Internet Under Siege

by Philip Giraldi
Published: Nov. 19, 2009 –

It is ironic that President Barack Obama would travel to China and speak against government control over the internet. If the American Department of Homeland Security has its way new cybersecurity laws will enable Obama’s administration to take control of the internet in the event of a national crisis. How that national crisis might be defined would be up to the White House but there have been some precedents that suggest that the response would hardly be respectful of the Bill of Rights.

Many countries already monitor and censor the internet on a regular basis, forbidding access to numerous sites that they consider to be subversive. During recent unrest, the governments of both Iran and China effectively shut down the internet by taking control of or blocking servers. Combined with switching off of cell phone transmitters, the steps proved effective in isolating dissidents. Could it happen here? Undoubtedly. Once the laws are in place a terrorist incident or something that could be plausibly described in those terms would be all that is needed to have government officials issue the order to bring the internet to a halt.

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America, Israel’s Lackey

by Paul Craig Roberts
Published: Nov. 12, 2009 –

It did not take the Israel Lobby long to make mincemeat out of the Obama administration’s “no new settlements” position. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is bragging about Israel’s latest victory over the US government as Israel continues to build illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

In May President Obama read the Israelis the riot act, telling the Israeli government that he was serious about ending the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians and that a lasting peace agreement required the Israeli government to abandon all construction of new settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On November 10 Obama’s White House chief of staff, Rahm Israel Emanuel, surrendered for his boss at the annual conference of the United Jewish Communities. The ongoing Israeli settlements, he said, should not be a “distraction” to a peace agreement.

Allegedly, the US is a superpower and Israel is a client state whose very existence depends entirely on US military and economic aid and diplomatic protection. Yet, in the real world it works the other way. Israel is the superpower and the US is its client state.

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War Criminals: Is Tony Blair fit to become the President of the European Union?

by Peter Eyre
First Published: Nov. 06, 2009 – Palestine Telegraph

London. We have seen Prime Minister Gordon Brown and most member of his party promote Tony Blair as the first President of the European Union. Dare other members of the British Government put their names forward to support such a person who may in the near future be called to give account of his reasons for going to war? Dare they be associated with a person who could well be soon listed as a war criminal? If one asked the British public the answer would be “No way”

If anyone has followed the recent Kuala Lumpur Conference to Criminalise War you will soon learn that Tony Blair is not a very well respected man in Malaysia.

Is it possible that he should be tried for War Crimes?

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NEWS (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

NATO strike kills nine civilians in Helmand, Afghanistan
Thu. Nov. 05 – LASHKARGAH: Artillery and mortar shelling by the NATO-led international troops killed nine civilians in southern Afghanistan, locals said.

Two Pakistanis killed in US drone attack
Thu. Nov. 05 – Two people have been killed as a result of a US drone missile attack in the tribal region of North Waziristan bordering Afghanistan.

US soldier killed in Afghan attack
Thu. Nov. 05 – An American soldier serving under NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.

Iraqi colonel killed in Baghdad blast
Wed. Nov. 04 – A senior Iraqi police officer has been killed after being hit by a bomb left outside the door of his house at Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad.

5 British soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan
Five British soldiers have been shot dead in Helmand Province, in an attack the UK military blamed on a “rogue” Afghan policeman.

US military suffers first casualty of month in Iraq
Tue. Nov. 03 – A non-combat incident in the Karadah district of southeast Baghdad has claimed the life of a US soldier.

Taliban denounce ‘puppet president’ Karzai
Tue. Oct. 03 – The Taliban has questioned the legitimacy of the Afghan administration after the cancellation of a planned run-off following the fraud-stained August presidential vote.


Mysterious Virus Hits Ukraine (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Panic in Ukraine over swine flu
Thu. Nov. 05 – Officials in Ukraine have closed schools for three weeks, imposed travel restrictions and are limiting public events as the country battles to stop the spread of swine flu.

Ukraine Cases Double To 478,000 In 2 Days – 81 Deaths
Wed. Nov. 04 – The above numbers are from the latest update from Ukraine. The number of infected patients has almost doubled to just under ½ million, compared to the report two days ago (see map).

NATO providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Wed. Nov. 04 –  NATO member states have started to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the press service of the NATO department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported on Tuesday.

Tymoshenko says all Ukrainians will be provided with gauze masks in a week
Wed. Nov. o4 – Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has ordered regional state administrations and city administrations to produce gauze masks within a week.

Yushchenko called on to help Ukraine: Unknown virus is killing people
Tue. Nov. 03 -In last 24 hours, an unknown virus (presumed pneumonic plague) infected another 37 thousand and killed 12 more people. The authorities deny that this is pneumonic plague, and insist that people die from influenza, pneumonia and ARI.



Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Thu. Nov. 05)

Iran welcomes Israel war crimes probe
Thu. Nov. 05 – Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee has welcomed an investigation into Israeli crimes during the Gaza war.

Israel destroys 2 more Palestinian homes
Tue. Nov. 03 – Israeli forces have demolished two more Palestinian-owned homes in Jerusalem Al-Quds as part of Tel Aviv’s efforts to increase the number of Jewish settlements there.



Totalitarian Tiptoe to the New World Order (Last Updated: Wed. Nov. 04)

Czech president signs EU reform treaty
Wed. Nov. 04 – Czech President Vaclav Klaus says Prague has finally committed to the European Union’s reforming Lisbon Treaty, hours after a top court ruled that it was in line with the constitution.


More News (Last Updated: Wed. Nov. 04)

Iraq signs major oil deal with BP, CNPC
Wed. Nov. 04 – Iraq has signed its biggest oil deal since the US 2003 invasion with Britain’s BP and China’s CNPC to develop the giant Rumaila oilfield.

One fifth of mammals near extinction
Wed. Nov. 04 – Over 17,000 species assessed in a major international biodiversity study are threatened with extinction, a leading environmental group has warned.

Poll: Obama’s popularity below average
Tue. Nov. 03 – US President Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to decline nearly one year after his arrival to the White House, a new poll shows.

UK graduate unemployment soars 44%
Tue. Nov. 03 – Graduate unemployment in the UK has soared 44 percent, reaching the highest level for more than a decade, a recent research has shown.

Poverty indicator targets large number of US children
Tue. Nov. 03 – A new study has shown that nearly half of all US children and 90 percent of black kids will eat meals at some point during their childhood paid for by food stamps, an indicator of poverty.

NEWS (Last Updated: Oct. 24, 2009)

Obama´s Wars (Last Updated: Sat. Oct. 24)

Danish troop falls in Afghanistan
Sat. Oct. 24 – A Danish trooper has reportedly died in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, after being fired at by unidentified attackers.

Eight years on, US still says Afghanistan ‘a test’
Sat. Oct. 24 – The United States says that the upcoming run-up to Afghanistan’s presidential election is a test for the almost 100,000-strong international forces in the war-torn country.

Ex-CIA agent confirms US ties with Jundullah
Sat. Oct. 24 – A former Central Intelligence Agency officer has confirmed US’ relations with the terrorist group Jundullah, despite the CIA knowing that the group has close links with the al-Qaeda.

Pakistan reports 155 killed in Waziristan offensive
Fri. Oct. 23 – The Pakistani army reports killing 155 pro-Taliban militants in the ongoing major offensive in South Waziristan that began Saturday.

Another British soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
Fri. Oct. 23 – Another British soldier dies in powerful roadside blast in southern Afghanistan, amid rising casualty count among the foreign forces occupying the country.

Violence kills 5 people in Iraq’s Mosul
Fri. Oct. 23 – At least five people have lost their lives and three others suffered injuries in the latest string of terrorist attacks targeting Iraqi people in the volatile northern city of Mosul.

In Pakistan, car bomb rocks Peshawar
Fri. Oct. 23 – A car bomb has exploded, in a latest incident of violence, in main Pakistani northwestern city of Peshawar, as a wave of militant attacks in the country kills hundreds in October.

US drone kills three people in Pakistan
Thu. Oct. 22 – At least three people have been killed as a result of a US drone firing two missiles at a house in the North Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Car bomb kills 4, wounds 9 in Iraq
Wed. Oct. 21 – At least four people, including two policemen, have been killed in a car bomb blast in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar.

Blast leaves US soldier dead in Afghanistan
Wed. Oct. 21 – Amid looming insurgency in Afghanistan, another American soldier has been killed in a roadside bomb attack in the volatile south, NATO says.

WFP shuts down food centers in Pakistan
Wed. Oct. 21 – Amid rising insurgency in Pakistan, the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) has shut down its distribution centers in the country’s north-west over security concerns.

18 killed in Waziristan as army foresees lengthy fight
Wed. Oct. 21 – At least 15 militants and three troops have been killed during battles in South Waziristan as the Pakistani military admits that its anti-militant sweep in the area has been tougher than expected.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Fri. Oct. 24)

Israel urges Ban to stop Goldstone report
Sat. Oct. 24 – The Israeli foreign minister has urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon against sending the Goldstone report on Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip to the Security Council or the General Assembly.

