New World Order I: World Communism, Club of Rome Tells G20

by Anders
Published: Aug. 16, 2009 –

Summary: This is a review of a speech made by Club of Rome´s secretary-general before UNESCO at a meeting  on 15 June. The Speech was presented to the G20  in London on 2 April – and to the G8 and the G5 as well. The secretary-general says that the Club of Rome has  moved on to influencing world politics directly. He wants a strong climate policy, communist distribution of wealth in the world, sustainability, reduction of our consumption, stop population to growth, radical restructuring of the world government now. Problems can only be solved together: global government for global problems. Otherwise  unimaginable disaster awaits us. UNESCO will be used to indoctrinates world population accordingly.

A few days ago I was confronted with this remark on a blog referring to one of my articles: “I cannot take an author seriously who writes about the New World Order”! My reply was that the New World order is just as real as the EU, as can be seen by the videos on the right margin of this blog, where Barroso, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, Pres. Bush Sr. and others keep speaking about the New World order. The EU even professes to the New World Order´s “illuminist aim” (explanatory statement). I also wrote that due to the 3 tiny words “Pth! Conspiray theory” this New World Order has succeeded in brainwashing us to an extent that it can now openly in the Financial Times declare its aim: world government under the guidance of Rockefeller´s Clubs: The Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations which recently on its own website declared its aim to govern the world by means of David Rockefeller´s Studies Programme. This video (2 h. 20 min.)shows  the plan of this criminal syndicate. You will never forget, what you see and hear here.

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