The reason I began this blog was to provide post-9/11 news not normally seen in the mass media. The 9/11 False Flag event has provided the governments of the Western world with the excuse to introduce police states, take away our civil liberties and control our lives with CCTV cameras, DNA databases, ID cards, Biometrics and other technogical advances. How do they do this; get us to accept it? By telling us that we need to fight the common enemy; an enemy that is against Western ideals and beliefs.

The best way of stopping this Big Brother World Government is to keep the public informed of the elite called the Illuminati and their intentions on shaping their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Comments, articles, suggestions or questions are welcome.

Thanks for coming!

54 Comments on “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Komodor says:

    Goooooood job your site-blog, stop nwo nacism, rasism, sionist, prison, sheep mind and slavery.

  3. Sojourner says:

    Very Informative Site…I agree that we must stay informed and pass things along so other’s can see just what the Elites and Leaders of this world is up to, their agenda is control power and manipulation.

  4. José says:

    Very valuable initiative!
    I arrived here after your intervention in a nother blog concerning the swine flu. In an article published @ Guardian it is said that this flu was foreseen six years ago (Science).

    Thank you!

  5. Paulo says:

    Thank you very much for the effort.
    Whenever I can, I try to spread your URL to everyone I know.

    I always come here to know about what is going on globally, and cross it with the news in my country.

    As an example, Hugo Chavez article about the alleged plot for his assassination from June 3th of this year, wasn’t news here. The Air France tragedy over Pacific got all the media attention, and thus, the public… Today, June 4th, I ain’t heard anything yet. And I think that tomorrow I will not see this information too.

    There’s so much happening that is truly difficult to associate all the events, and here we can have a better clue of the huge “big picture”.

    Once again, thank you for the initiative.
    Regards from Portugal.

  6. James Carter says:

    Excellent site! Keep up the good work.

  7. Carlitos says:

    Excellent site! I don´t trust anymore what the mainstream media is telling me. I’ve been looking for blogs to get other information.

    I’ll be back to this blog. Great work.

    Saludos from Mexico!

  8. Brightraven says:

    Beautifully put together!.

    My TV screen is constantly black now; thanks to informative websites like this one! ALL that silly TV trash will soon be always where it truly belongs … In the dark with all the sheeple!
    – Meanwhile, Truth WILL shine forth from out of murky skies everywhere like shafts of April sunshine in places like this; until Spring bursts forth again!

  9. Brenda says:


    Thank you for your blog. I love your Documentary section!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  10. John says:

    Great blog mate. Cheers!

  11. Great site. I keep one myself that I have learned is a lot of work to keep up to date. Lordie it is a lot of work. You do it beautifully. Just added to my list of must visits simply because a browse through shows me your huge backlog of info and films. Keep it up. We need to get the light of knowledge out there!

    Are you perchance Canadian?

  12. MarkM says:

    Define “Western ideals and beliefs”???

    I’ll bet you can’t

  13. Proud American Jew says:

    Your information is interesting, but you have an anti-Semitic streak that is very alarming. You often site Jewish involvement or taking the lead in the New World Order. Its a shame you are feeding people a bunch of crap about something even us Jews are scared of.

    For people to come to your blog and take what you or the authors you espouse as gospel, is unbelievable. You portray people following the NWO as sheep to the slaughter, I agree with that, but you too do the same as you give false information to the unknowing who follow you like sheep.

    An educated researcher will try to verify what you or the authors you site say about anything. To take what you say blindly by any reader only shows their lack of desire to know the truth. They are satisfied with the lies you proport about Jews and take it without question or challenge to you.

    Is that what you want your readers to be, sheep following your every word blindly? When you make statements that besmirch Jews, you should have some solid proof, not your supposition of your truth.

    As an American and a Jew in the same boat as the rest of the people here in the US, I take offense to you and anyone suggesting that people of Jewish faith conspire as a religion or as a people against their own nation. That is exactly what Hitler did in Germany.

