The Planned Global Economic Crisis

by Andre H. Paris
Published: Nov. 19, 2009 – Pak Alert Press

Stock markets have become nothing more than a world casino. Companies dump dead stock on the average investor after the money has been made. Unless you are working on wall street or have an in on trading, you are not going to make very much. The big money is made at board meetings with simple handshakes and head nods.

Do not buy into what media is telling you, now is not a good time to invest, and now is not a good time to invest in the real estate market. Don’t listen to the commercials, if you want to invest in anything invest in gold and silver. In unstable economic times the world always reverts back to precious metals. We have been trading in precious metals since ancient times.

The collapse was planned in order for those in power to gain control of the middle class of North America. They own the developing countries already. There is no such thing as a jobless economic recovery. When the news is telling you there is economic recovery going on it is a lie. Canada lost 43.000 jobs over October. Canada has a high dollar right now yes, but do not be fooled. There is no job growth, no GDP, the manufacturers are wanting to leave the country or outsource because they cannot turn a profit. The dollar is too high. The Canadian government as well as many other governments around the world are trying to stop inflation by buying up American dollars or American debt in order to keep their own country from going under.

Wall Street banksters have high jacked America, they are in bed with the Whitehouse directing their puppet Obama on every single financial move he makes. They will keep their bonuses you better believe that. One stimulus package hasn’t worked, as the unemployment rate is stated to be over 10% by the media but it is realistically more like 17%. With another stimulus package on the way the American economy is only dying a slower death. When the stimulus packages of borrowed money backed by no gold run out it is over. The game is done. The second stimulus package needs to be put in place in order to keep the panic down. Once the holiday spending statistics come out people will see the truth. You cannot buy gifts in a debt hole of an economy if you don’t have a job!

The leaders of the world met for the APEC meeting in Singapore recently. Those in power are disgusting when to let the public know that they have stopped using the American dollar as a world currency. Russia China and the middle east do not trade in the American dollar any longer. The news media just hasn’t said anything in order to avoid panic. China holds trillions of American debt, they have been buying American dollars in order to keep inflation out of their country. China is fed up and knows the collapse is inevitable, they have begun buying up as much gold as possible and dumping the dead American dollar. Essentially investing in their own country for once instead of all these years of holding up America.

All of this means that a collapse is going to happen. The elites Cause, reaction, solution model is a follows. The cause was the huge debt bubble of fraudulent credit and mortgages that was dangled in front of the American people. The reaction is a global panic as well as a mass dumping of the American dollar when they realized it can never be paid back. The solution they will provide for us is a one world bank system broken down into four regions headed by one central source.

All that is meant to be, will be. The best thing you can do is get out of debt! Buy what you need not what you want. Detach from the consumerist “gotta have it” mentality. When you don’t owe them anything they don’t own you. We are moving back to a time of sustainability. Practical us of the resources around us is the true meaning of wealth. Abundance is abound in nature.

Do not be fooled by the economic goings on, it was planned by the people in power as a way of enslaving us even more. All they are doing right now is trying to get us to buy into their plan, literally, to totally suck us dry before the bottom falls out for good. David Suzuki once said with nature gone would economic survive or With economics gone would nature survive? We will not be fooled any longer. To see the game is to be free, to love is to feel security and to live.




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