World Governance Architects I: The Influence of the Bilderberg Bankers on the EU and The US Mentioned in the Parliaments

by Anders
Published: Nov. 21, 2009 –

Summary: So far, the one-world government protagonists managed to cover up their plot by simply saying “Pth! Conspiracy theory,” although their groups have long been professing their quest to rule the world (world governance). Now in the EU Parliament, Italian MEP, Mario Borghezio, pointed out the farce which preceded the occupation of the office as the EU’s first permanent president: Rompuy first had to be examined by the Bilderbergers to have their seal of approval. So had the U.S. presidential candidates, Obama and Clinton, in 2008. Already in 1987, Senator Jesse Helms in the US Senate pointed to the great power exerted by named secret societies – including Bilderberg – to promote their New World Order, world governance, which Mr Barroso, Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, and now the new EU President Rompuy, too etc.. are talking so much about.
Daniel Estulin is probably the only uninvited person to attend a Bilderberg meeting, in 2005. He calls the Bilderbegers and their partne organizations (later) the world’s shadow government that threatens to make serfs of us, displace the nation state and plunder the planet for their own benefit. They will create an international identity and a universal set of “values”, perform sophisticated mind control, enforce their particular values by means of a world army, namely NATO, and create perpetual war, until everything is pax bilderbergica. They will reward their henchmen and destroy opponents. Their power is based on their control of the world´s money.

Naïvists have been thinking for a long time they could conceal the crimes of the world elite by just saying “Pth! Conspiracy theory!!!” every time they heard words like Bilderberg or other previously secret groups like the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations and the UN as the tools of superilluminist Rockefeller who founded it from scratch. No one of the establishment or MSM would ever mention them – and not at all the Bilderbergers. 
Nevertheless,  EU Commission President, José Barroso is a multiple Bilderberger also speaking in the US Council on Foreign Relations – videoSeveral of the heads of state in the European Council are also Bilderbergers. But now, something interesting has taken place which completely takes the wind out of the sails of the orthodox naïvists and accomplices of the New World Order.

RompuyEUObserver 16. Nov. 2009: Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, the first permanent President of the EU,
laid out his views on future EU financing at a dinner of the secretive Bilderberg group last week. The event took place at Val Duchesse, a former priory on the outskirts of Brussels, on Thursday (12 November), with guests including Belgian industrialist and Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and luminaries from the worlds of international politics and business, according to Belgian broadsheet De Tijd. The Belgian leader is reported to have said in a speech that: “New resources will be necessary for the financing of the welfare state. Green tax instruments are a possibility, but they are ambiguous: This type of tax will eventually be extinguished. But the possibilities of financial levies at European level must be seriously examined and for the first time the large countries in the union are open to that.” Comment: This is typical: No leader – unless he has been recognized by Bilderberg. And he was, because he will promote “global management” in Copenhagen. See the role of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference here.

The influence of Bilderberg in the EU Infowars November 15, 2009.
Italian MEP, Mario Borghezio , dropped a bomb shell at the EU this week.  “Concerning the nominations (Of EU President and High Representative) I believe we need to apply the principles of transparency, so often mentioned here in our institutions. Is it possible that no one has noticed that these persons visit the meetings of the Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. We need to establish clearly whether these are the candidates of their own countries’ political forces, or whether they are simply the candidates of these occult groups that meet behind closed door to decide matters over the heads of the people.” The candidates in question are Jan Peter Balkenende, David Miliband, and Herman Van Rompuy.

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende attended the Bilderberg meeting 2008David Miliband, the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of Britain, is an EU operative pushing “environmental reform” and the globalist climate change agenda. Miliband went to Oxford and was a Kennedy Scholar at MIT, a scholarship with intimate ties to Anglo-American elitism. His father, Ralph Miliband, was a noted Marxist intellectual.
Herman Van Rompuy is the current Prime Minister of Belgium
and a member of the King’s Crown Council. Van Rompuy also pushes the globalist “green” agenda. Van Rompuy “showed his hand” at a Bilderberg meeting when he “told the elite club that the European government leaders are increasingly becoming proponents of Europe tapping off green income,” in short fleecing the plebs under cover of the climate change ruse
Bilderberger-obama-clintonIn fact, thanks to Bilderberg sleuths Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, much of what the Bilderbergers have in mind for us has leaked out.

