Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO)

Published: May, 10, 2010 – Huffington Post

A large and growing number of Iraqi children are suffering from severe birth defects, as shown in the heartbreaking CNN segment embedded below, and their parents blame alleged U.S. chemical-weapons attacks.

Lawyers representing the families have sued the British government for complicity in the alleged war crimes. But Iraq’s deputy minister of health tells CNN there isn’t enough evidence to prove causality, and in any case, the U.S. boycott of the International Criminal Court makes direct prosecution of the case unlikely, as do the nation’s federal immunity laws.

Please WATCH the CNN segment in its entirety:

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/10/fallujah-birth-defects-ra_n_571119.html



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8 Comments on “Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO)”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Pick any subject in the news today!
    By Dwight Baker
    May 11, 2010

    Eagles Eye View Aiming at Issues for We the People Advocates

    When this arrived early today, I was in the midst of working on solutions for the out of control disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the actions or inactions of the officials in control of BP.

    My first reaction was justifiable disgust — then when viewing and listening to the people of Iraq that used to have a normal livable life before the Bush Bunch invaded them using our Empire of arsenals to destroy all in our path, I sat for a bit and pondered, what can I do?

    Maybe you too, have seen the horrors that are out there.

    Now the root of the terrors that are on every street corner where we live and in the Press all around is UN-TRUTHS OR LIES. In this situation our Pentagon lies and lies then goes on as if NO ONE is looking in and in their ways of doing business has NO RIGHT TOO. As long as our Congress gives them money to blow they will continue to use every bit of their power to keep wars going on—for that is their business and will be until we take back from them the power to do so.

    Yet for us to do that will require the Rule of Law held in our Bill of Rights and Constitution to became an enforcer. And that is something we have not at this time.

    Now what can be done for those infants BORN WRONG?

    Now what can we do to stop all these evil things done during our time on this Earth by our USA military.

    Each and every day send out e-mails that proclaim to all you know and all of the press you can get e-mail addresses.

  2. Annie Ladysmith says:

    These CNN people are just idiots! “the cause is unknown but ‘weapons’ used during the ‘war’ (what is actually a genocide) are suspected”.

    It is a known fact that it is the deadly DEPLETED URANIUM that is causing these miscarriages and unbelievably horrible birth defects. DU never goes away, it’s nuclear half life is a million years, or close to a million years, maybe 2 million.

    The US government needs to fly all the kids, that have any hope of being helped, to children’s hospitals all over America, with their parents, and have the best paid specialists in orthopedics and plastic surgery help to fix what they can.

    Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld need to have some DU shells shoved up a place where the sun dosn’t shine. DU is being used in a war of genecide because unlike cluster bombs and fuel air bombs it justs keeps on killing.

    DU in an enviroment is a death sentence to anything alive with a severity that only increases over time. The radiation exposure damage to the body CANNOT be reversed. There is no solution to this problem, once released it’s evil sallies forth, getting everywhere in dust storms up into the atmosphere even damaging the Van Allen Belts.

    It destroys DNA, it destroys life. All the US troops who served in Iraq also got exposed FOREVER, bringing it home in their urine and semen to contaminate everyone around them. In effect, killing two armies simultaneously.

    DU in 1996 became an illegal weapon under international law and is considered by all sane humans to be a crime against humanity, a war crime, but we see that the Globalists get away with genecide. It was also used in the Balkan-Serbian war by the US with all the resulting problems that Iraq is suffering.

    We can only conclude that DU was used to kill the Iraqi ‘insurgents’, devastate the civilian population, destroy the enviroment, and completely devastate the economy so that the oil can be stollen without a wimper. Because, who cares what they do with the oil when all you see is your little child slowly, hideously, dying before you eyes.

    Conclusion; when DU is used is with forethought and planning for it is common knowledge how terribly deadly it is to human life. It is a war crime, plain and simple. Great video: Beyond Treason tells the whole story.

    CNN can shove it. They play at reporting “the real story” while never telling a word of truth. If people listened to CNN they would think, “what a terrible thing, what a mystery”. CNN has been bought out, they are censored on all levels.

  3. […] Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO) […]

  4. […] Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO) […]

  5. […] Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO) […]

  6. […] Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO) […]

  7. […] Fallujah Birth Defects Raise Specter Of U.S. Chemical-Weapons Use In Iraq (VIDEO) […]

  8. OVDI says:

    Prijatelju ŽeljkoSlučajeve poput tvog ne razmatramo na ovom blogu, probaj se obratiti CZSS oni imaju puno razumijevanja za takve slučajeve.Pozdrav!

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