Part 1 –  Preparing Americans for Hyperinflation

Part 2 – The Dollar Bubble

Must watch hour long video from that is now making the viral rounds, explaining what everyone on this website understand, in simple language. Please forward to your friends and neighbors. Inflationist or deflationist, the facts behind this video are undeniable. It is time for the truth about our economy to break through the propaganda machine.



Crisis as a Means to Building a Global Totalitarian State

VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse

The Aim of the Financiers: A One-World Government With a One-World Currency

The Planned Global Economic Crisis

DOCUMENTARY – Monopoly Men, Federal Reserve Fraud, 1999 (47 min.)

Auditing The Federal Reserve: What Are The Banksters So Afraid Of…? (With Videos)

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

Be Prepared for the Worst

VIDEO – New World Order Monetary System

The Rich Have Stolen The Economy

9 Comments on “Meltup”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Awh! So good! Makes me feel patriotic again, cry tears, can the 20% keep it from toppling? Can reality be plastic? Thank you for this absolutely great video, Celente’s greatest speech!

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