    We, Jews, want freedom and abhor inhumane treatment of anyone. We also reject and have historically rejected Lucifer and Satan, the two icons of Freemasonry and the elite of the NWO.

    When the hatched falls, and the NWO sends FEMA to round people us, you and I will be in the same train car chained to the floor and end up in some remote FEMA prison camp awaiting extermination. Then, and only then when its too late, will you realize that you were wrong.

    For now, you can speak your mind freely and irresponsibly and have followers applaud your comments and your blog as being inspiring or enlightening, but in the end, only God will be able to help us all.

    Its a shame you cant put your knowledge and talent to a positive use of informing the public of the sinister plots by NWO. Its a shame you devote your time to also including Jews in the cabal of sinister plotters when you have not done your research about the Illuminati and Freemasonry pagan worship and satanical worship. When you become responsible and expose TRUTH, you will know you’ve done something worthy of praise.

    For now, the praises of the uninformed are empty and simply shows they’ll follow anyone who takes time to write, even if they lie.

    • Paulo says:

      Sorry if I’m being ignorant, but I follow this blog for quite some time and can’t remember reading anything about Jewish people. At least anything pejorative. The issue I see being raised here is Zionism. Again, sorry if I’m wrong…


    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      The Zionist Nazi Jews in Germany put plenty of Jews in the camps. If the rich ones wouldn’t go to Palestine they went to camps. Study history, no one comes to these conclusions blindly or out of a stupid prejudice. Many of the Nazi’s were full Jews (Goebbels, the propaganda minister, typical), or 1/2 Jews. YOU are the one that needs to stop listening to the official Jewish “history” and start researching the truth of history that may be found by anyone who is interested in connecting the dots.

      • 20th Walkyrie says:

        The portrayal of the Jewish banking cabal described as being behind the “NWO” in this blog is untrue and indeed has deep anti-semitic roots . Attitudes like this are exactly what empowered the Nazis in Germany and fueled the destruction of many innocent lives. They have no place in civilized or intelligent discourse and are very dangerous to boot. In no way, were Goebbels or any of the lead Nazis Zionists, as Annie Ladysmith states. The Nazis’ only goal was to annihilate people that they described as “Jews,” who, within Germany at least, often had deep roots within the country.

  14. Dwight Baker says:


    I am convinced during WWII the Land of Israel was chosen to be a lackey state of the USA. I am also convinced that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob had nothing at all to do with those folks taking over under the umbrella of being a sane and sound place to reside showing the earths people how generous and benevolent the USA could be.

    I am convinced the State of Israel occurred driven by the USA so that we would have land to put our arms for war — with eyes and ears on the ground to —- take over the giant oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and the others. And to also hold all in hostage that had used those ancient trade routes for thousands of years.

    Thus, Israel what they do and how is driven top down to them from our White House, Pentagon CIA and State Department. The religious ones living there are just pawns in the game and make good attractions for tourist.

    We are just fools to play along with their Warmongering Games.

    Dbaker007@stx.rr.com We the People Advocates


    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Dear American Jew, you are not seeing the forest. What is clear history, and you may not have heard this before, there are birthright Jews by blood and there is another so-call Jew, who is not by the birthright, but who it appears is always at the forefront of decision making. The Zionists for the most part are a international cabal with specific goals to rule the world. i would advise reading Benjamin Freedman on Khazarian Jews, you may even be one of these so-called Jews yourself!

  15. Dwight Baker says:

    Annie Ladysmith

    I have a small comment about your post to American Jew. There have always been unrighteous Jews, according to the Laws of Moses they stood outside of the Blessings of Abraham. Thus today those folks who have a Jewish name real or made up that are unrighteous according to the Laws of Moses are outside and out of bounds with being a good Jew. Therefore many Jews have gone wrong and become some of the worst tyrants on earth. We could name them but why?

