Global Elite Desperate as Their Plans for World Government Are Exposed and Hampered – So They Want War With Iran Now

SEE THIS VIDEO from the 7:50 min. Mark: A Moderator of the primary Irish TV, the RTE, is asked why this TV station neglected its duty to inform about the Trilateral Commission Meeting in Dublin. The conspiracy of the media is being shouted to the sky by the moderator´s reaction: He turns desperate!!

by Anders
Published: May 20, 2010 –

Summary: Suddenly, it appears that the elite behind the New World Order and the one-world government feel greatly annoyed by bloggers who, unlike the MSM, that the elite control,  have revealed their conspiracy for a world government – so they are now blaming/giving credit on/to them for the fact that we have not already long ago had their corporate world government introduced, even calling these opponents something as nasty as nationalistic! Adviser to five U.S. presidents,  New World Order strategist and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, sees two reasons for world government not to have been created: 1. For the first time in history,  the peoples of the world have  become politically awakened and aware of the elite´s  conspiracy at their expense – and the peoples are stirring! (eg. the U.S. Tea parties) 2. There is no longer a homogeneous (Rothschild / Rockefeller-dominated) clique in the G20 after China and India appeared there. But there should be a small closed group to lead the world, says Brzezinski – and the UN with its 179 countries are said to be unsuitable to control the world – is just their dispatch office. Brzezinski’s brain child, the Trilateral Commission, has just held its annual meeting in Dublin. Here a Russian participant was mistakenn about his interlocutor and told him that they were about to decide the future of the world and that they wanted to get rid of the cumbersome Iranian government through a war now. Just now there is a report that US has started a massive military build-up opposite Iran. Others revealed a severe frustration at their vision of world government that they and their twins, the Bilderberg Group, had promised each other by 2000 not having been implemented.  :


LATEST: Scaremongering? – Trilateral Commisssion influence?
DEBKAfile  20 May 2010  Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran  to peak around 1 August. Debkafile’s military sources disclose that the 6,000 Marines and sailors aboard the Truman Strike Group come from four months of extensive and thorough training to prepare them for anticipated missions in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. Bloomberg 21 May 2010: The US is planning to upgrade its surveillance airbase in southwestern Afghanistan just 20 miles from Iran’s border, which will likely rile the Islamic regime, as will upgrading of forces of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Many blogs have been dealing with the corporative, corrupt New World Order´s one-world government under development. Personally, I have been thinking all along: Our protests and information is of no avail, since people don´t care and just follow their leaders as sheeples – and that the elitists know that. However, as appears from the following, this is not the case. More and more people are awakening – and the blogosphere has apparently sent the message which the elitist controlled MSM media owned by the elite has so carefully kept secret to us: That the ongoing conspiracy for an elitist world government is not theory – but practice as stated by Barroso, Sarkozy, Gordon Brown etc , by ECB chief Jean-Claude Trichet, and WTO chief Pascal Lamy, Angela Merkel  etc. , that according to EU President van Rompuy , 2009 was the first year of global governance. The diversification – not least due to China´s and India´s roles in the G20 and the global political knowledge and awakening as for the plans of the elitist conspirators mean that the relatively small clique of banksters and their political minions in the US and EU  are being hampered in developing their corporative and Communist and here, world government.
However:  The mankind´s ancient fiend is not only desperate – he is cornered, a position where beasts are always most dangerous.

Zbigniew-brzezinskiPrison Planet 19 May 2010: At a recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission and regular Bilderberg attendee Zbigniew Brzezinski  warned that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government. See this video.

                                                                   Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the Trilateral Commission

Brzezinski explained that global political leadership had become “much more diversified unlike what it was until relatively recently,” noting the rise of China as a geopolitical power, and that global leadership in the context of the G20 was “lacking internal unity with many of its members in bilateral antagonisms.” In other words, the global elite is infighting amongst itself and this is hampering efforts to rescue the agenda for global government, which seems to be failing on almost every front.

