Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events?

“They make a desolation and call it peace.” -Tacitus

by Richard C. Cook
Published: Aug. 15, 2010 – Infowars

Was Alan Greenspan really as dumb as he looks in creating the late housing bubble that threatens to bring the entire Western debt-based economy crashing down?

Was something as easy to foresee as this really the trigger for a meltdown that could destroy the world’s financial system? Or was it done, perhaps, “accidentally on purpose”?

And if so, why?

Let’s turn to the U.S. personage that conspiracy theorists most often mention as being at the epicenter of whatever elite plan is reputed to exist. This would be David Rockefeller, the 92-year-old multibillionaire godfather of the world’s financial elite.

The lengthy Wikipedia article on Rockefeller provides the following version of a celebrated statement he allegedly made in an opening speech at the Bilderberg conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, in June 1991:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war, but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past centuries.”

This speech was made 17 years ago. It came at the beginning in the U.S. of the Bill Clinton administration. Rockefeller speaks of an “us.” This “us,” he says, has been having meetings for almost 40 years. If you add the 17 years since he gave the speech it was 57 years ago—two full generations.

Not only has “us” developed a “plan for the world,” but the attempt to “develop” the plan has evidently been successful, at least in Rockefeller’s mind. The ultimate goal of “us” is to create “the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers.” This will lead, he says, toward a “world government which will never again know war.”

Just as an intellectual exercise, let’s assume that David Rockefeller is as important and powerful a person as he seems to think he is. Let’s give the man some credit and assume that he and “us” have in fact succeeded to a degree. This would mean that the major decisions and events since Rockefeller gave the speech in 1991 have probably also been part of the plan or that they have at least represented its features and intent.

Therefore by examining these decisions and events we can determine whether in fact Rockefeller is being truthful in his assessment that the Utopia he has in mind is on its way or has at least come closer to being realized. In no particular order, some of these decisions and events are as follows:

The implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement by the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations has led to the elimination of millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs as well as the destruction of U.S. family farming in favor of global agribusiness.

Similar free trade agreements, including those under the auspices of the World Trade Organization, have led to export of millions of additional manufacturing jobs to China and elsewhere.

Average family income in the U.S. has steadily eroded while the share of the nation’s wealth held by the richest income brackets has soared. Some Wall Street hedge fund managers are making $1 billion a year while the number of homeless, including war veterans, pushes a million.

The housing bubble has led to a huge inflation of real estate prices in the U.S. Millions of homes are falling into the hands of the bankers through foreclosure. The cost of land and rentals has further decimated family agriculture as well as small business. Rising property taxes based on inflated land assessments have forced millions of lower-and middle-income people and elderly out of their homes.

The fact that bankers now control national monetary systems in their entirety, under laws where money is introduced only through lending at interest, has resulted in a massive debt pyramid that is teetering on collapse. This “monetarist” system was pioneered by Rockefeller-family funded economists at the University of Chicago. The rub is that when the pyramid comes down and everyone goes bankrupt the banks which have been creating money “out of thin air” will then be able to seize valuable assets for pennies on the dollar, as J.P. Morgan Chase is preparing to do with the businesses owned by Carlyle Capital. Meaningful regulation of the financial industry has been abandoned by government, and any politician that stands in the way, such as Eliot Spitzer, is destroyed.

The total tax burden on Americans from federal, state, and local governments now exceeds forty percent of income and is rising. Today, with a recession starting, the Democratic-controlled Congress, while supporting the minuscule “stimulus” rebate, is hypocritically raising taxes further, even for middle-income earners. Back taxes, along with student loans, can no longer be eliminated by bankruptcy protection.

Gasoline prices are soaring even as companies like Exxon-Mobil are recording record profits. Other commodity prices are going up steadily, including food prices, with some countries starting to experience near-famine conditions. 40 million people in America are officially classified as “food insecure.”

Corporate control of water and mineral resources has removed much of what is available from the public commons, and the deregulation of energy production has led to huge increases in the costs of electricity in many areas.

The destruction of family farming in the U.S. by NAFTA (along with family farming in Mexico and Canada) has been mirrored by policies toward other nations on the part of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Around the world, due to pressure from the “Washington consensus,” local food self-sufficiency has been replaced by raising of crops primarily for export. Migration off the land has fed the population of huge slums around the cities of underdeveloped countries.

Since the 1980s the U.S. has been fighting wars throughout the world either directly or by proxy. The former Yugoslavia was dismembered by NATO. Under cover of 9/11 and by utilizing off-the-shelf plans, the U.S. is now engaged in the military conquest and permanent military occupation of the Middle East. A worldwide encirclement of Russia and China by U.S. and NATO forces is underway, and a new push to militarize space has begun. The Western powers are clearly preparing for at least the possibility of another world war.