Israeli blockade denies Gazans basic needs: UNHRC
Fri. Oct. 23 – United Nations special rapporteur says Israel is blocking the basic necessities from entering the Gaza Strip, adding that the Palestinians are suffering amid Middle East tensions.

Israel to close down main Gaza fuel terminal
Fri. Oct. 23 – Tel Aviv is moving towards gradual closure of the fuel terminal at the Nahal Oz crossing along the border with the Gaza Strip which has long been under a tight Israeli siege.

Israel pounds more Gaza tunnels
Thu. Oct. 22 – Israeli warplanes have struck more Palestinian tunnels in the blockaded Gaza Strip, after a rocket was fired from the coastal enclave.

Israel backs ‘carte blanche’ to kill
Wed. Oct. 21 – The Israeli war minister advocates operational latitude for its army amid mounting condemnation of the Zionist regime’s massacre of the Palestinians.


More News (Last Updated: Sat. Oct. 24)

US pressures Iran into accepting IAEA deal
Sat. Oct. 24 – After Iran announced that it needs more time to consider an IAEA-brokered draft proposal on nuclear fuel supply, Washington says it “will not wait forever”.

Obama’s popularity drop, biggest in 50 years
Fri. Oct. 23 – Approval rating of Barack Obama has declined sharply since July, the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years, a new poll shows.

US, Poland renew contentious missile pact
Thu. Oct. 22 – The United States has encouraged Poland to accept a plan B missile defense shield program following the reversal of an earlier aerial security scheme.

Poverty in America revised to 1 of 6
Wed. Oct. 21 – One in six Americans live in poverty, a new report finds, leading to the implication that the US poverty level is even worse than first believed.

US, Israel to launch largest war game
Wed. Oct. 21 – Israel and the United States plan to begin their largest-ever joint war exercise on Wednesday to simulate possible missile attacks on Israel.

FBI arrests US scientist for spying for Israel
Wed. Oct. 21 – US officials say they have arrested an American citizen who has been charged with spying for the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

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VIDEO – Tiger by the Tail: Understanding the reality of Israel and Palestine

War Criminals Are Becoming The Arbiters Of Law

The IDF Violated Nuremberg Principles During Operation ‘Cast Lead’

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead

Documentary – The Israel Lobby in the USA (50 min.)

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead

by Amira Hass
Published: Oct. 18, 2009 – Haaretz

Richard Goldstone visited the Gaza City neighborhood of Zaytoun in late June to tour the compound of the extended Samouni family, the subject of coverage here in recent weeks (“‘I fed him like a baby bird,'” September 17; “Death in the Samouni compound,” September 25). Twenty-nine members of the family, all of them civilians, were killed in the Israel Defense Force’s winter assault – 21 during the shelling of a house where IDF soldiers had gathered some 100 members of the family a day earlier.

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War is peace. Ignorance is strength

by John Pilger
Published: Oct. 15, 2009 –

Barack Obama, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, is planning another war to add to his impressive record. In Afghanistan, his agents routinely extinguish wedding parties, farmers and construction workers with weapons such as the innovative Hellfire missile, which sucks the air out of your lungs. According to the UN, 338,000 Afghan infants are dying under the Obama-led alliance, which permits only $29 per head annually to be spent on medical care.

Within weeks of his inauguration, Obama started a new war in Pakistan, causing more than a million people to flee their homes. In threatening Iran – which his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said she was prepared to “obliterate” – Obama lied that the Iranians were covering up a “secret nuclear facility”, knowing that it had already been reported to the International Atomic Energy Authority. In colluding with the only nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, he bribed the Palestinian Authority to suppress a UN judgment that Israel had committed crimes against humanity in its assault on Gaza – crimes made possible with US weapons whose shipment Obama secretly approved before his inauguration.

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The IDF Violated Nuremberg Principles During Operation ‘Cast Lead’

by Cesar Chelala
Published: Oct. 15, 2009 – Information Clearing House

In what can be considered a sad paradox of history, an analysis of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) actions during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza shows that the IDF violated several of the Nuremberg Principles, as well as the principles of the Geneva Conventions.

The Nuremberg Principles are a set of guidelines established after World War II to try Nazi Party members. They were established to determine what constitutes a war crime. The Geneva Conventions consist of four treaties and three additional protocols that establish the standards in international law for humanitarian treatment of the victims of war.

According to Nuremberg Principle I, “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.” As detailed in the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict,” also known as the “Goldstone Report,” several crimes against unarmed civilians were committed by the IDF during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

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NEWS (Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2009)

Obama´s Wars (Last Updated: Mon. Oct. 19)

Bomb blasts kill 3 more US troops in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – Amid a rising number of causalities for US forces in Afghanistan, two separate bomb attacks have claimed the lives of three more American troops in the volatile country.