    Yet today many in Christian circles who have not been taught history have a hard time believing that a Jew could be bad. While other not taught right believe that the Jews were the ones who killed Jesus Christ. The messianic Jews were the many thousands that accepted HIM as King.

    Now on the other note worthy to mention is that Rabbinic thought in the expansive works of Moses [Talmud] clearly pointed out that God has made a way for the non-Jews and non-Christians those they refer to a Good Noahides. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Laws_of_Noah

    Finally, I know of some American Jews that should be indicted for crimes against humanity. I know some that live in Israel that should get the same treatment.

    The proof of how a person lives is in his words followed by the deeds. No other things mean much to me.

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Mr. Baker, i think you misunderstand me. I was simply clarifying an issue (who is a Jew). i do not care how you do, or do not, classify yourself, or anyone else. And, i could care even less about the talmud, Have you ever seen one? Hard to find a copy! Nor could i care the lest jitter about these noahide laws. If we don’t have the commandments of El Shaddai written in our hearts, then what good is any other law? You can wail upon your beds, or wailing wall, is doesn’t do a thing because “these peoples hearts are far from me”. True circumcision is performed on the heart of man. The Kingdom is about Israel, there are 12 tribes, the Jews are but one of these tribes. The Apostles were sent to the other tribes, the ones who believed in Messiah, the LOST TRIBES. The so-called Jews are not the keepers of the Ark or the covenent, it is lost to them.
      Anyway, no need to reply. i don’t really want to get into this convoluted history concerning the “Jews”.
      On a personal level i feel very sorry for the Arabs and i believe El Shaddai is with them in there pain and torment, he is calling many, many out to be his people. It would do the Jews, and so-called Jews, well to remember how the Lord heard Hagar’s misery and came to her aid for he heard Ismael crying as he lay dying in the desert and saved her and blessed Ismael. Hey! Is that in your talmud?

  16. Mohsen says:

    thanks for your blog
    I have a question. My question is about Israel.
    Which way and who can stop War weapons of Israel?
    Un? Uk? Us? Iran? Arab countries? Hamas? Hezbollah?

  17. Ahava says:

    I eyewitnessed the Ratification of the One World Gov’t on 9/8/2000.It has been kept a SECRET for over 10 yrs now.On their 10th Anniversary-we see now that they have a UNOOSA-Office for Space Aliens & also that the Vatican Denounced the Hebrew Scriptures & Prophecies & state that the Jews have no right to a State of Israel & that they are NO LONGER the Chosen People & should give the Land back to the Arabs! Rael Maitreya- the Un’s Messiah-commited Balsphemy by saying that He was Yahweh-that Elohim were an Alien Race that created man-The Vatican now Heads the One World Religion that is vs Israel-as is Rael,They were supposed to Proclaim Maitreya the Messiah on World Wide tv on NOV 21ST-BUT CHANGED THEIR MINDS-BECAUSE 68 PGS OF INFO ON THE INTERNET VS IT BY CHRISTIANS IMMEDIATELY APPEARED!!!!!!!
    Now- they are talkng about Carbon Currency & Total Control of Everyone & Everything by the Global Elite!
    Rael bashing Israel on the Internet & his Announcement on the In ternet that he is the Messiah-also on 60 min,CNN,FOX,UK Telegraph,BBC (big suprise)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dwight Baker says:

    We must not cry about it, but try to put out the fires!
    By Dwight Baker
    December 18, 2010

    Our time in history, what shall we do? Will we stand up and defend, or cower down ducktail and run? If we should believe what we see and read in the Godless media the latter might be more to our liking.

    However, I think all who have knowledge for and love for our Great Creator, has weaned themselves away from those who oppose our God.

    Defending our God is our job. He left us in charge to do such. Yet common moral sense is so compromised by those in charge of running our Great Nation, that they are in conflict with or God. Thus the devil or His archenemy is seen and heard everyday, and in Washington DC those devil’s abound.

