most prevalent of all — at least in the UK — was Tony Blair, glorifying his warmongering years in office and quick to suggest more countries ripe for foreign intervention — top of his list for future shock and awe being Iran and Syria.

As ever, the media was at its most slobbering and indulgent when interviewing a home-grown war criminal wishing to present himself as a pillar of wisdom and insight.

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Oil, blood money, and Blair’s last scandal

There is no question there was a plot. The question is whether the plot worked,or whether it got what it wanted by a remarkable coincidence

by Johann Hari
Published: Jul. 23, 2010 – The Independent

Is your life worth more to your government than a few pence added to BP’s share price? At first, this will sound like a strange question. But sometimes there is a news story that lays out the priorities that drive our governments once the doors are closed and the cameras are switched off. The story of the attempt to trade the Lockerbie bomber for oil is one of those moments.

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Tony Blair: A Bright Shining Lie

by Felicity Arbuthnot
Published: Jul. 14, 2010 – Uruknet.info

We live in strange times. In October 2009, the fledgling President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for: ” .. his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.” He was: “surprised and deeply humbled”, accepting it as : “a call to action.” Oh good, more “… diplomacy and co-operation …?” Not quite.

Two months later Barack Hussein Obama announced that killing more Afghans and throwing $’s millions in to doing it was his first priority. (He didn’t quite put it like that. He told an audience at West Point * that the deployment of 30,000 additional troops was a goal vital to: “the common security of the world.” It would: ” … break the Taliban’s momentum and increase Afghanistan’s capacity …” Goals would not be set: “… beyond our responsibility, our means, or our interests.”)

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Former IAEA chief: Iraq war killed “a million innocent civilians”

by Patrick Martin
Published: Apr. 03, 2010 – WSWS

The former head of the UN’s chief nuclear agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, said in an interview with the British newspaper Guardian Wednesday that those who launched the war in Iraq were responsible for killing a million innocent people and could be held accountable under international law. He was clearly referring to US President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and their top military and security aides.

It was his first interview with an international publication since ElBaradei returned to his native Egypt, after a decade heading the International Atomic Energy Agency, where he won the Nobel Peace Prize, in large measure because of his opposition to the efforts by the Bush administration to use concocted charges about “weapons of mass destruction” as an all-purpose pretext for military intervention throughout the Middle East.

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Tony-Gate: Blair Strikes Oil in Iraq

by Jayne Lyn Stahl
Published: Mar. 25, 2010 – CounterPunch.org

Here in the States when someone mentions “UI,” most of us think of Unemployment Insurance, but not former UK prime minister Tony Blair.

Late last week came word of a major scandal from the UK Daily Mail. In the three years since he stepped down as prime minister, Blair pocketed more than $30 million in oil revenues from his secret dealings with a South Korean oil consortium, UI Energy Corporation. Despite all his best efforts to keep his connection to UI secret, word is spreading like wildfire throughout the U.K

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Blair’s Monstrous Consistency

by Daniel Larison
Published: Jan. 30, 2010 – The American Conservative

But the failure to achieve a second, explicit, U.N. resolution was a political problem, not a legal obstacle. Few of the anti-war movement care to recall that the Kosovan War was, if anything, predicated upon a flimsier legal case than the Iraqi intervention. ~Alex Massie

One of the reasons why I keep revisiting the illegality and immorality of the intervention in Kosovo long after most people have forgotten about it is precisely because so many opponents of the Iraq war don’t want to acknowledge that Kosovo was every bit as unjustifiable and wrong as Iraq was. By endorsing the war in Kosovo even now, as Obama did again in Oslo, many opponents of the Iraq war have opened themselves up to the attack that Iraq hawks were using from the beginning. If someone pointed out that invading Iraq would violate international law and not have U.N. sanction, the hawks would throw the precedent of Kosovo in his face. Unless he was a principled progressive or antiwar conservative, the opponent of the invasion was always at a loss to respond. If invading Iraq was based on phony or exaggerated intelligence about WMDs, Kosovo was based on lies about preventing genocide and protecting human rights. Unless you are among the fairly small percentage that opposed both, the odds are that you are outraged over invading Iraq in inverse proportion to how outraged you were over bombing Serbia.

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Attempt at citizen’s arrest as Blair leaves inquiry

“Blair doesn’t have the decency or honesty to face up to the public, military families, and Iraqis who will be here today. He does not have the integrity to come and face the people. Sliding in by a back door entrance is typical of his lies, deceit and evasion.”

by Alan Jones
First Published: Jan. 29, 2010 – The Independent

Tony Blair was accused of being a “coward” and a “war criminal” today as anti-war protesters and military families vented their fury against the former prime minister as he gave evidence to the Iraq inquiry.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the QEII conference centre in Westminster to chant anti-Blair slogans and call for his arrest for war crimes. But they did not have the chance to confront the ex-premier as he gave them the slip by arriving via a back entrance more than two hours before he was due to be questioned by the Chilcot Inquiry.