The expansion of the U.S. military empire abroad is mirrored by the creation of a totalitarian system of surveillance at home, whereby the activities of private citizens are spied upon and tracked by technology and systems which have been put into place under the heading of the “War on Terror.” Human microchip implants for tracking purposes are starting to be used. The military-industrial complex has become the nation’s largest and most successful industry with tens of thousands of planners engaged in devising new and better ways, both overt and covert, to destroy both foreign and domestic “enemies.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. has the largest prison population of any country on earth. Plus everyday life for millions of people is a crushing burden of government, insurance, and financial fees, charges, and paperwork. And the simplest business transactions are burdened by rake-offs for legions of accountants, lawyers, bureaucrats, brokers, speculators, and middlemen.

Finally, the deteriorating conditions of everyday life have given rise to an extraordinary level of stress-related disease, as well as epidemic alcohol and drug addiction. Governments themselves around the world engage in drug trafficking. Instead of working to lower stress levels, public policy is skewed in favor of an enormous prescription drug industry that grows rich off the declining level of health through treatment of symptoms rather than causes. Many of these heavily-advertised medications themselves have devastating side-effects.

This list should at least give us enough to go on in order to ask a hard question. Assuming again that all these things are parts of the elitist plan which Mr. Rockefeller boasts to have been developing, isn’t it a little strange that the means which have been selected to achieve “peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity” involve so much violence, deception, oppression, exploitation, graft, and theft?

In fact it looks to me as though “our plan for the world” is one that is based on genocide, world war, police control of populations, and seizure of the world’s resources by the financial elite and their puppet politicians and military forces.

In particular, could there be a better way to accomplish all this than what appears to be a concentrated plan to remove from people everywhere in the world the ability to raise their own food? After all, genocide by starvation may be slow, but it is very effective. Especially when it can be blamed on “market forces.”

And can it be that the “us” which is doing all these things, including the great David Rockefeller himself, are just criminals who have somehow taken over the seats of power? If so, they are criminals who have done everything they can to watch their backs and cover their tracks, including a chokehold over the educational system and the monopolistic mainstream media.

One thing is certain: The voters of America have never knowingly agreed to any of this.




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9 Comments on “Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events?”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Some can be taught many more Cannot!
    By Dwight Baker
    August 14, 2010

    Therefore is there a pressing need to waste time on those who are good to the core of humanity but have lacks in understanding and have not a clue of those overburdening foes among us that are against all of us.

    That seems to be the biggest waste of time that most that have the intellect and the skills to change the days in which we live but do not for in them is not found the spirit of a conquer. The spirit of a conquer rivals most men to understand for not many men have had that before, especially those men and women who did marvelous things for mankind and didn’t expect one thin dime.

    In history most men and women conquering have been a warring breed their expanded and exaggerated need for lust power, glory, and riches are there for all to read. Yet also in history are the others that stood the test and stayed on course their principles ruled their lives and in the end won over all and thank God for us too.

    A man impassioned to lead as a conquer and to read about is William Penn

    Another man having the same conquering attitude was General Smedley Butler; a video of his famous speech reproduced speech War is a Racket;;

  2. Dwight Baker says:

    End game for those that have gamed the system!
    By Dwight Baker
    August 12, 2010

    Behind all those that have lied betrayed and tired to lead We the People into the dismal abyss, are the truth filled facts that demand to be addressed no matter by who or what time in our history as a free and sovereign people.

    However who will it be and at what time in our history will the truth finally be exposed for what it is —- thus to dispel all the lies and hypocrisy that have pushed many over the edge. Yet the flavor today by most that still have some voice about them is to make money and that is that. Let the accumulation of money be the ruling factor of how good you did your stated job, what ever that might be.

    Along the way those that have a voice today or in charge of their own and private bully pulpit show their true colors when they massage each piece said or put to print without the truth in matters reduced to a clear message of BEWARE. Thereby what are they there for?

    I suppose in some sinister way they are trying to sell some alternate way to say and stay in the middle of the road on each issue. What a sad commentary to try and bring to a people that have been so dumb down over the last one hundred and thirty to forty years. For tearing down the edifices of grief and showing the real acts in vibrant colors will not find a home in many for they like their lied to lives just as they are. Thus slavery has been in effect for a very long time and as most people worked the work they pursued and saved for the rainy day, well guess what the thieves showed up to take away those rainy day funds with the stroke of a pen, over and over again and if not stopped they will do it again.

    Proving to be a good bank robber work for the bank to be robbed. Inside jobs have always been the best way —written in stone by the mob mafia bosses.

    Thus what has America really become, a home for the high-level bank robbing crooks educated at Harvard and other East Coast Blue Bloods schools of higher education? Mammon become their god early on and was fully re-enforced with their law degrees and MBA’s form those IVY LEAGUE schools.

