Video series: The human toll of the BP blowout

First Published: Jun. 29, 2010 – WSWS

The BP blowout has devastated the economy, environment and health of the entire Gulf region. WSWS reporters C. W. Rogers and Andre Damon interviewed residents, small businessmen and environmental and health experts on the Gulf coast and compiled this video report.

Part 1/5 —The economic impact

Part 2/5—The effect on human health

Part 3/5—The social impact

Part 4/5—The environment

Part 5/5—Residents respond to the disaster




BP’s Carnage: Reckless Drilling

British Petroleum’s oil spill is latest crime in a criminal history

VIDEO – Requiem for the Gulf

4 Comments on “Video series: The human toll of the BP blowout”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Genecide, plain and simple, GENOCIDE! Why is a foreign company allowed by the POTUS traitor Jackass, to destroy a great area of America?? The Jackass and BP are working together for Rockefeller Inc. to trash America, and it has begun, don’t think they are going to stop there. People will be taken to FEMA camps and will never be heard of again. Isn’t this all so obvious?? Is it not as clear as crystal?? Make your back-up plan. Don’t want to be crammed into a cattle car and taken to a gulag? Make plans for a retreat and stand now!

  2. […] VIDEO SERIES: The human toll of the BP blowout […]

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