Bilderbergers 2008 and here Here is what US Senator, CFR-member Jesse Helms said from the floor of  the Senate on Dec. 15, 1987: “Mr. President, a careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert with the masters of the Kremlin in order to create what some refer to as a new world order. Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relation, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Dartmouth Conference, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the Atlantic Institute, and the Bilderberger Group serve to disseminate and to coordinate the plans for this so-called new world order in powerful business, financial, academic, and official circles….”

What is the Bilderberg Club?
The Bilderberg group is an elite club of aristocrats, politicians and businessmen dating back to 1954, which likes to meet away from the public eye. I have previously described its origin on this blog. And I have previously described how one of the the brains in this worldwide Bilderberg conspiration practice , Rothschild, is the mastermind behind the CO2–scam and how he has managed to create the running economic crisis.

Daniel Estulin attended the Bilderberg meeting 2005.  Global Research 1 June 2009 has a recension of Daniel Estulin´s book “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,”  He states that in 1954, “the most powerful men in the world met for the first time” at Hotel Bilderberg, in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, “debated the future of the world,” and decided to meet annually in secret. They called themselves the Bilderberg Group with a membership representing a who’s who of world power elites, mostly from America, Canada, and Western Europe with familiar names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, other heads of state, influential senators, congressmen and Estulinparliamentarians, Pentagon and NATO brass, members of European royalty, selected media figures, and invited others – some quietly by some accounts like Barack Obama and many of his top officials.

Always well represented are top figures from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, EU, and powerful central bankers from the Federal Reserve, the ECB’s Jean-Claude Trichet, and Bank of England’s Mervyn King. For over half a century, no agenda or discussion topics became public nor is any press coverage allowed. The few invited fourth estate attendees and their bosses are sworn to secrecy. Nonetheless, Estulin undertook “an investigative journey” that became his life’s work. He states: “Slowly, one by one, I have penetrated the layers of secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg Group, but I could not have done this withot help of ‘conscientious objectors’ from inside, as well as outside, the Group’s membership.” As a result, he keeps their names confidential. 

Whatever its early mission, the Group is now “a shadow world government….threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement.

Early in its history, Bilderbergers decided to ….loot the planet, achieve fabulous wealth and power, and crush all challengers to keep it.

Along with military dominance, controlling the world’s money is crucial for with it comes absolute control,  as the powerful 19th century Rothschild family understood. As the patriarch Amschel Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”
Membership consists of annual attendees (around 80 of the world’s most powerful) and others only invited occasionally because of their knowledge or involvement in relevant topics. Those most valued are asked back, and some first-timers are chosen for their possible later usefulness.

Satanist_clintonArkansas governor Bill Clinton, for example, who attended in 1991. “There, David Rockefeller told (him) why the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)….was a Bilderberg priority and that the group needed him to support it. The next year, Clinton was elected president,” and on January 1, 1994 NAFTA took effect. Numerous other examples are similar, including who gets chosen for powerful government, military and other key positions.  Clinton admits his participation – seemingly unwell – video.

Bilderberg  Objectives
The Group’s grand design is for “a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one ‘World (Central) Bank’ using one global currency.” Their “wish list” includes:
— “one international identity (observing) one set of universal values;”
centralized control of world populations by “mind control – and here;” in other words, controlling world public opinion;
— a New World Order with no middle class, only “rulers and servants (serfs),” and, of course, no democracy;
— “a zero-growth society” without prosperity or progress, only greater wealth and power for the rulers;
– manufactured crises and perpetual wars;
– absolute control of education to program the public mind and train those chosen for various roles;
— “centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies;” one size fits all globally;
— using the UN as a de facto world government imposing a UN tax on “world citizens;”
— expanding NAFTA and WTO globally;
making NATO a world military;
— imposing a universal legal system; and
— a global “welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination.”

(To be continued: Bilderberg partners)




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