AIPAC: The Voice of America

Part 1 – The Orange and the Pea

Part 2 – The Treasonous Dollar Drain

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DOCUMENTARY – The Israel Lobby in the USA

Funding Israeli Militarism, Belligerence and Occupation

Obama And The Neocon Middle East War Agenda

Disengaging America from the Israel Lobby

5 Comments on “AIPAC: The Voice of America”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Is this not at the heart of the entire world’s struggle for national freedom, individual autonomy, an end to the threat of another devastating world war, and an end to the US war machines destruction of defenseless and poor nations for the sake of Israhell, who is set and determined to rule the whole earth with a plan from the depths of hell???

    If Americans refuse to take responsibility for their future and for posterity, if they choose not to rise up to stop the treason within their midst, if they will not bring to account their government entities, such as Cherkoff and his diabolical and Bolshevik “Homeland Security” (among a host of other treasonist personalities and departments), there is no other dam that can stop this tide of destruction. Americans are the best armed civilian population in the whole world and that is why the buck stops there. They have the power to fight back the tyranny that stands ready to lay waste their continent from coast to coast, as we have seen and witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico. We are trully running out of time and i see so few people organized to retaliate against this threat. As the PM of Israhell, Bibi, recently said, “When we are done with America, it can simply blow away”. Bibi, i’d like to ask you, does this mean your are going to wipe America of the map???

    Americans, do you want to be wiped of the map???

  2. captain says:

    and now the israel mafia is bribing their way into australia , wherever they go , corruption , death ,misery , false flag terror & social collapse will follow but this time they will be purged,the aussies know of their true agenda,i don’t care if they attack me with their usual infantile & feeble minded accusation of : anti-semite , if semite stands for cxxt , then hell yes i am a rampant anti-semite !!! the ADL via their goons from the uk border agency already ruined my music career,i got nothing left to lose,their relentless senile winging that they are the persecuted race is a lame excuse for their criminal acts & no justification whatsover. their deceit has led to their downfall before and it WILL happen again,they have no one to blame but themselves…… disgusting !!!

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Dear Captain, the UK and it’s colonies is already in the Mossad bag. They started on England many years ago as witnessed by the Balfour Dec. Immediate inbreeding with the ruling class started after the Normans came in 1066 and brought Jews from Spain and France. To me, UK and Israel are the same entity, including all colonies. Aussies will not hold back the tide, they are completely amoral, controled, and sold out to the Yids. Example: Rupert Murdoch. Queen of England is an Ashkenazi, husband, Greek Sephardic. See, it is the same country as Israhell. City of London breaking economies whereever they want. BP causing the biggest manmade diaster in history, a diaster of biblical proportions and maybe plus some. New book out, written by a Jew, “The Jews of Scotland”, thing is they all took name like MacDonald, hard to see the deceit. Many people in Scotland with large Semitic noses, they don’t even know themselves what they are! UK for all intents and purposes is a Jewish state. The lizard queen owns 1/6 of the earht’s land mass!

  3. […] VIDEO – AIPAC: The Voice of America […]

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