The Fabian Society – Creeping Communism

This, along with many other ‘Secret Societies’ work together for this ‘Common Purpose’…… we see this consistently with denial & delay tactics used in response to complaints by the people & the lies & omissions & twisted truths that spin doctors play out to the public in the mass media….

by DB
Published: Sep. 03, 2009 –

The Fabians whose logo until very recently was a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing are a breed of Communism who believed in Collectivism (Communism) by stealth and many of the Globalists would belong to this scheming organisation.

Since the collapse of Communism you can rest assured that they are now to be found amongst the Fabians.

The Fabians are well established in Australia and many are in the Labor party. All of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s cabinet were Fabians and Prime Ministers Hawke and Keating also belonged to the Fabians.

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