Rothschilds Control Half The World’s Health

This is an eye opening video about who really owns the world. If we truly want to understand how our world functions, we need to be aware who really controls the world.

Excerpt from Ring of Power



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9 Comments on “Rothschilds Control Half The World’s Health”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    YES! YES! Thank you so much, i have been waiting for this video. This is the rotten, stinking truth and puts a great swathe of human suffering squarely where it belongs, at the doorstep of the “house” “de” Rothschild and their Rockefeller cousins.

    However, they are not done yet, raping the world of anything of worth, including human souls, they want it all and they have the ruthlessess to keep on going until we are all dying in wars or famines. Apparently, ‘science’ can now extend the human life span up to 300 years, but of course the ruling evil elite is keeping this to themselves. They actually believe they can be immortal.

    The only thing that frightens them is “Bastille Day”. Yes, the day the starving serfs stormed the Bastille. A hugh barbarian mass of humanity driven to insanity and utter recklessness by hunger and cold. With kitchen knives and hammers the tsunami of pitiful individual humans became one of the most destructive waves against tyranny, and tyranny got a taste of it’s own slop.

    There is another “house of evil” that never gets much mention. Another incredibly wealthy, ruthlessly relentless in sucking every crumb it can into it’s coffers, religion of tyranny, named the Catholic Church. The Vatican’s fantastic worth is legendery, yet in the poor parts of the world it controls, people live in misery and starving poverty.

    Tyranny must be opposed in all its forms, including this religion. Call it what it is, it is a totalitarian jack-boot tyranny, waiting to start another inquisition, they are all in it together.

    • NWO Observer says:

      Hi Annie!

      Thank you very much for all your comments and support. I’m sorry for not posting so often, but i’m very busy at the moment.

      I read all your comments and i sincerely hope that you continue to visit my blog.

      Once again,
      Thank you!

  2. […] VIDEO – Rothschilds Control Half The World’s Health […]

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    The Rule of CIVIL Law does not exist inside the beltway of DC.
    SO—Beware run for cover the MBA’s have taken over and they have not a clue what to do!
    By Dwight Baker
    May 18, 2010

    Eagles Eye View Aiming at Issues for We the People Advocates

    My hair is white, my blood is still bright red, and my heart pumps it around my old body the way it was designed to do. Wish I could say that about our common and sane ways of doing business.

    Now simply nothing in business works worth a damn. But it does not work for that has been the ignorant intent driven top down by a bunch of old sinister clowns with money to burn.

    When the green back buck is revered over God or mankind then get ready for the days that are here that scare the be-willies out of most of us — and take heed — beware —don’t back down for they will stay until that bunch gets their pink slips and some find the gallows as common ground and others are deported on ships headed out to the middle of the ocean with NO PORTS OF CALL to give them refuge.

    For the BIG PROBLEM is that — business folks much like politicians has forgotten that they serve We the People, not the power hungry FAT CATS driving the message of greed top down.

    So as time goes on by for those that have a desire to know —-WHY things have gone so wrong for the people on this GODS EARTH. Go to the top of the heap and find the MBA’s that got there because they knew how to cook and crook the books for the fat cats on top and take a morsel of millions or billions for doing it. Then set back and cry out “The Mafia mindset is running the entire worlds business systems”.

  4. […] VIDEO – Rothschilds Control Half The World’s Health […]

  5. SHood1943 says:

    What they say about the MBA’s in Washington is true.

    However as of 2010 October the MBA’s are deserting.

  6. SHood1943 says:

    You know of course this insanity can be stopped without firing neary a shot.

  7. Dwight Baker says:

    Many folks are waking up to the facts that can be brought to bare to save our Democratic Republic.

    Many I know run from the criminal acts involved with 911.

    Many looked the other way when the Iraq and Afghanistan war’s come about.

    Many looked the other way when the roughshod Republicans got their way for over the last decades.

    Many others are still looking the other way for they see no way to bring about change.

    Yet the simplicity to change it all can come about and soon. All that is needed is 5,000 folks who will work the work of forming the forth arm of our Democracy. The fourth arm is what is missing and has been for a long time. Our Congress and Senate are too small in numbers to take care of all our needs.

    Lobbyist creates and inspires the fires that keep the caldrons hot inside the Belt Way of DC.

    Now what can we do? We need to form our own lobby. More people more influence and legal in all respects. We need about two thousands legal advocates watching our back in DC.

    How to get the money has been a cry for many. But I know first hand when a real plan comes along with the 5,000 that will work the work laid out before many of our Billionaires will kick in all the money needed to make the plan happen and soon.

    The average Jane and Jack Doe will not need to kick in money but will have a voice and vote in the plans for the work of the Advocates in DC.

    I have seen all that happen in my minds eye and it will come about, for what else can be done?

    The numbers of the 5,000 working fervently will get the attention of those who will gravitate to be a part of making the forth arm of our Democratic Republic.

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