Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects



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The curse of Fallujah: Women warned not to have babies because of rise in birth defects since U.S. operation

9 Comments on “Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects”

  1. WebByte says:

    Politicians and generals cannot realize that this will have world wide effect eventually.

    This problem shall leak into the whole human race. It is not going away by itself.

    Too many people make decisions that have an influence on the whole human race.

    It is time for the human race to realize what affects one affects all. Good or bad is in common with us all.

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  3. […] VIDEO – Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects […]

  4. […] VIDEO – Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects […]

  5. […] VIDEO – Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects […]

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