NATO says US soldier killed in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has declared that one US soldier has been killed in an attack in southern Afghanistan.

Pakistan says 60 militants killed in operation
Mon. Oct. 19 – The Pakistani army says at least 60 pro-Taliban militants in South Waziristan have been killed as a military offensive in the volatile region enters its second day.

Report: US upgrading military bases in Afghanistan
Mon. Oct. 19 – While Washington is weighing its options on sending more troops to Afghanistan, the US army is spending billions of dollars on upgrading its bases in the war-torn country.

8 killed, 29 wounded in Baghdad bombings
Mon. Oct. 19 – At least eight people have been killed and 29 others wounded in two separate bombings in Baghdad’s mainly Sunni Adhamiya district, police say.

UK: Afghan war continues despite unpopularity
Mon. Oct. 19 – UK’s army chief says the Afghan mission will continue despite its unpopularity at home, following a dramatic rise in British troops’ death toll in recent months.

56 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan, Taliban claim
Fri. Oct. 16 – Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan say they have killed at least 56 NATO soldiers in separate incidents across the war-ravaged country over the past 24 hours.

In Pakistan, powerful blast rocks Peshawar
Fri. Oct. 16 – A bomb explodes near a police facility in Pakistan’s northwest city of Peshawar, a day after a spate of violent attacks across the country left at least 40 people dead.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Fri. Oct. 16)

Report: 355 Palestinians held without charge in Israeli prisons
Fri. Oct. 16 – Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies – There are currently 355 Palestinians including three women and a child in Israeli custody being held without charge, human rights groups said Wednesday.

Israel struggling to block Gaza report
Fri. Oct. 16 – The Israeli Prime Minister has demanded the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to drop support for a UN report which accuses Israel of war crimes during the 22-day onslaught on the Gaza Strip.


More News (Last Updated: Tue. Oct. 20)

Obama ‘controlled media during campaign’
Tue. Oct. 20 – President Barack Obama had absolute “control” over media coverage during his presidential campaign, according to the White House communications director.

Iran urges UNSC to strongly condemn deadly blast
Tue. Oct. 20 – After a bloody attack in a southeastern Iranian borderline region, the Islamic Republic calls on the UN Security Council and international bodies to strongly condemn the terrorist event.

EU home to 270,000 human-trafficking victims
Mon. Oct. 19 – The alarming rise in the number of human trafficking victims in the European Union has prompted the United Nations to issue a request for increased efforts in combating the illegal trade.

Bailed-out UK bank to hand out ‘£5m bonuses’
Mon. Oct. 19 – The state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which was bailed-out with billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money amid the global financial crisis, is likely to cause public anger by announcing a bid to hand out record bonuses.

Israel plans to devour the world: Hungarian MP
Mon. Oct. 19 – A Hungarian lawmaker has voiced worry over Israel’s expansionist policies, saying Israel is trying to take over the world.

Undeclared plutonium scandal haunts France
Fri. Oct. 16 – French authorities have discovered enough undeclared plutonium to make five nuclear bombs at a nuclear facility south of the country.

Iran proposes setting up ‘Asian Union’
Fri. Oct. 16 – The Iranian foreign minister has proposed setting up the ‘Asian Union’ to strengthen economic cooperation among Asian counties.

NEWS (Last Updated: Oct. 15, 2009)

Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Thu. Oct. 15)

11 people killed in Iraq explosions
Thu. Oct. 15 – At least 11 people have been killed and 44 others injured in a series of blasts and violence-related incidents in Iraq, security sources say.

US drone attack kills 4 in Pakistan
Thu. Oct. 15 – At least four people have been killed in a new US drone attack targeting a house in northwestern Pakistan, a security official says.

85,000 people killed in post-war Iraq
Thu. Oct. 15 – Iraq’s government says more than 85,000 people have died from 2004 to 2008 in violence-related incidents, following the US invasion of the country.

Iraq blasts kill 10, wound 14
Wed. Oct. 14 – Bomb blasts across Iraq have reportedly killed 10 people, including two Iraqi soldiers and a leader of the government-allied Sunni fighters, wounding 14 others.

Brown to announce Afghan troop surge
Wed. Oct. 14 – The British prime minister is expected to announce that his country will deploy hundreds of extra troops to Afghanistan, extending the UK’s commitment to the unpopular war.

Pakistan blast kills dozens, injures scores
Tue. Oct. 13 – A bomb explosion has killed at least 41 people and injured 45 others near Pakistan’s northwest of Swat valley, police officials say.