Brzezinski then explained another significant factor in that, “For the first time in all of human history mankind is politically awakened – that’s a total new reality – it has not been so for most of human history.” Brzezinski continued, “The whole world has become politically awakened,” adding that all over the world people were aware of what was happening politically and were “consciously aware of global inequities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation – and stirring.”  He added that this in combination with a fractured elite “makes it a much more difficult context for any major power, including currently the leading world power, the United States.”

During a subsequent question and answer session, Brzezinski was asked if he thought another organization should replace the United Nations as the de facto “one world government,” to which Brzezinski responded, “There should be such an organization,” before pointing out that the UN with its 179 was not the world government  – but should be entrusted with the administration of subordinate service tasks.

As the text at the end of the video makes clear, Brzezinski’s admission that humanity has undergone a political awakening is not a positive development in the eyes of the elite. In his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski wrote the following:
“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost Tea-partycontinuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

US Tea Parties” against taxations and bank bail-outs is one expression of awakening awareness of elitist exploitation which has made an impression on the global elite

The “elite” to which Brzezinski refers included many of those who were in attendance for his speech at the CFR meeting. The global political awakening which Brzezinski discussed represents part of the resistance to that very elite dominated society and the systems of control, subjugation and surveillance that they have imposed upon the human race in pursuit of a “more controlled society” and a one world government
About the following author: American Free Press editor James P. Tucker Jr. is a veteran journalist who spent many years as a member of the “elite” media in Washington. Since 1975 he has won widespread recognition, here and abroad, for his pursuit of on-the-scene stories reporting the intrigues of global power blocs such as the Bilderberg Group. Tucker is the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary: One Man’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government.

David-rockefeller-tlcJames P. Tucker American Free Press  Trilateral Commission (TC) members, angry over their failure to establish a world government and to exploit the economic crisis they generated, called for war with Iran when they gathered behind closed doors here in Dublin, Ireland May 7-10.
War plans were revealed by Mikhail Slobodovsici, a chief adviser to the Russian leadership, when he strolled off the grounds of the Four Seasons resort, where TC had hunkered down behind armed guards and locked doors. He thought he was talking to a TC colleague when speaking with Alan Keenan, who operates the web site  Slobodovsici said. “We need a world government,” he said, but, referring to Iran, said “we need to get rid of them.”Suddenly, Slobodovsici noticed that Keenan’s nametag was different from the TC label and said: “I can’t talk—we operate under Chatham House rule.

David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome  and former Presdent of the Council on Foreign RelationsNever have the illustrious members of the TC been so depressed. “It gets worse every year, not better,” one said. “Why do we even bother to meet anymore?” “We can’t simply give up and quit,” another responded. “Bilderberg expects us to have a plan outlined.” Much of their distress is due to the failure to establish a world government. In the 1990s, both TC and Bilderberg confidently predicted they would obtain a world government by the year 2000. A decade later, their goal is even further away. TC boys are upset they were unable to exploit the economic crisis they helped generate by creating a world “treasury department” under the UN. They blame “rising nationalism” opposing to surrender sovereignty to international bodies, 
and ask “how those people knew about this,” according to witnesses inside the TC hotel. Still, the TC is charging ahead.
Bilderberg will meet June 4 to June 7 in Sitges, Spain, a resort city about 20 miles from Barcelona to make final decisions on what to impose upon the world.

The TC is the junior varsity, with slightly more than 300 participants. Bilderberg, the senior group in the wannabe secret world government, has slightly more than 100. The two groups have an interlocking leadership and common goal of a world government under their control. Still, the TC attracts heads of state and other high officials in Europe and international financiers, including David Rockefeller and members of the Rothschild family. High officials of the Obama administration from the White House and departments of Treasury, State and Commerce will attend.




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6 Comments on “Global Elite Desperate as Their Plans for World Government Are Exposed and Hampered – So They Want War With Iran Now”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    There is NO BETTER PLACE on the Webb to be informed than on the NWO. We must all take in account that our God in Heaven is looking in and is concerned that we do right not wrong for his people and planet in these times of crisis.

