Criminal Rothschilds…

19 Comments on “Criminal Rothschilds…”

  1. […] VIDEO – Criminal Rothschilds […]

  2. […] VIDEO – Criminal Rothschilds […]

  3. Annie Ladysmith says:

    One of the best videos ever made. It wraps the diabolical cabal, that has caused so much of the human misery in our world, up nicely and in a few minutes, and exposes this monstrosity for what it is, the number one enemy of the people. They buy half the people with money and control the other half with fear. The Rothschilds, the serpents seed in flesh and blood, may they burn forever in the LAKE OF FIRE along with the Devil who made and impowers them.

  4. […] VIDEO – Criminal Rothschilds […]

  5. donwreford says:

    If the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are responsible for the crimes often brought about by many writers as being factual, is it possible for these and others whom are committed to similar programs, is it feasible to evade prosecution or some other form of retribution? the question is can money purchase evasion from all criminal procedure ? or and any spiritual repercussions? that I am aware of, if as suggested they have a virtual blank cheque to kill individuals, destroy cultures and the masses, it seems almost a quest that is beyond imagination, or at least to me appears incomprehensible.

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