    Yes many of them are spineless, reckless and Godless, and on the take. And regardless what comes out of their mouths makes no matter. For lies are what they are about.

    For way too long this madness that we have been force-fed to believe as logical is now at our doorsteps where each of us live.

    So what must we do, cry about it, or try to put out the fires?

    Trying to change our local, county state and federal forms of Governments by those who we elect, will never work as we might think.

    We must work both ends of that power and rule pyramid. Where we live the local level is the bottom of the heap. Nothing of good can go up from there until it is a grassroots effort, with many others joining in. Our faith forefathers who served the Great Creator first took care of home first before any other or anything other.

    Some of the ones who are propelling the current insane political madness at the grassroots level are mindless and have put many of us in categories that are remiss and absent of sound mindedness. I don’t challenge them any longer, makes no sense in doing that. They like us are not the problem.

    Democracies around the world system today are just another form of totalitarianism. The source of the con is that elected leaders who are corrupt in their hearts will take care of our business. Thus the new thing that must come around is a forth branch of our democratic republic government.

    The forth branch must be the most powerful lobby paid for by us with ruler ship by our voices heard and votes counted. In Washington DC we need about two to three thousand workers to take care of looking after our will.

    We have many billionaires that will support that effort once we have agreement on HOW TO DO IT.

    Our God has used many powerful political insiders to do His will, naming a few Moses, Nehemiah, Esther, King David, Saul of Tarsus and the list goes on.

    I have worked on such a plan. It is yours for the asking.

  19. captain says:

    1st of all , this is by far the best site anywhere on the web & im so grateful to be able to voice my opinion without being shouted down & bullied by semi-retarded idiots. please do not be discouraged by the usual infantile brandings of ANTI-SEMITISM for this is a standard procedure for mossad psy-ops who have a 4000 strong army of internet surfers looking for anything that doesn’t agree with their criminal existence.the good people of israel are as much victims of their mafia rulers as is the rest of the world to me,FASCISTS,ZIONISTS&COMMUNISTS are all identical expressions of different facets of evil.2nd anyone who seeks to force his/her opinion/will onto others must be exterminated and/or classified as SUB-HUMAN & purged from society with extreme prejudice.3rd im sick of the hippies advocating universal love/non violent resistance to the nwo they’re gutless,spineless flouride heads who need to learn that fire can only be fought with fire.

  20. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Thank you NWO Observer for all your support and the freedom we find to speak out on your site. It remains my my favorite site and i missed you when you took a break for a couple of months. I know how much work this is and until the internet is no more, i will be a loyal fan and opinion contributor. I feel my opinions are not always popular but i am happy that i never have to mince my words, and i do try to stay away from attacking anyone personally, and forgive me if i ever take the temptation to do this. Thank you!
    Looking forward to our continued relationship in 2011: it should be a very interesting time, with the ice-age in Europe starting, a possible pole shift already wobbling, and of course NASA up to it’s old tricks with their recently (Dec., 2009)” discovered” “LOCAL FLUFF” “cloud to scare us to death or at least starve us of all electricity. O! Just heard Israel says another war with Hamas is coming soon (MORE WHITE PHOSPHORUS), and that will led into the invasion of Iran after the nukes settle. I’m tired of this old place, and done with what the world has to offer, tired of all the lies, BUT, I AM NOT GOING TO MISS 2011! I’d like to say i am here for you also and support your work and generosity in giving us this site. Talk soon, your friend.

  21. Paulo says:

    People are very distracted from the original source of evil… My research and study shows me that the broad “jews” are nothing more than a scapegoat for the v4t1c4n and his j35u1t army of deceit to put the false messiah into secular j3ru54l3m, the p0p3 itself, the vicar of CHRIST, with the help of zionists… Why is the term h0l0c4ust used to define hitlers genocide, meaning sacrifice? Why was it a sacrifice? Murdering the non-catholic aligned jews by the zionist jews was a sacrifice with the help of r0m3 through the j35u1ts through hitler. Mein kampf was written by a jesuit, and even the ss were created at the image of the j35u1t order…
    I’m sorry that this side of the subject is not discussed more often at this great site.