    The news about Iran has been in the plans for a long time and Clinton is the one to drive that war train down the track. She could care less, she is in the limelight and that is to her all she needs to be accepted.

    Yet Iran is just one of the many fires that ‘The Ruling Banksters the self styled optimum elite-dietist’ have set around the Globe to make much smoke while the robbery of us in underway using the Rule of International law. The RULE OF LAW set up by the Bankers long ago a very good inside way for them to steal.

    I submit the many ‘Crisis’ have been planned by the elite dietist — the CURE lock them up through away the key.
    By Dwight Baker
    May 22, 2010

    The CURE—-CIVIL LAW in each county in the USA with the local elected Sheriff in charge — with arrest warrants in his hands signed by a Grand Jury could then go out handcuff the elite-dietist and put them behind bars. Put their mugs on the TV screens and watch a change in the markets over night. The elite-dietist presumes they are the only ones who can control the Fear Panic Buttons. We the People can use the same set of Fear Panic Buttons to instill high anxiety and fear in and on our USA elite-dietist oppressors, then the big questions are WHY NOT and WHEN DOES THE LOCK UP BEGIN?

    Fear, Oppression, terrorist acts are just a part of the plan to subject the entire worlds population to ‘The Ruling Banksters the self styled optimum elite-dietist’ theft of our sovereign wealth.

    So at the rock bottom of each crisis there is a hideous plan to take away our property strip more of our communed held wealth away from us — to make a legal way for ‘The Ruling Banksters the self styled optimum elite-dietist’ to buy up our sovereignty then sell off to insiders our property then end up with our land, and natural resources in just a swift stroke of a pen.

    Now all of us must learn to read in between the lines ‘Sherlock Holmes ‘ and look at each crisis as a stand alone THEFT. Normal sane and sanguine folks might have a hard time in doing that, but we must —-each one try.

    Now I know oil and gas and many in my circles have said that the BP disaster was a terrorist inside act. That in NO WAY could the rig gone down unless it was staged. Now how could any of us know the whole truth without the evidence of such being put on the bar of Justice to be appraised? That is not going to happen so just try your best to read in-between the lines.

    Before reading the following from the New York times today know this as a fact —- the Bakken Shale in North America has enough oil and gas in it to supply all our needs for hundreds of years but the Rockefellers EXXON CHEVRON etc. and Rothchilds SHELL OIL and BP etc. do not have any leases up there.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, charged with both leasing the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling and protecting it from the ravages of oil development, reminded Congress this week that the administration was pursuing what he called a “balanced” energy strategy for the future that included substantial and expanded offshore exploration.

    “Offshore development is a necessary part of that future,” Mr. Salazar told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week. But he emphasized that new safety and environmental safeguards would have to be put in place before extensive new drilling was permitted.

    Thus the president’s options are both defined and limited. There will be more offshore drilling, but the rules of the game have now changed.

    As Mr. Obama put in on March 31, “Given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs, and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable homegrown energy.”

    US citizens will be next to face the “debt slavery” issue. The only question is when.

    It Takes a Crisis to Make a Continent

    My God in Heaven Forbids the actions of the ‘The Ruling Banksters the self styled optimum elite-dietist’ and as always HE has the cure, He is King of this world not them. Thus let us work the work of looking them up for HIM.

  2. theyenguy says:

    Andrew Gavin Marshall in article The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order, The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom, Part 1, highlights two global elites.

    Mr. Marshall presents Strobe Talbott’s vision that “within the next hundred years,” … “nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.”

    And Mr. Marshall presents David Rothkopf’s vision that “mechanisms of global governance are more achievable in today’s environment,” and that these mechanisms “are often creative with temporary solutions to urgent problems that cannot wait for the world to embrace a bigger and more controversial idea like real global government.”

    These statements are very much in line with Apostle John’s vision of bible prophecy found in Revelation 13:5-10 that a global governor, a sovereign, will rise to rule mankind.

