Requiem for the Gulf



British Petroleum’s oil spill is latest crime in a criminal history

VIDEO – The Case Against Shell

Chevron, Shell and the True Cost of Oil

Shell ‘played role in activist executions’

DOCUMENTARY: Oil smoke and mirrors (50 min.)

6 Comments on “Requiem for the Gulf”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    This was a terrorist operation by the Mossad controled state of ‘Britain”/BP. It is an act of war that is as bad as Chernoble in its impact on the ecology and economy. War! The people of the entire region will end up in Mossad FEMA camps starving, with healthy adults and children being harvested for vital organs before they die? IS THIS HOW YOU WANT TO DIE??

  2. kiafan says:

    I don’t think this was a terorist attack, but its a huge dissaster in any way!

    Best,Kia Soul fan

  3. […] VIDEO – Requiem for the Gulf […]

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