by Jim Kirwan
Published: Sep. 30, 2009 –

“There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit.” [The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman]. This is what is at stake between Sanctuary and the now-guarded CROSSROADS of our lives.

For centuries now a very small group that thinks of themselves as Utopians have been trying to create their own version of Utopia. But Utopia’s have had many faces from the overwrought masks of Fascist Empires to the failures that began as Hippie communes, because there can be no-such-thing as a true Utopia on this planet.

This Old World Order that is now calling themselves the New World Order envisioned a total revitalization of the planet, in order to create what they foresaw as the perfect society. The problem is that in their version they would own all the money and all the power and ‘if they get their way’ there will only be about 1.5 billion people on the entire earth as opposed to the current 6.5 billion plus. This, for them, would be the optimum number of slaves needed to service all their needs, and would be a number sufficiently small to enable their total and absolute control over everyone-forever!

These plans were laid very long ago and have undergone many revisions as they have continued to suck the life-blood from the planet throughout two world wars and a dozen or so minor but prolonged ‘actions’ that continue to this day under the banner of the “The War on Terror.”

If we go back to the beginnings of this idiotic scheme to steal the world, we can see that it was hatched in a world that was more than just viable-it was a world that functioned on a myriad of levels and occupations as well as cultures amid hundreds of nation-states that catered to the needs of their own people. In the course of instituting this New Inquisition that was required to erode the world as it was, and turn it into the nightmare that it has become, a great many things had to be destroyed and even the rubble from those continuing war-crimes had to be recycled to enable their myth of total control over the whole of the earth. We have now reached The Point-of-No-Return; that place where we either defeat these Deluded-Barbarians everywhere, or surrender to them and die in that process. This is what is meant by “Stalemate.”

In our dim past smaller nations prided themselves upon self-sufficiency, and a familiar way of life. After WWII, all of that began to change in favor of mega-multinational corporations and under the slogan of ‘Bigger is Always Better,” The War-For-Privatization-of-the Planet was begun. Today we are in the final chapters of this idiotic festival of greed and perverted power, and yet we have scarcely even begun to count our losses. Plants and animals as well as parts of the Human Genome have been patented; our water and our food are undergoing privatization now, just as our air and soil has become so toxic that it is becoming impossible to live: all of this is directly attributable to the unchecked greed inherent in raw Capitalism run amuck. Yet this could not have happened if people had stood firmly against this rape of the planet and the surrender of the population to a culture devoid of purpose, and almost completely converted from actual citizens of any nation, to mindless consumers of everything from drugs to political Doublespeak that no sane person would ever believe.

The ending of this farce involves reducing everything into single ownership status from banks to airlines, from media to political parties: Very soon there will be only one of everything we all must one-day use. They’re concept says that bigger is better because of buying power and simplified acquisitions that are suppose to make everything that is produced both cheaper and better. But in practice this has created a global slave-trade in everything from human flesh and body parts to the literal garbage that gets sold as real products but that need no warranties; because they become useless long before they should. Only the damage these practices do to the planet and to the human species have a lasting effect.

We are now removing mountain tops to get at the filth that is coal, because when Cheney negotiated his secret US energy policies for the world in 2001, Coal was favored instead of being by-passed; and the same is true for nuclear power plants, over the more efficient solar and wind power that were ignored. All of this was presaged much earlier when Hemp was outlawed so that the plastics industry could flourish; and now we have man-made islands in our oceans of all that waste that will never get recycled.

These same polices of waste and massive profits for the elites gutted the regulations that required a clean water supply, and air that we all could breathe, without fear of being poisoned. But the market decisions went always to the corporations and to their precious and clueless shareholders: The planet and the continued survival of all the life upon it-be damned!

Among the very long wish list of the New World Order was a basic desire for absolute control over everything and everyone that did not belong to that tiny club of elites. But when they laid these plans the USA was a monetary and industrial powerhouse in the world. Its citizens had jobs and retirement benefits, incomes of all types, along with the kind of personal-security that allowed its people to prosper and to grow. They also had numerous acquired valuables and possessions that the Barbarians very much coveted: All of which made this nation a place to be desired; and one that must be OWNED outright, because unless they conquered the US completely they would always have to worry that one day the American public might just realize what had happened and wake up to the fact that they need to begin to kill them all. So far, at least for the last nine years, the public has only met every new invasion, every new insult with SILENCE.