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    To bid farewell for a bit of time out of the secular godless alternate universe some people call the NEW WORLD ORDER!
    By Dwight Baker
    July 5, 2010

    I have seen the weeping gnashing of teeth eyes sunk back in the heads of humans living around the blown out Macondo well. I have seen dolphins laying dying gasping for breath on the beaches, [they are mammals like us] I have seen with my eyes the ruination that is allowed to go on by those who rule the secular godless alternate universe. I have heard and read the words of the rulers who are in control of the blown out well who care not for any kind life but their own and who determine all acts to be done by the rule of the dollar their one and only secular god.

    Now, can I or you or any living mortal continue to stay in the blight filled rat infested trenches where we might meet up with one of the secular godless alternate universe rulers to gain an ear and convince them to WAKE UP? I have hit the wall trying to do so many times before, they are not to be found and if they are they simply do not care to listen to moral oil and gas engineering ways to TAME NATURE with an overshot the only cure for plugging the well.

    Thus I run to My Gods unchanging universe. Where the despots cannot go. And when there I talked to Him as my best friend HIS loyal bondservant and my KING now. The when leaving HIS presence a fresh gasp of air fills my lungs and the brightness’ in my eyes once again return to fight for the right one more time. For it is HIS HOLY and Divine Will that none perish but all have the Gospel of the NEW BIRTH taught to them. And humane existence provided for them in all ways.

    As a result those who oppose HIM oppose me. And that dictates to me they must be stymied and stayed in their tracks with their backs against the wall. And they must pay the last penny for damages done and return our Gulf with its people plants, fish and wildlife again to its once pristine way of life and our much needed food source.

    They have hell to pay now and it is only getting worse. Airborne infections are killing many and many more will die in their tracks while they try to clean up the horrible mess. Or simply swimming and playing in the contaminated Gulf waters.

    FREE FOR THE ASKING the Tame Nature plan the only cure for plugging the blown out well. Contact .

    References: Read all Matthew 24 3- 51
    For those who believe in the Rapture re-read Matthew 24 vs. 14 memorize HIS WORDS

    14: And this gospel [NEW BIRTH] of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness unto all nations; and shall the end come.

    THAT HAS NOT BEEN DONE —so get off your duff and serve the Lord in whatever capacity HE leads you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hang them all from a tall tree and leave them to the maggots,their relitives.

  5. Dwight Baker says:

    The Murderous Monster Titans of oil and gas roamed ranted and created tirades over the earth and made long range plans some 30 or 40 years before attacks were made.
    By Dwight Baker
    March 10, 2011

    MY TAKE — better think twice before betting with or against the Beast

    My Great Great Great Great Uncle William Rockefeller said of his brother J.D. Rockefeller “ monster; merciless in his greed; pitiless in his cold inhuman passions,

    Yet across the pond at the discovery of oil another such villainous family lived that had practiced the craft of banking, and had taken many lands as tribute in their wars built around crooked handling of currency. The Rothschild family dug into the vast markets that waited on the product that lit the night.

    Then the evil murderous monster titans [Rockefeller and Rothschild] in a cohort effort sailed the globe and claimed the treasury of oil and gas where geologist had marked out.

    Therefore we who can think and study a bit should never be surprised when up jumps a humanoid devil and takes our wealth away.

  6. Jay says:

    These evil bastards are just a few! Time to assassinate the maniacs of the world who at any cost will make strafes of man! They must be held responsible, or be hunted down like the animals they are! All their riches must be equally distributed to countries where they have committed criminal activity, and war against humanity! These men must answer thru hanging, or gun fire, as in which their blood must flow! For they are the root of the worlds evil doctrines, and make mischief upon the earth! At all cost…they must be assassinated with a swiftness! We know who they are, for all roads leads to the House of the Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, including the Federal Reserve! And no I am not Anti-Sematic, and if I was … not one ounce of Hebrew Israelite blood flows thru their veins, because they are the ones who say they are Jews are but Kazan Cabbala impostors Anglos! This sacrifice of the elite maniacs, should be made in the name of all of man kind! Go my people of earth, and make it your duty to be successful against the enemy of man! The Gods are with you!

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