    And I’m afraid that the abundant optimism is away from JESUS CHRIST. If we believe in Him, one must believe in the Bible, and if the Bible says that this world is coming to an end all we can do is return to CHRIST because He is returning. But before it, the mark of the beast (papacy sunday law) will be imposed in our hand (labor/six days of work) or forehead (conscience/believing the holy day is sunday). The journey is coming to an end and its time for us to make up our minds.


    • Dwight Baker says:


      The words you used go far beyond what many understand. For instance: world and earth are not the same: anti-Christ is not just one person:

      You said “People are very distracted from the original source of evil” the evil that is active today in this world order to rule over mankind are Predator Beast. They are all anti-Christ’s. The term anti-Christ simply means to be against God.

      You said. “And I’m afraid that the abundant optimism is away from JESUS CHRIST”, MY TAKE I was born in 1944, I lived in a state of geo-political delirious dilemma’s until the wars began in Iraq. I served the oil and gas industry for over 25 years and did a stellar if not matchless job inventing new tools of the trade that are being used today to protect the workers first and then to cut cost. I knew from my experience and study that the Giant Oil and Gas Treasures under the Caspian Sea were the only reason our Nation went to war.

      Now on that path of study ‘Since retirement’ one tangent of information that lead from the cores of actions has become a challenging quest to discover the truth. I have been a serious student in Biblical studies. I know many of the pitfalls [for the sake of the Holy Roman Catholic Church] that were enshrined in the King James Version. And to that end the simple and logical way to understand what transpired to Jesus simple message is began and not end a study of the first through third centuries.

      I will be happy to help if needed to give out resource material information to aid.

      • Paulo says:

        Do you know of Freedom Force International?
        My comment was just a personal outflow. I am very ignorant, haven’t yet had the courage to read myself the Holy Bible…
        I was an atheist until about 4 months ago, on the path of new age false spiritualism, but I’m just glad now that I’ve understood “where” the the real battle is…

  22. captain says:

    dear paulo , good point , the word HOLOCAUST has been hijacked a long time ago , as if they , who seized it ,had a monopoly on suffering, yet we face nuclear/biological HOLOCAUST every day. let’s not forget that the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION used and paid adolf hitler to implement the jewish EUGENICS PROGRAM – in protest to this hypocracy i adopted the stage name “captain holocaust ” ( im the singer/guitarist of the band MANOMACHINE ) this and our anti nwo music got us banned from performing on many occasions,but we love the confrontational aspect of it . and yes you are so right about the jesuits , my father was in the SS and my brother is a JESUIT .

  23. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Dear Paulo, what i find is our human minds enjoy clicking into preconceived ideas which in essense give the brain a small dopamine jolt. Yes, we know about the Jooish Jesuits and Spain and the Jooish Inquisition but it is much easier to lump it all together under the synagogue of Satan as it is too difficult to always be explaining every detail and every falsehood.

    I’m not sure where you are going with the “Sunday” thing but you are sounding like a 7th Dayer. I am set against the Seven Day Adventers and it’s preconcieved pattern of human thought, which come from a human being and not the Most High. The beast is already in place, it’s head is the communication system and it speaks it’s lies and flasehoods out of it’s mouth (TV) every day and night, it’s body is the economic system of the whole earth. The antichrist will be the final tyrant who will have control over the whole beast system. We do not know if the pope will be an active part of this evil deception or just another patsie to the overall cause. Personnally, i do not think this is so important. The synagogue of Satan will encompass all that sets itself up against the true Christ, including all false RELIGIONS.