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Wanted: Tony Blair for war crimes. Arrest him and claim your reward

Chilcot and the courts won’t do it, so it is up to us to show that we won’t let an illegal act of mass murder go unpunished

by George Monbiot
Published: Jan. 25, 2010 – Guardian

The only question that counts is the one that the Chilcot inquiry won’t address: was the war with Iraq illegal? If the answer is yes, everything changes. The war is no longer a political matter, but a criminal one, and those who commissioned it should be committed for trial for what the Nuremberg tribunal called “the supreme international crime”: the crime of aggression.

But there’s a problem with official inquiries in the United Kingdom: the government appoints their members and sets their terms of reference. It’s the equivalent of a criminal suspect being allowed to choose what the charges should be, who should judge his case and who should sit on the jury. As a senior judge told the Guardian in November: “Looking into the legality of the war is the last thing the government wants. And actually, it’s the last thing the opposition wants either because they voted for the war. There simply is not the political pressure to explore the question of legality – they have not asked because they don’t want the answer.”

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One in four say put Blair on trial for war crimes

A YouGov poll says 52% of people believe Blair deliberately misled the country over the Iraq war and 23% think he should be tried as a war criminal. What to do about Jack Straw, who privately opposed the war but publicly was shoulder to shoulder with Blair and his lies?

by Richard Norton-Taylor
First Published: Jan. 17, 2010 – The Guardian

Jack Straw privately warned Tony Blair that an invasion of Iraq was legally dubious, questioned what such action would achieve, and challenged US claims about the threat from Saddam Hussein, it was revealed today .

Straw, foreign secretary at the time, gave what now seems prophetic advice in a letter marked “secret and personal”, 10 days before Blair met George Bush at the US president’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002. That was nearly a year before the invasion.

In his letter, about which he is expected to be questioned when he testifies at the Chilcot inquiry this week, Straw warned Blair, then prime minister: “The rewards from your visit to Crawford will be few … there is at present no majority inside the PLP [parliamentary Labour party] for any military action against Iraq.”

Straw warned of two legal “elephant traps”. He said, “regime change per se is no justification for military action”, and “the weight of legal advice here is that a fresh [UN] mandate may well be required”.

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Tony Blair’s £1m-a-year paymaster seeks giant Iraqi oil deal

Jan. 02, 2010 – A Middle Eastern investment fund that pays Tony Blair about £1m a year as an international adviser is in talks to develop one of Iraq’s biggest oilfields.

Mubadala, a United Arab Emirates investment firm, is in negotiations to join a consortium of western oil companies developing the Zubair oilfield in southern Iraq. More than £6 billion of investment is required for the project.

Blair has always insisted that the Iraq conflict was never linked to the country’s vast oil reserves, but he was facing criticism this weekend over his role with Mubadala. The investment firm, which receives 80% of its revenues from oil and gas, intends to build the biggest oil company in the eastern hemisphere.

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The international league of war criminals

by Chris Marsden
Published: Dec. 17, 2009 – WSWS

The issuing of a British arrest warrant for former Israeli Foreign Minister and current leader of the opposition Tzipi Livni is only the latest event confirming an international body of legal opinion that Israel should be tried for war crimes over its treatment of the Palestinians.

Livni was a member of the war cabinet during Operation Cast Lead, the offensive against Gaza between December 27, 2008 and January 18 this year. Some 1,400 Palestinians—the majority of them civilians, including 400 women and children—were killed, at least 5,000 people were injured, and 21,000 homes and other vital infrastructure were destroyed.

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The World’s Least Powerful Man: The Obama Puppet

by Paul Craig Roberts
Published: Dec. 01, 2009 – Information Clearing House

It didn’t take the Israel Lobby very long to bring President Obama to heel regarding his prohibition against further illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Obama discovered that a mere American president is powerless when confronted by the Israel Lobby and that the United States simply is not allowed a Middle East policy separate from Israel’s.

Obama also found out that he cannot change anything else either, if he ever intended to do so.

The military/security lobby has war and a domestic police state on its agenda, and a mere American president can’t do anything about it.

President Obama can order the Guantanamo torture chamber closed and kidnapping and rendition and torture to be halted, but no one carries out the order.

Essentially, Obama is irrelevant.

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Iraq Invasion: Responsibility and Accountability

by Timothy Hinchey
Published: Nov. 25, 2009 – Pravda.ru

As Russia had said, Iraq did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. The only source which claimed that Iraq had such weapons and was linked to Al Qaeda was the Bush regime. Now the first days of the Iraq Enquiry in London have blown the lid off the lies, the treachery, the skullduggery and the downright deceit, the web of lies spun by Bush and Co. Time for responsibility, time for accountability.

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War Criminals: Is Tony Blair fit to become the President of the European Union?

by Peter Eyre
First Published: Nov. 06, 2009 – Palestine Telegraph

London. We have seen Prime Minister Gordon Brown and most member of his party promote Tony Blair as the first President of the European Union. Dare other members of the British Government put their names forward to support such a person who may in the near future be called to give account of his reasons for going to war? Dare they be associated with a person who could well be soon listed as a war criminal? If one asked the British public the answer would be “No way”

If anyone has followed the recent Kuala Lumpur Conference to Criminalise War you will soon learn that Tony Blair is not a very well respected man in Malaysia.