But this might soon begin to change as the Darth-Vader militarized police forces now loose in this land, might just go too far and succeed in unifying the disparate self-concerned sloths that we’ve become-so that something like an actual rebellion might just begin to happen? Many seriously doubt that this could ever happen, which is why there has been so little reaction so far.

But the reality is that people everywhere are far more alike in everything we do or think or dream about, than we are actually different from each another-something that the NWO has been working very hard to keep out of everyone’s view. Racism, religious prejudice, hatreds of all kinds are encouraged; including battles between the sexes along with self-loathing-literally every negative thing or thought has been thrown into the mix wholesale-solely to keep people apart from each other because they are much easier to conquer if we are isolated from our normal societies. Once the public realizes just how many problems we share with everyone else that is ‘just trying to survive,’ then we might just come to single-out our common enemy led by the bankers and the politicians, whom we know and By the Illuminati and the Zionists that are pulling all the strings in this puppet show that is trying to bring down the final curtain on our world.

“Can we do this” is NOT the Question. “When will be begin to add up what’s been done to every one of us-and decide for ourselves-just how much longer we are going to keep silent about the enslavement of everything we say we hold dear and weigh the reality of surrender they are demanding?

This very temporary condition that could be seen as a Stalemate will not last long, because the engines that drove the “Just-in-Time-Economy” have already died. We could have forced this to happen long ago if we had just stopped buying junk; but too many believed their politicians-having failed to realize that Politicians are professional liars, thieves, and in many cases murders (not patriots) that are in office just to make huge profits that have nothing whatever to do with the lives or deaths of their so-called constituents. Politicians and lobbyists are the enemies of prosperity and of everything that would promote balance or real growth for the society as a whole. They are just Pretenders at the public-trough, gangsters that are simply known by other names, and are artificially-dignified by the filthy-rich that own them outright! Now their various schemes are all becoming clear, so there is no longer any reason for anyone to pretend that they really still have a job: because what we have become are wage-slaves that serve our sentences at the pleasure of the far-too-wealthy. Lose the thought that you have a life; then ask yourself if this is something you can continue to tolerate any longer? We were all born free and each of us has a mind of our own ­ so why don’t we begin to use these gifts to free ourselves of this totally insane situation?

Below are some of the more recent outrages and suggestions that you might want to look at or read-but please do not stop with absorbing the information-use your own imagination and begin to get creative, before that too is outlawed!


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4 Comments on “Stalemate”

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  2. Proud Israeli Jew says:

    Jim Kirwan, I agree with 99% of what you say about the Illuminati and their plans. It is an alarming and sinister plot being hatched in the halls of the elite.

    However, to cite “Zionists” without qualification or proof, is reckless and unfair to us Jews who are also being victimized by this.

    In your article you say ” Racism, religious prejudice, hatreds of all kinds are encouraged; including battles between the sexes along with self-loathing-literally every negative thing or thought has been thrown into the mix wholesale-solely to keep people apart from each other”

    It appears you are doing a bit of the same thing, trying to isolate a group of people without any justification. My next question to you is, to what end? We know why the Illuminati is doing it, but whats YOUR reason? Anti-Antisemitism? Bigotry?

    It seriously questions your credibility and motivation when you cite “Zionism” as an ally or co-conspirator of the Illuminati.

    I assume your reference to “Zionist”, indirectly suggesting a Jewish involvement, is due to the fact that one of the 13 Illuminati families involved, the Rothchilds, that you call this a “Zionist” connection.

    The Jewish families involved in Illuminati are rejecting of any Jewish heritage and it is common knowledge that the Illuminati are accepting of Lucifer. Jews have in the biblical past as well as present, rejected Lucifer or Satan and view them as evil entities.

    For you to use one family out of 13 as an example of Zionist involvement in this sinister Illuminati plot, is irresponsible because you suggest a whole race of people are involved. Where are your Zionist connection proof? Where is your Jewish race connection?

    Otherwise, your article explains the Illuminati and its goals quite honestly. Its just too bad you decided to mention to the reader the Zionist involvement without background or proof. I hope you will correct this in the future.

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