Series of bomb blasts wound several Iraqis
Tue. Oct. 13 – Dozens of people have reportedly suffered injuries as a spate of bomb explosions ripped through northern parts of violence-plagued Iraq as well as the capital, Baghdad.

US approves 13,000 troops for Afghan war
Tue. Oct. 13 – Washington will send an additional 13,000 US troops to Afghanistan in addition to the 21,000 President Barack Obama announced publicly in March, a report says.

Death toll rises to 19 in Iraq’s triple bombings
Mon. Oct. 12 – The death toll of the bombings in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, has risen to 19.

US ‘fails to reach civilian goals in Afghanistan’
Mon. Oct. 12 – As Afghanistan’s eight-year-old war is claiming countless lives, a new report says that the United States has not reached its civilian goals in the war-ravaged country.

Pakistan blast kills dozens, injures scores
Mon. Oct. 12 – A bomb explosion has killed at least 30 people and injured 45 others near Pakistan’s northwest of Swat valley, police officials say.

As trooper dies, UK mortalities in Afghanistan hits 221
Sat. Oct. 10 – The British death toll in Afghanistan surpasses 220 as another soldier dies in the conflict-torn country’s southern province of Helmand.

2 Polish soldiers killed, 4 injured in Afghanistan
Sat. Oct. 10 – A roadside bomb has killed two more Polish soldiers and wounded four others in Afghanistan, amid rising death toll for foreign soldiers there.

UN extends controversial US war in Afghanistan
Fri. Oct. 09 – Despite widespread discontent over the US’ handling of war in Afghanistan, the UN Security Council has extended the mandate of foreign troops for one more year.

Spanish soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
Thu. Oct. 08 – An explosion has killed a Spanish soldier serving with the US-led NATO troops in Afghanistan, amid widespread discontent over the foreign forces’ handling of the war.

Huge blast hits India embassy in Kabul
Thu. Oct. 08 – A huge blast has hit the center of the Afghan capital city of Kabul, killing at least 12 people and injuring 83 others, says Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Wed. Oct. 14)

NAM wants Israel to be responsible for Gaza crimes
Wed. Oct. 14 – 115 countries of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) have called on the UN Security Council to hold Israel responsible for atrocities committed in Gaza during its offensive.

Israel feels the heat over UN meeting on Gaza war
Wed. Oct. 14 – On the eve of a UN meeting on the atrocities Israel carried out during the Gaza war, the Zionist regime prime minister has declared that Israeli officials will not submit to prosecution for war crimes.

Israel to raze 150 Palestinian homes
Wed. Oct. 14 – Israel has announced plans to demolish 150 Palestinian homes in the mostly Arab east Jerusalem Al-Quds in a move that would displace more than 1,000 Palestinians.

Israeli airplanes bombard Gaza tunnels
Wed. Oct. 14 – A Palestinian youth has been killed and four others wounded in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza’s feeding tunnels on the border with Egypt.

UN backs debate on Goldstone’s Gaza report
Tue. Oct. 13 – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon backs a Palestinian bid to re-launch the debate on the Goldstone report, which accuses Israel of war crimes as well as crimes against humanity during its weeks-long onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

International probe into Israel organ theft called for
Tue. Oct. 13 – Freelance Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom has reportedly demanded an international war crimes investigation into claims that Israeli soldiers harvest organs of dead Palestinians.

Israel shuts Gaza crossings, bombs tunnels
Sat. Oct. 10 – Israel shuts down all crossings into the Gaza Strip without prior notice, as its warplanes sever more Palestinian tunnels on the Rafah border with Egypt.

Palestinians call for UN debate on Israeli crimes
Sat. Oct. 10 – Palestinian diplomats in Geneva are seeking to bring forth a UN Human Rights Council debate on Israeli war crimes as the occupying regime resorts to new violence against Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

UN ‘concerned’ over Israeli aggression at Al-Aqsa
Fri. Oct. 09 – The United Nations has expressed concerns over the situation at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (Al-Quds), caused by ongoing Israeli aggression.

‘Israel not after real peace with Palestine’
Thu. Oct. 08 – The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s documents suggest Tel Aviv is not after a real peace deal but rather a shelter from international frustration and Palestinian armed response.


More News (Last Updated: Thu. Oct. 15)

Mussolini ‘British agent’ in WWI
Thu. Oct. 15 – A British historian has claimed that Benito Mussolini, the famous Italian Dictator, had in fact been a paid agent for British Intelligence during the First World War.

US continues to threaten Iran with sanctions
Wed. Oct. 14 – The US says the Iranian economy is vulnerable to new sanctions it may face if Tehran refuses to halt its uranium enrichment program.