    • Paulo says:

      I admit that I’ve been listening a lot from 7th dayers, specially about the prophecies. I’ve listening Walter Veith. But I do not take part on religions, or rites or traditions.
      The mark of the beast being a fact, the sunday becoming a law issue makes a lot of sense. Even more sense than the RFID, that is why I insisted on it.

      I do no believe that will a better year, but HAPPY NEW 2011 TO EVERYONE. And thank you all for insightful opinions! GOD bless you all!

  24. Dwight Baker says:


    No I have not known of Freedom Force International. I looked them up but did not study.

    You mentioned New Age Spiritualism. Good jazzy name but nothing new about their beliefs.

    The sure sign of anyone being a control freak about religion and not in line with a true sane and sanguine philosophy in life is “They want your money”. Run from them as you have and you will be safe from those kinds of Predator Beast.

    Jesus told those in His company “You are in the world but not off it” Meaning the ‘world’ is the evil seditious system that runs this planet and all the people in it. Except for the few that know how to operate under the radar of men and at the same time being a servant to the Great Creative Genius our God.

    Good and evil does exist as we all know but the source of the evil emanates from evil men and women that I call Predator Beast. All people born normal have conscience. Some operate with their conscience as their internal law to do right. However others prey on those people of good conscience who do not protect themselves their family friends and kin.

    So in this great cosmic play that we all choose a part God came as a human Jesus Christ to present the compilation of His Plan. Jesus gave out the keys to Gods Kingdom for all to have a better life now and beyond by following His Simple instructions on being Born Again.

    More later.

    • Della says:

      YES! Money is an energetic thing. Someone offers it, you take it, someone needs it, you give it. It works the same way as love, kindness and respect – th#;8&ee217rs always enough for our needs.. It’s our wants that keep us paralysed in our attitude of poverty because nothing stops the flow of energy like being stuck in fear!

  25. Anita says:

    Great site, lots of articles ressonate with me. (And I especially enjoy how bold Annie Ladysmith is.)
    I am definitely adding this site to my favorites list and spreading it to some friends.
    Keep up with the good work !

  26. captain says:

    howdy anita , welcome to the free thinkers / anything goes / non PC party , this is one of the (maybe the only) site where everyone’s input/opinion is welcome and supported without exception and or prejudice,hell ,i consider annie,dwight & paulo to be my only true friends coz they always go out of their way to share unwaivering support in good times & especially in bad times , enjoy

  27. Dwight Baker says:

    Dear Anita,

    NWO may be the best forum for discussion on the Internet. Many sites that I have used have not been as good as NWO.

    Open-air discussion of the times in which we live is needed. The tragic nature of the nations gone array is disgusting and the many different tentacles used by them must be explained and dissected that all may know the things to avoid and protect themselves from.

    Please come often and offer us your views and your personal study and experiences.


  28. moreno says:

    Keep up with the great “work”!!
    Miss you my friend!

  29. Julie says:

    Great site! I am impressed by all your documentaries I haven’t seen like 80% of them. Guess I’ll have lots of movie nights soon. I started my blog after Bin Laden was declared dead, I felt like I was watching Wag the Dog. Too weird, I don’t buy it. Much like you with 9/11 which took me years to realize that things didn’t add up.

  30. Tarig Anter says:

    Visiting your blog triggers an alarm from my installed PeerBlock version 1.1 indicating that computers from the Central Intelligence Agency with IP numbers and another one called Media Temple number are both trying to reach me.
    What is going on on your blog? and yours in particular that causes these unwelcoming signals.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is going on since you have not updated the site since december 2011?

  32. 4Nv1L says:

    What is going on since you have not updated the site since december 2011?

  33. Hans Aplast says:

    Still alive? Make noise ^^

  34. lee says:

    my first visit to this site – why no new articles since 2011? A lot has been happening..

  35. Koralee says:

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  36. kutukamus says:

    Ha.. ha.. The first thing crossed my mind when seeing that image is, context-wise:
    “The [pile of] Shit and the Pendulum” 😀

  37. DanielNoubY says:

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