Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Published: Aug. 31, 2010 – You Tube

This is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age, the one that awaits us.



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9 Comments on “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Facts do not support the strict foundations for TRUTH
    By Dwight Baker
    September 13, 2010

    Stories are told tales are spun out and the one thing missing often times is the clear INTENT. Today the unambiguous intent is not regularly sought for and when finding not divulged if the intent goes against the Political mainstream. And intent is very important in going to the bottom line of understanding matters issues and people.

    Therefore let us look at the economic crisis from the root cause.

    Actuary is a term not often used. Yet behind the scenes there have been calculated what each segment of our population is worth. Also as personal work has turned into cash or the equivalent there have been those that designed ways to steal. An Example:

    1. The Credit Card industry [Big Banks] for a time issued credit cards to college students and allowed many of them to run up the cards to the max. Knowing the parents would be willing to pay off when their students credit would be ruined if not.
    2. How did that happen? [Big Banks] knew that many parents had equity in their homes and they could get another loan to pay off the credit card companies.

    The next thing that actuaries have and we do not is what is the real worth of America. How much money goes into our treasury and how much goes out. And where does that money come from and who gets paid. Simple math would reveal how really wealthy We the People are.

    The Rothschild family has about $600 trillion in gold. Would any of us agree to sell our America for that amount? Now if we did where would we move? America is far more than money it is our way of life. How many have considered the Facts that do not support the strict foundations for TRUTH being told to each day about how bad our economy is? Most folks that are or pretend to be wise will have a plan for redemption. What is the cure? Most of us know but few are willing to join hand to hand with others and get it done.

    We are under attack by the World Banking Elite. They have been in control for a very long time. We know the facts about that and it is the TRUTH.
    The big shot bankers are Wicca pagan they have proved that time and time again in what they do and what they are and what their plans are for the worlds population.

    I submit clear your mind of how bad things are said to be. And sit back and do an inventory of what America is worth. It will be a study worth doing and when through you will see as I did our value is more than all the gold in the world and our land is the best there is.

    To change our America now is very simple. We need to clear the cobwebs out. That means that all laws that have been passed since the inception of our Constitution and Bill or Rights that are wrong today must go off the books. That means that many of the Laws that are Political pets would get the axe. How hard would that be to do? It would take some time and effort and a core group of Civilian Envoys to oversee the workings as it went along. And it grand departure a voice and vote from the people would be needed. And with our communication system as it is today that can be done.

    What is needed is a group of concerned caring citizens willing to take on the task! But that takes commitments and few today understand what that means.

  2. Annie Ladysmith says:

    More of a planned scenario than a series of critical code blue economic events. Well planned and carried out by the Tribe who are in control of most governments and all central banks.

    It is an ingenious way to get complete control of the whole world by this manufactured economic collapse, creating a complete world wide depression resulting in poverty, famine, and death and then of course totalitarian control of everyone alive on the earth.

    Who wants this kind of control over the whole earth? Who wants to put a mark/chip on every person great or small? Better figure it out, it is already late in the day.

    I have to say what a great bunch of idiots American presidents have been, except for Andrew Jackson and J. Kennedy. Line up their mug shots and it is amazing what a group of utter losers they all were/are. They just look like the morons they actually were/are. How can such a great country (until this present time) have such wankers for leaders. It is no wonder we are in such a mess!

    I am so disgusted! So many men in positions of great power and not one brave soul among the lot to sound the alarm that the wolves are ripping us apart. So many wanker, useless politicians, doing nothing but sitting on their asses taking bribes from the Tribe. They all just make me sick, my cat has more mettle and integrity.

  3. Não se pode dizer que a próxima crise será feita com paus e pedras.

  4. Marcellus says:

    The fact that we are in this together makes the current local and global situation so extremely troublesome and dangerous. During the past decades, the world has increasingly become one big supply chain, consisting of many chains. The problem with supplies chains however is, that if one mayor chain fails the whole set of chains will ultimately come to a stand still or at best run significantly slower. Ideally, economies in a global network should be more or less in line with each other and self correct speed if chains run out of line. Otherwise you create multiple chains within the system that run a different speeds, as seems to be the case right now. The big question is, which chain will stop or break first and what will be the consequences?

    If this scenario unfolds, and it probably will, this will most likely turn us into a world full of chaos and turmoil, where money will lose its value rapidly and asset value will be destroyed on a massive scale. And on top of that, it is not unlikely that social unrest or worse will follow and that is something we really should be worried about. A supertanker running wild at open water can only hurt itself and its crew, but this is a beast that is alive on land, in the middle of highly populated areas.

    We may compare the current Western economic system with a puzzle that is too big to fit into the framework that it was originally designed for. Unless governments and business leaders from various sectors all over the world are willing to face these problems and potential threats, we may be able to avert the out of control ship to enter the harbour at full speed. It requires global admittance of the situation we are in, open transparent discussion and the willingness to work collectively on constrictive and consistent global solutions.

    A global solution may indeed be a new world order, but not according to the same old rules. A new world order can only be a solution if several mayor economies take part in it, rules and regulations have been clearly and measurably defined and old structures and power houses are completely broken down and build up from the ground. We only have one planet, so we need global solutions that support sustainable growth, stability, fair distribution of wealth and continuity. The current systems and the definitions being used are simply not robust enough to help us out. Greed and self interest should become measurable and punishable, while integrity, honesty, sustainability and trust should be rewarded. Let’s hope common sense will prevail.

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  6. […] VIDEO – Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis […]

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