Biological Engineering for Money and World Government

by Anders
Published: Sep. 08, 2009 –

Abstract A cartel of Rockefeller-affiliated producers of genetically modified (GM) seed is taking over the U.S. crop market and puts the EU under pressure to give in, as well. There is resistance because of poorer profitability. Furthermore, farmers have to sign a charter of conditions, including that they will not deliver GM grain to independent research, which is forbidden.  But already for 2010 Rockefeller-affiliated Monsanto´s fee is to go up by 42% due to  postulates of higher returns of a new product! GM crops can not be used for sowing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and presidents are partners of this corruption. What is worse, animal studies show that GM diet is deadly. Even human health and lives are threatened, i.a. because these spray-free GM crops producing or requiring huge amounts of pesticides about to eradicate bees. The goal is to have world monopoly on plant production put into Rockefeller´s hands. For, as Rockefeller-friend, Henry Kissinger, said: “He who controls food supply is in  control of people. Who controls people governs the world.” This is the New World Order´s goal.

Monsanto-I-want-youI have previously written about the dangers and manipulations by especially Rockefeller-affiliated Monsanto to enforce Gene Modified Organism (GMO) food on us Europeans and here – and I have described the  Monsanto´s Gestapo methods they have used in the USA and Canada against farmers. French researchers have found a lethal effect by GMO food to rats fed on a Monsanto GMO maize diet. Here is more about this emormous fraud and bribery monkey business with the seed of evil, as it is called in India, since no seed corn can be had from the Monsanto “terminator” seed. It must be bought with Monsanto every year and has driven thousands of poor farmers unable to buy new seed with Monsanto to commit suicide. Here you can read about the complicated relations between Rockefeller-affiliated Monsanto and the US Department of Agriculture´s Delta & Pine Land and their endeavours to control the food supply of the world – and thus the people of the world. Nevertheless the EU has approved Monsanto GMO human food in the EU after massive US pressure to the EU by i.a. Bill Clinton and Al Gore!!!  But it is apparently not enough for the New World Order power and money maniacs.
Consider this alarming statement: “Some genetically-manipulated crops are changed so that they produce their own high levels of pesticides. For example, genetically-manipulated ‘Bt’ crops have been shown to emit very high levels of toxins.” Such genetically modified plants result in at least 1000 times more Bt toxin per acre than a heavy application of Bt sprayed directly on the plants does.  Consumption of plants with the “Bt gene” (such as non-organic corn and corn-based sweeteners) may lead to serious health problems after long-term ingestion. High concentrations of Bt are also toxic to beneficial insects (bees). One genetically engineered soybean was found to cause serious allergic reactions, and bacteria genetically engineered to produce large amounts of the food supplement, tryptophan, have produced toxic contaminants that killed 37 people and permanently disabled 1,500 more according to The New England J. Med 688 (1994), Tibtech 12:364 . The general dangers of GMO can be seen here.

EurActiv 12 May 2006 The World Trade Organisation has confirmed a ruling against the EU in a case brought by the US and other nations against a de facto moratorium on genetically modified products.  It may affect the way that the EU deals with GMOs in the future. New, more permissive rules on GMOs were introduced in 2004 partly to address concerns brought forward by the EU’s adversaries in the trade dispute. The report also criticises GMO bans still in place in Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Greece, in spite of the EU’s new system of rules. The Commission has repeatedly tried to lift those bans, but failed to do so because of procedural loopholes (see ‘Issues’ in ‘Europe’s biotech bans in WTO firing line’). In April 2006, the Commission made a number of proposals to address these issues.

GMfoods_deesOne of the great mysteries surrounding the spread of GMO plants around the world since the first commercial crops were released in the early 1990’s in the USA and Argentina has been the absence of independent scientific studies of possible long-term effects of a diet of GMO plants on humans or even rats. Now it has come to light the real reason. The GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and others prohibit independent research.

 Global Research 29 July  As a precondition to buy seeds, either to plant for crops or to use in research study, Monsanto and the gene giant companies must first sign an End User Agreement with the company. For the past decade, the period when the greatest proliferation of GMO seeds in agriculture has taken place, Monsanto, Pioneer (DuPont) and Syngenta require anyone buying their GMO seeds to sign an agreement that explicitly forbids that the seeds be used for any independent research.  Most alarming, scientists are prohibited from examining whether the genetically modified crops lead to unintended side-effects either in the environment or in animals or humans.The only research which is permitted to be published in reputable scientific peer-reviewed journals are studies which have been pre-approved by Monsanto and the other industry GMO firms.

 The entire process by which GMO seeds have been approved in the United States, beginning with the proclamation by then President George H.W. Bush in 1992, on request of Monsanto, that no special Government tests of safety for GMO seeds would be conducted because they were deemed by the President to be “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO seeds, has been riddled with special interest corruption. Former attorneys for Monsanto were appointed responsible in EPA and FDA for rules governing GMO seeds as but one example and no Government tests of GMO seed safety to date have been carried out. All tests are provided to the US Government on GMO safety or performance by the companies themselves such as Monsanto. Little wonder that GMO sounds to positive and that Monsanto and others can falsely claim GMO is the “solution to world hunger.”