UN admits ‘fraud’ marred Afghan election
Mon. Oct. 12 – After facing allegations of attempting to cover up evidence of cheating in Afghanistan’s presidential election, the head of UN mission in the country admits “significant fraud” affected the August vote.

Chavez laments ‘forgetful’ Nobel committee’s decision
Mon. Oct. 12 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has joined the fray over Nobel Laureate Barack Obama, saying the US president does not deserve the prize.

35 killed in Mexican Drug violence
Sat. Oct. 10 – Drug-related brutal attacks and crimes spanning five Mexican states, kill 35 people in one single day, security officials say.

Israeli’s bid to buy Al-Jazeera from Qatar
Fri. Oct. 09 – An Israeli media tycoon has offered to buy the pan-Arab Al-Jazeera satellite television network from the government of Qatar.

US lawmakers extend wiretap legislation
Fri. Oct. 09 – A Senate Judiciary Committee, drawing criticism from both liberals and conservatives, has voted to extend provisions of the expiring PATRIOT Act.

Poland gets US guarantee of Patriot missiles
Thu. Oct. 08 – Poland has received American assurance that it would receive an air defense battery armed with 100 missiles.

US budget deficit may hit record $1.4 trillion
Thu. Oct. 08 – The US budget deficit is expected to hit a record 1.4 trillion dollars in 2009, some 950 billion dollars greater than the shortfall recorded last year.

War Criminals Are Becoming The Arbiters Of Law

by Paul Craig Roberts
Published: Oct. 12, 2009 – Information Clearing House

The double standard under which the Israeli government operates is too much for everyone except the brainwashed Americans. Even the very Israeli Jerusalem Post can see the double standard displayed by “all of Israel now speaking in one voice against the Goldstone report”:

“This is the Israeli notion of a fair deal: We’re entitled to do whatever the hell we want to the Palestinians because, by definition, whatever we do to them is self-defense. They, however, are not entitled to lift a finger against us because, by definition, whatever they do to us is terrorism.

“That’s the way it’s always been, that’s the way it was in Operation Cast Lead.

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Israel War Deforms Gaza Newborns

by Ola Attallah
Published: Oct. 11, 2009 –

GAZA — Um Abdullah dreamed for months of the day she holds her baby close to her heart and feel the joyful beats of his/her heart.

But when the baby finally came to life, the young Gazan mother’s heart was shattered to pieces by what the doctors said.

“They told me my child’s heart is not ok,” Um Abdullah told from her bed in Gaza City’s Shefa Hospital.

“They said it was not properly developed.”

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NEWS (Last Updated: Wed. Oct. 07, 2009)

Obama´s Wars (Last Updated: Wed. Oct. 07)

16 Iraqis killed in terrorist attacks
Wed. Oct. 07 – At least sixteen people have reportedly lost their lives and dozens more were injured in separate militant attacks across Iraq.

NATO ‘to increase troops in Afghanistan’
Wed. Oct. 07 – British Home Secretary Alan Johnson says NATO member countries, including the UK, will dispatch more troops to Afghanistan in the near future.

‘Symbol of US cruelty’ may not be closed by Jan. 2010
Wed. Oct. 07 – US Attorney General Eric Holder has declared meeting Obama’s January 2010 deadline for closing the Guantanamo detention center will be “difficult”.

UN blasts attack on UN Islamabad office
Tue. Oct. 06 – The United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has condemned a deadly bomb attack on the UN food agency’s headquarters in Pakistan as a ‘heinous crime’.

Bomb explodes at Iraqi funeral, six die
Tue. Oct. 06 – At least six people have been killed in a bomb explosion at a funeral ceremony in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar, police say.

One killed, nine wounded in Baghdad bombings
Mon. Oct. 05 – At least one person has been killed and nine others wounded in separate bombings that took place in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Afghanistan: Canadian troops kills two teens
Sun. Oct. 04 – KABUL:  Two teenage boys travelling by motorcycle through the dangerous Panjwai district southwest of Kandahar city were shot and killed by Canadian soldiers on patrol.

Eight US soldiers killed in east Afghanistan
Sun. Oct. 04 – Eight US soldiers serving under ISAF command have been killed in eastern Afghanistan in “complex” attacks by militants, the US military says.

Three US troops die in Afghanistan
Sat. Oct. 03 – Three American troops have died in two separate incidents in southern and eastern Afghanistan, says the US-led coalition force in the conflict-torn country.

Brown to consider Afghanistan troop boost
Fri. Oct. 02 – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is “open-minded” about whether to increase the kingdom’s military presence in Afghanistan, his office has claimed.

