MALI – France Fights for Rothschild Gold

FRENCH TROOPS IN MALI – After six days of aerial attacks, on January 16, 2013, French troops began to engage the Islamist rebels whose advances to the south are threatening to overthrow the unelected military regime – and the Rothschild-owned gold mines.

by Christopher Bollyn
Published: Jan. 19, 2013 –

The real reason for the French military intervention in Mali is to protect the foreign-owned gold mining operations, which produce hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold for the owners per year.

MALI IS ‘GOLD COUNTRY’ – Foreign investors profit from the gold of Mali while its people wallow in poverty.  Nine out of ten people in Mali live in dire poverty and 72 percent of the population survives on less than a dollar a day.  Ninety percent of the Malian population is Muslim. 

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France to pay nuclear test compensation…

Nearly 40 years after the first of its 210 nuclear tests, France is preparing to compensate people affected by the fallout. The move leaves the UK isolated in its policy of rejecting liability for illnesses suffered by test participants, reports Aidan Lewis…

Early in the morning of 13 February, 1960, several thousand French servicemen gathered in the Algerian Sahara to witness “Gerboise Bleue” or “Blue Desert Rat”, an atmospheric nuclear explosion four times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

This was the moment France obtained its nuclear deterrent, to the great joy of the president of the time, Charles de Gaulle.

But the test programme it launched also exposed participants and local populations to potentially lethal radiation.

Both groups claim that they have been plagued by health problems, from aggressive cancers to minor cardio-vascular complaints.

Yet the secrecy surrounding the test programme and the difficulty of scientifically proving a link between radiation and illnesses that often emerged decades later have complicated their struggle for compensation.
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‘French arms sales to Israel, violates EU rules’…

A new study has revealed that France is turning a blind eye to the European Union regulations by exporting arms to Israel.

The EU arms exports regulations obliges all its member states to avoid arms sales that could violate the human rights or exacerbate regional tensions.

Patrice Bouveret from the French Centre for Research on Peace and Conflicts in Lyon who has conducted the study says France is ignoring the EU code of conduct on weapons exports.

The study shows that France has turned into the largest European arms exporter to Israel.

Between 2003 and 2007, France issued licenses worth 623 million dollars (446 million euros) for arms exports to Israel, Inter Press Service (IPS) reported.

According to an investigation conducted by Amnesty International in February, electrical components with “Made in France” written on them were found in the wreckage of buildings destroyed by the Israeli army during the offensive it launched on Gaza late last year.

Bouveret also noted that Israel is trying to boost its military ties with Europe in a move to reduce its traditional reliance on the US.

Source: presstv

Police arrest 300 in Paris riots over economic crisis…

MORE than 300 rioters were arrested in Paris as baton-wielding gangs clashed with police in protests over President Nicolas Sarkozy‘s handling of the financial crisis.

At least 10 police officers were seriously injured in the Place de la Nation, in the east of the French capital, where 85,000 people completed a largely peaceful protest.

Nationally, some three million showed their anger at President Sarkozy.
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