WA Today 12 Aug. 2009 Greenpeace said on Wednesday the Western Australian public had been kept in the dark about a review into the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act and called for an extension of the deadline for public submissions.
Members of the public have until Friday to comment on the legislation review, after the period for submissions began on July 17.
Greenpeace campaigner Louise Sales said it was obvious the government was trying to keep its policy hush-hush. “The introduction of GM crops would dramatically change the face of agriculture in Western Australia,” Ms Sales said. “Yet the government has barely publicised its current review of its Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act and has given the public just four weeks to lodge submissions.” Ms Sales said the introduction of GM crops in WA could cause a dramatic drop in exports, similar to what had happened in Canada.

Bloomberg 13 aug. 2009 Aug. Monsanto Co., the world’s largest seed maker, plans to charge as much as 42 percent more for new genetically modified seeds next year than older offerings because they increase farmers’ output.
The new soybeans, which resist Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, produce 7.4 percent more soybeans per acre than the older version. SmartStax kills insects in multiple ways, reducing the amount of conventional corn that must be planted to deter insecticide resistance.
“SmartStax pricing is higher than we initially expected,” Vincent Andrews, a New York-based analyst at Morgan Stanley, said today in a report. Monsanto shares have gained 19 percent this year.

Acreage Forecasts. SmartStax corn seed will be planted on as many as 4 million acres in 2010, its first year on the market, with a potential for as many as 65 million acres in the U.S. eventually, the company said. Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean seeds were planted on 1.5 million acres this year and will be planted on as many as 8 million acres next year in the U.S. with a potential to one day reach 55 million acres, Monsanto said.

Here is a survey by Jeffrey Smith of the “Genetic Roulette” of documented diseases associated with GMO: Practically ever organ in mice was sick.  

Institute for Responsible Technology 2008  Decreasing crops due to GMO
Herbicide tolerant crops generally lower average yields.
As elsewhere, US farmers had expected higher yields with Roundup Ready soybeans, but independent studies confirm a yield loss of 4-11%. Brazilian soybean yields are also down since Roundup Ready varieties were introduced. In Canada, a study showed a 7.5% lower yield with Roundup Ready canola rapeseed.

Gmo-round-upOveruse of Roundup has is causing a huge problem of weeds that are resistant to its active ingredient glyphosate. Herbicide use in the US was up 138 million pounds in the first nine years after GM crops were introduced. That increase is accelerating, with approximately 120 million more pounds used in years 10 and 11. As weeds fail to respond to Roundup, farmers rely on more toxic pesticides. Over the past two years, for example, use of the highly toxic 2,4-D was up by 237% in the US.

The Canadian NFU flatly states, “The claim that GM seeds make our farms more profitable is false.” Net farm incomes in Canada plummeted since the introduction of GM canola, with the last five years being the worst in Canada’s history. The average GM crop reduces yield. Even a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2006 report stated that “currently available GM crops do not increase the yield potential of a hybrid variety. . . . In fact, yield may even decrease if the varieties used to carry the herbicide tolerant or insect-resistant genes are not the highest yielding cultivars.”

Jeffrey Smith, the Huffington Post 28 Nov, 2008.   Advocates continue to repeat that GMOs are needed to feed the world; now the prestigious International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development has joined a long list of experts who flatly reject GMOs as the answer to hunger.

EU Commission (10-year old results) GM crops do not prove to be significantly more profitable than conventional counterparts. The Farm Gate Nov. 2008: “For non-GMO beans with a $520 gross, net revenue is $415 with one post emergent application and $394 with two. The least profitable system is the RoundupReady 2 Yield beans with a $450 gross and a $319 net for one post emergent application and $302 for two applications.”

Gmo-træBloomberg 29 Aug. 2009: Monsanto’s genetics, which were first sold in herbicide- tolerant soybeans in 1996 and insect-resistant corn the following year, were used in 88 percent of the world’s 309 million acres of biotech plantings last year. Monsanto’s sales of seeds and genetics quadrupled since 2002 to $6.4 billion last year. Monsanto’s modified corn and soybean seeds are priced to grab as much as half the increased income farmers realize from higher yields and lower pest-control costs.
Engineered eucalyptus trees could be an ecological disaster, bringing increased fire risk and extraordinary water consumption to a new environment” Easier-to-pulp trees will be weak, and hurricanes will spread their pollen and contaminate native forests, he said. “These are Frankenforests,” Carman said. ArborGen may charge 20 times more for its engineered trees than its cheapest seedlings and two to three times more than its best conventional products as it claims a share of the revenue landowners gain from growing high-quality wood faster.
ArborGen next plans to seek U.S. approval to sell loblolly pine, used for lumber and paper, engineered to mature in just 18 years.

Now, medical bioengineering with exchange of sick parts of an egg can be used to avoid hereditary diseases.
Thereby, the track would seem open to genetically procuce mass figures, who are uncritically obedient to the communist ideology and here of the New World Order. Although, of course, one must say that such a change has already been achieved today.
Anything technically possible will be exploited by the persons with money and organisation to use it. When  – as is mostly the case, if the invention is important – these organisations belong to the rascals of the New World order, progress is turned into deadly weapons against mankind. As Henry Kissinger stated in 1974 food can be used as a weapon against peoples, if they do not obey the orders of the New World Order. And he also said that by means of food you can control peoples and who controls peoples controls the world.



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