Pakistan warns US against drone strikes
Fri. Oct. 02 – A Pakistani minister has warned the United States that Islamabad will not allow strikes on suspected pro-Taliban hideouts in the troubled Balochistan Province.

Netherlands admits killing civilians in Afghanistan
Fri. Oct. 02 – A Dutch warplane has dropped a bomb, which the Afghan authorities say killed nine civilians and four Taliban fighters in the south of the country.

US loses another GI in war-torn Iraq
Fri. Oct. 02 – The US military has lost another soldier in conflict-stricken Iraq as his base on the western edge of the capital, Baghdad, came under a mortar attack.

Afghan civilians killed in new US airstrike
Thu. Oct. 01 – At least nine people have been killed in an airstrike on a compound in southwestern Afghanistan, says a local tribal leader.

Obama making Guantanamo off-limits to press
Wed. Sep. 30 – The Obama Administration is denying journalist access to the Guantanamo detention facility despite pledging ‘transparency’ about the infamous prison.

Pressed for more troops, Obama asks world to chip in
Wed. Sep. 30 – US President Barack Obama has painted a collaborative picture of the Afghan war amid a determined opposition pushing for additional troops in the country.

At Least 18 Killed in US Drone Attacks on Waziristan
Wed. Sep. 30 – US drones have launched a pair of attacks on houses today, one in South Waziristan and another in North Waziristan in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), killing at least 18 people and injuring an unknown number of others.

30 Killed in Kandahar Bus Bombing
Wed. Sep. 30 – At least 30 civilians were reported killed today and another 39 wounded when a roadside bomb hit a bus nearing the outskirts of the major city of Kandahar.


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Wed. Oct. 07)

Israeli tanks enter eastern Gaza
Wed. Oct. 07 – Fighting has broken out between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters in eastern Gaza Strip after Israeli tanks and armored bulldozers crossed the border into the coastal region.

Al-Aqsa mosque under siege by Israeli police
Tue. Oct. 06 – Israel has deployed thousands of security forces in and around the Al-Aqsa mosque compound amid heightened tensions over the closure of the holy site in East Jerusalem Al-Quds.

Israel to build 800 more units in illegal settlements
Tue. Oct. 06 – Tel Aviv is going to construct some 800 new housing units across the occupied West Bank despite international calls for a halt to all settlement activities.

Israel shuts down Al-Aqsa mosque, turns violent
Sun. Oct. 04 – Israeli police have fired tear gas at Palestinians protesting the closure of Al-Aqsa holy compound (Temple Mount) in the occupied Jerusalem.

Israel to seal off West Bank border for 9 days
Fri. Oct. 02 – Israel has announced plans to shut down the West Bank border for almost ten days so that Jewish Israelis can celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).

Israeli army jeep ‘deliberately’ runs over Palestinian
Thu. Oct. 01 – A seventeen-year-old Palestinian teenager has been hit and killed by an Israeli military vehicle near the West Bank city of Jenin.

Israel ‘knowingly’ hit civilians in Gaza
Thu. Oct. 01 – The head of the UN Human Rights Council commission on Gaza war says Israel intentionally targeted some civilian sites during the 23-day offensive in the Gaza Strip.

UK protesters call for arrest of Israeli war minister
Wed. Sep. 30 – British lawmakers and pro-Palestinian activists have pilloried the governing Labour Party for entertaining Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak at their annual conference instead of calling for his arrest for war crimes committed against the Palestinians.

Israeli aircraft pound Gaza tunnels
Wed. Sep. 30 – Israeli fighter aircraft have struck a number of food and provision tunnels in the blockaded Gaza Strip in response to an alleged rocket attack from the coastal sliver.


More News (Last Updated: Wed. Oct. 07)

60 anti-war protesters detained at White House
Wed. Oct. 07 – US Police have arrested 60 protesters during a demonstration condemning the ongoing wars on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

NASA to bomb the moon for water
Wed. Oct. 07 – NASA is preparing to launch the LCROSS mission to bomb the moon’s South Pole, as part of the agency’s search for water in space.

Man arrested for steering G20 protests using Twitter
Tue. Oct. 06 – The FBI has arrested Elliot Madison, a self-described anarchist and New York social worker, for using Twitter to assist protesters evade the police at the G20 summit.

One in three votes for Karzai fraudulent, says US diplomat
Mon. Oct. 05 – A former senior United Nations diplomat in Kabul has launched a scathing attack on the UN’s handling of Afghanistan’s disputed elections, claiming that almost one in three of the votes cast for president Hamid Karzai were fraudulent.

So our 1,000 years of history ends like this
Mon. Oct. 05 – The creation of a European superstate has moved a step closer, after the Irish people voted to accept the Lisbon Treaty, paving the way for a powerful new President of Europe.