    So who is at fault for allowing such like trailer trash to occupy our saving and lending institutions called Banks? I suppose we all need to look in the mirror and finally wake up to the fact that most of us have been asleep at the wheel while the trailer trash bankers have stolen all our wheels.

    Now, what can be done about the crimes in our past, the same thing a good prosecutor is paid to do, investigate build a case, take it to the Grand Jury and then if they sign off get arresting then prosecute to the fullest extent.

    A blast from the past —–Iran Contra and the oil gangsters

    Will that be done by our current Department of Justice, it will —-if we stand communed and demand it be done. If not all will be swept under the rug to never come up again.

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    How many sit alone Bumfuzzled wondering which way to go to keep their boats afloat?
    By Dwight Baker
    August 10, 2010

    I submit it is high time to get back to the basics of why we try to bring about a better way of life for those that read what we have to say about this and that.

    Thus, has our giant information highway been a byway with too many diversions away from our basic needs to get by? I think so and maybe you might agree.

    Overload is a word that sticks to me like glue, when I try to read some of the words penned today. After reading a bit I sit and ponder what is the purpose behind these words? Then again I try to think as the one doing all that work and wonder again, has this person lost their first love?

    Why have many in the mainstream media madness today walked away from their first love that swelled up in them long ago like a giant Tasmania wave?

    Who knows not me? But sooner than later a cut is coming around, and those not worthy to write then print the truth concerning the facts needed to bring along folks reading to a better way of life will simply DIE ON THE VINE.

    Thus, who writes today to have a cheering squad of ten to twelve when the Predator Beast we have allowed to dwell ravages our nation, with the intent to make all into slaves?

  4. Dwight Baker says:

    Where are our truth filled free press statesmen as drummers?
    By Dwight Baker
    August 11, 2010

    Few and that means few in the free press are stating the truth of where We the People are in the swing of things. And regardless of what any might think or believe those truth filled free press statesmen as drummers are who set the cadence that we must adhere too and march along and they are needed more today than ever before in our history.

    WHY? We are a nation living on and filled with lies that have been told over and over again and some even believe those lies after being exposed to the truth but the lies told as the truth meets their ways of life better. And that is duplicity in motion and with that severe commotion among us as a one people who are being radically attacked by our foes who live among us will if not stopped in time be our final demise. Our foes revel in the telling then re-telling those lies to re-enforce their agenda of robbing us of our communed held wealth and in the end taking away our sovereignty as free women and men who have a rich paid for stake in our America.

    I believe that we may be in the first dark dreary days of morbidity. And that happens to me when nothing much at all seems to make sense. So where is the good news that tells of a day when accomplishments were more than those defeats that were repeated that laid at each persons feet begging them to give up give in you are a looser and your end is near.

    Now who might be immune to bad news like that today, I have looked around and have found none? There are bright signs on our American horizon that can work if only we can find those who will. Yet in the dark corners where deals are cut and men are set free that should be behind bars, their money stripped from their greedy hoarding hands put back in our treasury where it was stolen from, the stench of our soon death for doing nothing about those kinds of things scares me out of my skin. Then how about you?

    Do you long to hear the drums beat for our coming together as a one people in a one nation that has stood for far more right than wrong? Yes, the facts filled with truth of our warring empire out of control keeps me awake at night sometimes in deep cold sweats I wonder when our God is going to pull the plug on US in America. We have worked the job at hand and done a stellar job at doing. We the People made America what it is not the warring industrial complex or Wall Street or our aloof and out of tune with reality Politicians.

    The billionaires did not make America strong nor did the giant International Corporations that are so out of control today. The growth of America came from the willing minds and handy hearty hands that built for us our sovereign Nation. Yet today a vast number of our people are suffering from obvious abuse and neglect, little children are dying infected with disease, old folks worry on top of worry about their seed and where and when the axe will fall on them too.

    And the truth filled facts of those matters will scare the living hell out of any that can assemble all the bad things going on and then look out a few months from now and perceive where the end of that road might lead all of us.

    Is it a fact for you to hang your hat on that NO ONE CIVIL and RIGHTEOUSLY SANE is in charge of our Nations Checkbook? For me that hard to swallow fact has settled in and become a bad tune that is sang all the time. For you to hear that tune simply turn on about any news broadcast they play that tune 24-7.

    Seems all that do have the free press statesmen bully pulpit want to bring along others that will melt down the hard to swallow facts along with them and end up saying many words but none have a pure and righteous meaning to bring about the attention of those in charge that the change we all wanted has yet to produce one ounce of solace that we all might be able to sleep with peace at night.

