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Documentary – The Great Global Warming Swindle – 2007 – (75 mins.)

Rise of sea levels is ‘the greatest lie ever told’

Documentary – Global Warming or Global Governance? – (83 min.)

David Icke Melbourne April 11th 2009

Part 1 [1/6]

Part 1 [2/6]

Part 1 [3/6]

Part 1 [4/6]

Part 1 [5/6]

Part 1 [6/6]

Part 2 [1/6]

Part 2 [2/6]

Part 2 [3/6]

Part 2 [4/6]

Part 2 [5/6]

Part 2 [6/6]

Part 3 [1/3]

Part 3 [2/3]

Part 3 [3/3]

Obama & Empire: Power, Illusion & America’s Last Taboo


More by John Pilger:

Documentary – The War on Democracy by John Pilger (94 mins.)

Documentary – New Rulers of the World, by John Pilger (53 min.)

Documentary – Palestine is Still the Issue by John Pilger (52 min.)

Documentary – War by Other Means by John Pilger (52 min.)

Presentation: Jordan Maxwell -Basic Slideshow (Hidden Symbols)

Produced in 1990, it covers all of the occult (occult is a latin word which simply means hidden) symbols of the Illuminati as used in organized crime, religious institutions, governmental seals, corporate logos, national coats of arms, and especially occult freemasonry operating behind the Vatican. An extraordinary presentation which provides the fundamentals in understanding who is behind the New World Order. It is recommend that you fully understand the contents of this video before undertaking further research on symbolism.

For further information on Jordan Maxwell, visit his website.

Presentation: John Pilger – Freedom Next Time

 Australian journalist, author, film maker John Pilger speaks about global media consolidation, war by journalism, US military’s quest for domination/hegemony in the post 9/11 era, false history in the guise of ‘objective’ journalism. Filmed in Chicago at Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century by Paul Hubbard. June 16, 2007 Broadcast on Democracy Now – The War and Peace Report – August 7, 2007

Presentation: WE! – Featuring the words of Arundhati Roy…

This presentation examines the widely unregarded worlds of Anthropology and Geopolitics in a very dynamic manner, and is probably stylistically quite unlike any documentary that you have previously seen. It covers the world politics of power, war, corporations, deception and exploitation. It is particularly hard hitting when it comes to the United States and western powers in general. Its unconventional style has proven to be very successful in engaging younger viewers – many of whom find more traditional content dealing with these subjects quite dry and uninteresting. It is almost in the style of a music video, featuring contemporary music (lush, curve, love & rockets, boards of canada, nine inch nails, dead can dance, amon tobin, massive attack, totoise, telepop, placebo and faith less) overlaid with the words of Arundhati Roy, and images of humanity and the world we live in today.

Presentation: Ian R. Crane – The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection…

On Friday 22nd July 2005, Ian Crane opened the Glastonbury Symposium with an analysis of the sinister geopolitical webs that have been spun, resulting in the tragic events of 9/11 and 7/7. Just two weeks after 7/7, Ian’s research already indicated that the official version of the supposed ‘terror’ attacks in London cannot stand up to the scrutiny of research. The subsequent failed attacks on 21/7, the assassination of Jean-Charles Menezes the folowing day and the bombing at Sharm-El-Sheik in Egypt on July 23rd raise even more painful and very disturbing questions. This compilation of two live recordings (Glastonbury – 22nd July & Totnes – 30th August 2005) raises some very important and disturbing questions and is a ‘must see’ for anyone who still holds the view that the events of 9/11 and 7/7 were perpetrated by ‘Muslim fanatics’.

David Icke – Turning of the Tide (1996)

Exposing the real story behind global events, which shape the future of human existence and the world we leave our children. The veil lifts on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation to reveal that the same few people, secret societies and organizations control the daily direction of our lives, & how the same people on apparently different sides of politics are actually connected to the same elite organizations.