Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society…

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16 Comments on “Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society…”

  1. […] Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society… […]

  2. […] VIDEO – Interview with Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society… […]

  3. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society […]

  4. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society […]

  5. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society […]

  6. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society […]

  7. Alex Hunter says:

    Excellent site/work!!!
    I’m plugging it on YouTube, my forums, email, etc.
    and I subscribed right away as I am sure many others will, too.
    I just saw an excellent ’76 lecture (1 -> 5 ten minute clip series) last night by A. Sutton (on the mattyfattypatty YouTube channel) in which he states that our opportunity for freedom/a fair and equitable future lies in the complete loss of official credibility he has done so much to expose – providing everything we state remains absolutely correct. He goes on to say that if we make one mistake our enemies will never let us forget about it/it will be curtains and to avoid the impulse to overstate and embellish our case.
    Prof Sutton is/was such a brave, decent, valuable and significant person in the fight for freedom from this multi generational, ruthless, ruling group global/universal domination agenda that he is now rapidly becoming an icon for the Truth & Freedom Movements.
    I am an artist, activist, writer and filmmaker and, if his wife/children approve, will be making up T – shirts that promote his life, work and books (if you like I’ll send you a few when they are done). I will also tell matty about your site straight away as there was a request regarding A Sutton material on the channel.
    As he said our freedom is not going to come cheaply. Of course the cost/consequences of prolific public speaking, investigative journalism, filmmaking, whistleblowing, activism and even gathering and protesting peacefully has skyrocketed since the days when Prof Sutton was threatened for making official/government secrets public.
    When speaking out we must stick together and support one another now more than ever before and we must be prepared for anything from outright ‘legal’, police and ‘intelligence’ agency action such as escalating threats, intimidation and arrest to financial, electronic/technological sabotage, harassment, stalking, censorship to individual, group and mass biological and electronic psysiological attack.
    The Truth does set us free. At least we know what we are up against now.
    I urge anyone reading this to take up the torch from all of those who fell fighting for what they thought was our freedom and democracy when in actuality it was merely psychopathic ruling class “Risk”.
    We shall not forsake their suffering, senseless and unnecessary deaths…
    I urge those who visit this site to donate whatever they can and stand together brothers and sisters all; for if we are rapidly moving from the info stage to total war.
    If we are to leave any human legacy here on Earth, let’s not let it be the worst, most arrogant, greedy, twisted, psychopathic and parasitic example of humanity – for God’s sake!

    Yours, in Solidarity

    Alex Hunter (CCWW/ACWW)
    The Canadian/American Coalition
    of the Walking Wounded
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    jokertattooo (YouTube)

    • captain says:

      dear alex hunter like yourself im also an artist , as a musician/songwriter/producer/soundengineer i have total artistic freedom over my output which i and the fans consider to be anti nwo rock , i met sutton in west berlin in the early 80s in a venue bar where he spoke about self publishing (at that time he gave up on public appearances) we spoke for several hours before coz there were no other people around and believe you me the fact that he spoke to me (i was teenage punk rocker) with utter dignity and respect about these matters changed my life forever,what the public don’t know is that he also had such a wicked and witty sense of humour my belly hurt from laughing so hard for days,if you are making antony sutton world rescue tour t-shirts please let me know i’d be so grateful ,thanks.

  8. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Propaganda is EVERYWHERE! I have never listened to any of these “insiders” talk about Skull and Bones that were not lying through their teeth. I guarantee this is a plant, and has been a plant for a very long time. O! People! Do you believe everything you hear because it sounds CLOSE to the truth??? That is deception at its best. No one does it like this guy! The Skull and Bones is a bull shit false trail going NOWHERE. It is static, it tickles your fancy, while cutting your throat. It is not Wall Street, it is not the Bolsheviks, it is not the Skull and Bones, false trails spread the world over to leed into the wilderness, where, you will die.

  9. captain says:

    dear i know exactly what you mean but i met him and he was very sincere and i have *seen” his soul,he knew damn well,as we do,what/who is behind it all why do you think he withdrew from all public engagement because he knew if he would speak the ugly truth it would be considered academic & professional suicide and he felt that he had to protect his family from them.what he says and writes is rather like the “breadcrumbs” in hänsel&gretel especially regarding the bolshevik revolution,you see the only reason i came to the same conclusion as you have is because i followed his “breadcrumbs”.i don’t listen to people,i “feel” them,im here because i can “feel” that i belong to this community, isn’t that one of the things THEY want to rob us of,our ability to intuitively know certain truths without intellectual deduction?

  10. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society […]

  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. […] VIDEO – Interview – Professor Antony Sutton on the Skull and Bones secret society… […]

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