Deliberate Economic Collapse



The Aim of the Financiers: A One-World Government With a One-World Currency

The Planned Global Economic Crisis

VIDEO – New World Order Monetary System

Crisis as a Means to Building a Global Totalitarian State

DOCUMENTARY – Fall Of The Republic by Alex Jones (Full Movie HQ)

Auditing The Federal Reserve: What Are The Banksters So Afraid Of…? (With Videos)

DOCUMENTARY – The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America (210 min.)

Who Are The Illuminati?

13 Comments on “Deliberate Economic Collapse”

  1. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  2. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  3. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  4. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  5. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  6. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

  7. MarvLS1 says:

    “Ordo ad chao” is the motto of the freemasons. It means “order out of chaos.”

    All the disasters in the world, disease, earthquakes, weird weather, economic problems, nuclear accidents, etc. are all either being intentionally created or exacerbated (using scalar technology in the case of earthquakes and weather, and other phony government programs and policies) by governments as controlled by the Illuminati as controlled by Satan.

    The purpose is to depopulate the earth through disaster, famine, etc. to make it easier for the Antichrist to assume power over the earth, which has been Satan’s goal since Eden.

    Rev. 11:18 speaks of Christ coming to destroy “those who destroy the earth.”

    We are in the Last Days. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon!

  8. […] VIDEO – Deliberate Economic Collapse […]

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