    Thus where are those that can play the truth filled free press statesmen drums that summons all to get a real handle of where each one American lives. And to further realize that we are a one people and that division will only bring about shame, blame and the ultimate killer guilt in the end and along that path all will suffer for we have been divided by the foes that made a home among us, for only one purpose to rob us blind of our rich heritage and sovereignty.

    On a closing note— I am not sure that any that has the ear of We the People will ever be allowed [by the mega media big bosses] to state the full fact filled truths of what is behind us and before us that would for some would cause them to finally come to attention and march to the drum beat with the civil and sane ones toward a good resolution for the dangers that surround us.

  5. Dwight Baker says:

    OVER THE TOP believe it or NOT!
    BY Dwight Baker
    August 15, 2010

    In Gods perfect cosmic plan for man these Predator Beast [New World Order elite warring thugs] have had their place in the sun to prove once and for all that men and women that work without conscience will be defeated by His words and will.

    The Predator Beast were not pre-ordained to become the worst of worst men and women to ever live. They run to lust and found that it was an endless high ride with others that went along with them on a joy ride through life.

    Thus greed hoarding killing maiming rapping and plundering have become their ways of life for they found no invisible god overseeing their illicit behavior to strike them down dead when they did such horrible deeds. Thus their God given conscience was scarred and left for dead early in life, being imposed on those as children as the way to live.

    Yet I have no grief for any of them the earth its people a great treasures furnished by our God will be better off when all these evil doers are dead, so my prayer is bring out the gallows.

    The best words of God that I cling onto are these:

    Our Father in Heaven hallowed be thy name,
    Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done
    On earth as it is in Heaven

    Therefore It is his will in Heaven that these so against His creative great nature and the killing of His people — perish—– nothing anything other than those folks going to the gallows for their crimes committed and proved is just a miss mash of christianized wrong thinking that has gone wild for it was preached to be that way. And John D. Rockefeller paid the churches to preach just that.

    So sit for a bit and learn —might want to take notes makes it easier to remember.


    Oath Keepers Orders We Will NOT Obey

    The County Sheriff America’s Last Hope Richard Mack Oath Keeper

    Peter Dale Scott PhD is a man impassioned to inform those willing to listen and learn Dr. Scott easy delivery of the subject matter that is immense gives a person an introduction to these deep subjects.

    The White Book of Capitalizm

  6. Annie Ladysmith says:

    The “voters” have never agreed to any of this because they have lived in a totalitarian corrupt dictatorship since 1913. Silly people in North America live under the notion that they actually “elect” their government, sorry, but lol, WAKE-UP! Ah! but it’s already too late, tea parties are a joke and were probably started by rookie CIA agents. The joke is on the “voters”, silly, trusting, stupid people, too busy in their own perversions and feeding their fat faces to notice.

    Here is the truth. The Satanic global system run by the Synagogue of Satan has been sucessful with everything on its list to date. Would you honestly like to know what the next “event” is? Don’t read further if you would rather stay oblivious to the very bad news.

    The next “event” is WWIII. Israhell will be given the nod to attack Iran. One must understand that these diasters and wars are all staged and planned in detail.
    The USA Puppet State will also get the go-ahead for a ground assault on Iran as Israhell’s proxy, Oi Vey! Who could have figured that out?????

    Now, listen, when this happens, and it could be as close as next week, Russia and China have been given the job of attacking the US with all-out nuclear hits to major cities and coastal ports. Russian nuclear subs already sit along the East coast and China on the West. There will be an invasion on American coasts and Russia and China given a green light to slaughter the civilian population and take what they want. In Russia’s case, wheat. In China’s case, young women. Why on earth do you think Russia has been sitting back putting out forrest fires while there wheat crop is destroyed by manufactured weather? Because they know they’ll have a bigger crop coming from the US. (Bumper wheat this year in US and Canada).

    If you think this is nuts go back and research how WWI and WWII got started. It is not crazy, the US is the sacrificial lamb and Hiroshima is right around the corner for the people of North America, who have sat on their fat asses and watched the lies of mainstream media for so long they have no idea how to engage their brains. We have watched people get fried and blasted and tortured and soon it will be our turn. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SIT ON YOUR LARD ASS AND DO NOTHING! Where are the warriors, where are the men ready to fight for their families and national pride? Dead and dying in the Middle East! The troops that are still there will never get out alive!

    How do you dare to say the “voters” have never agreed to any of this! How dare you! The “voters”, the people of Canada and the US, are complicit to all of this by their docile acceptance of the regimen and status quo that has been forced on them and which they do nothing about. With sexual perversion, porn, slut tv, abortion, sins against the land, sins of greed, gluttony and avarice, divorce and more divorce, neglect of children, sexual destruction of not only women but children and animals, the “voters” as you call them are as guilty as sin! I only see destruction coming, it has been a long time coming, but I assure you it will be complete. Get on your frickin’ knees and weep! Only a remnant will be left!

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