Is it possible that he should be tried for War Crimes?

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Bonaparte Blair & Co

by Gilad Atzmon
Published: Oct. 02, 2009 – Gilad.co.uk

Gordon brown urged European Socialist leaders last week to appoint Tony Blair as the European President. “Get real”, he told them, “This is a unique opportunity to get a strong progressive politician to be the president.”

Brown is obviously correct, nothing could be more refreshing, innovative ‘real’ and ‘progressive’ than assigning the job to a man who has more blood on his hands than any other person in Europe. It may also be right to argue that there  is just one living person on this planet with more blood on his hands than Blair. That man dwells in Texas, his name is George and actually unlike our Bonaparte figure, he keeps relatively quiet. Unlike George, our Boney is craving for recognition, he cannot live without a crown or an official title. Someone should remind Boney that he already made it into history, he can really take a break. With more than one million fatalities in Iraq, he is not far behind Hitler and Stalin.

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Tony Blair’s limitless greed feeds off his war crimes

“This beggars belief. It’s absolutely scandalous that he’s now trying to make money from his contacts in the region. It’s money from the blood and lives of the soldiers who died in Iraq.”

by Jon Ungoed-Thomas
First Published: Oct. 18, 2009 – The Sunday Times

TONY BLAIR has been cashing in on his contacts from the Iraq conflict and his role as Middle East peace envoy for a private business venture expected to earn him more than £5m a year.

The former prime minister has sold his political and economic expertise to two countries, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, via his fledgling private consultancy. He also represents the investment bank JP Morgan in the region.

Blair has been working pro bono in the Middle East as a peace envoy while amassing a fortune from the American lecture circuit. By offering himself to the Arab states as a statesman for hire, he could comfortably double his annual earnings.

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Blair President of Europe? No, A War Crimes Trial

Published: Oct. 23, 2009 – Uruknet.info


Noam Chomsky, Bruce Kent, Baroness Jenny Tonge, Naji Haraj , John Pilger, Haifa Zangana and 3,346 other citizens have today on Thursday 22 October 2009 asked the United Nations General Assembly to uphold the United Nations Charter, The Geneva and Hague Conventions, and The Rome Statute of International Criminal Court and to charge Anthony Charles Lynton Blair with War Crimes in connection with the Iraq War of 2003.

Peter Brierley, whose son was killed in Iraq, said on 9 October to Blair after the St Pauls service ” you have blood on your hands” ……….. and there is an awful lot of blood, and a catastrophic rise in birth deformities and cancers among the population of Iraq since 2003. As Lord Norman Tebbit said, Blair is ” like a vine bearing poisonous fruit, and I see these fruit everywhere”. If our Charters, which were fought for by so many, are not upheld today, they will not be worth the paper they are written on, and torture, rendition, hooding, cable ties, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and smashed homes will be the order of the day.

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Intimidation, Bribery, Lies, Concealment and Breaches of Constitutions for Irish Yes to Lisbon Treaty to Position EU´s War Chief

by Anders
Published: Oct. 07, 2009 – Euro-med.dk

Abstract: Immediately after the Irish “yes” to the Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders are bringing Rothschild´s favourite employee, Tony Blair, into position for the first permanent EU presidency. However this has evoked strong protests from the British tories who are threatening to hold a referendum to take British powers back from Brussels. But since they are also Rothschild-dependent this is probably insignificant.
The EU has conspired with the Irish government for the “Yes” – never respecting the “No” of 2008. Both these parties have transgressed Irish and EU law by interfering with the Irish referendum: Mr. Barroso bribed Irish workers to vote yes. Both sides told false horror tales about the coming poverty in already poor Ireland in case of a “No.”
The EU Commission paid with our money a 16-page biassed guide to the Treaty to be inserted in national Irish newspapers. The EU funded the advertisements of the Yes side. Illegal disinformation was given – in particular by the Irish Referendum Commission´s chairman, who under law is obligated to be neutral. He lied about the consequences of the Treaty and did not tell the Irish about the new Lisbon-EU citizenship and its duties. The government illegally used tax-payer money to distribute its pro-Lisbon propaganda by snail mail. The Referendum Commission told nothing about the necessary change of the Irish Constitution and its coming “commitment to the (Lisbon) European Union”. This is EU in a nutshell: Intimidation, bribery, lies, concealment, breach  of constitutions. Read the rest of this entry »

Lisbon Treaty: Will War Criminal Tony Blair become President of the European Union?

by James Corbett
Published: Oct. 03, 2009 – The Corbett Report

Major media outlets from the BBC in Britain to RTE in Ireland are now reporting that the Yes side scored a resounding victory in Ireland’s vote Friday on the EU Lisbon Treaty. With the treaty’s ratification, the obstacles preventing the total federalization of the EU superstate are now removed.

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