Colombia says ‘no’ to US bases
Sun. Oct. 04 – Amid reports of a deal reached for the establishment of US military bases in Colombia, the country’s foreign minister says there is no need for more American personnel.

Italian lawyers seek detention of CIA operatives
Sat. Oct. 03 – Italian prosecutors have pressed on with a bid to arrest 26 US Central Intelligence Agency officers over their ‘grave crime’ of abducting a ‘terror suspect’ in 2003.

Over 145 killed in September in Somalia
Sat. Oct. 03 – Clashes between rival factions have resulted in the death of over 145 people and the injury of 280 more in various parts of war-torn Somalia last month, the UN reported.

8 FARC rebels killed in clashes
Sat. Oct. 03 – At least eight rebels have been killed in a major army raid at a central region in Colombia where FARC leader Alfonso Cano is believed to have taken refuge.

Carter says Iran nuclear program ‘legal’
Fri. Oct. 02 – Former US president Jimmy Carter says Iran’s nuclear program is “legal,” urging Washington and Tel Aviv to stop making threats against Iran.

US lawmakers OK fuel sanctions on Iran
Fri. Oct. 02 – US lawmakers have approved legislation to punish companies exporting gasoline to Iran, in a move to mount pressure on the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

Indonesia quake death toll hits 529
Thu. Oct. 01 – An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has claimed at least 529 lives in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, a day after another powerful earthquake struck the area.

Israel receives more N-capable German subs
Thu. Oct. 01 – Israel has received two German-made submarines which are capable of launching missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.

‘More than 6,000 killed at US-Mexican crossing’
Thu. Oct. 01 – More than 6,000 people have been killed trying to cross the US-Mexican border illegally in the past 15 years, the American Civil Liberties Union says.

Israeli offensive causes birth defects in Gaza

Published: Sep. 26, 2009 – Press TV

Palestinian officials have warned about the spike in the number of birth defects in babies born in Gaza following the Israeli offensive on the coastal strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Friday that eight months after the war, the disastrous consequences of the three-week conflict continue to affect the lives of the people of Gaza.

According to Dr. Mowaiya Hassanen, an official in the ministry, Israel’s use of internationally banned weapons, including white phosphorus and depleted uranium, has resulted in a series of abnormalities in newborn babies in Gaza, ranging from heart defects to brain abnormalities.

Medical experts had earlier predicted that the illegal use of the chemical weapons in the densley-populated area would cause a long-lasting tragedy and plauge the future generation.

According to Gaza health officials and human rights groups, Israeli forces killed over 1,400 Palestinians, including more than 900 civilians, in the offensive.

The revelation comes shortly after a UN Human Rights report accused Israel of deliberately violating international humanitarian law and using disproportionate force during its “Operation Cast Lead” against the people of Gaza at the beginning of the year.

“The Israeli operations were carefully planned in all their phases as a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population,” the fact-finding mission –led by former South African constitutional court judge, Richard Goldstone– said.




Gaza: The horror ignored by western hypocrisy

Barbaric Israel

Israeli Nazism is a clarion reality

Pushing for “normalization” of Israeli apartheid

Boycott Israel

Gaza’s tunnel economy

VIDEO –  Gaza under siege

Israeli tanks, bulldozers roll into Gaza

Israel: Old lies no longer work

VIDEO – Gaza war victims testify before UN panel

VIDEO – Gazans feel effects of humanitarian crisis

Smile on the face of the tiger

Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for beating the Israeli blockade

VIDEO – Nakba remembered amid Gaza suffering

Documentary – The Iron Wall (57 mins.)

Covering up Israel’s Gaza crimes with UN help

Aiding and Abetting War Crimes

Israel Investigated, But Will It Repent?

VIDEO – Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy

Documentary – dispatches: Gaza – The Killing Zone (49 min.)

VIDEO – Israel DID use Human Shields in Gaza

Waiting to enter Gaza

 Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It
Documentary – Palestine is Still the Issue by John Pilger (52 min.)
Documentary – Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land (80 min.)
Documentary – Occupation 101 (78 min.)
Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US?

A UN Special Focus on Gaza Under Siege

A big thank you

Why we back the boycott call

Al Quds – Jerusalem: Ethnic Cleansing and Denial of the Palestinian identity

VIDEO – Tiger by the Tail: Understanding the reality of Israel and Palestine


Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Sun. Sep. 27)

24 wounded in clashes at al-Aqsa Mosque
Sun. Sep. 27 – At least 24 people have been wounded when clashes erupted between Israeli police and Palestinians in al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli missile strike kills 3 fighters in east Gaza
Sun. Sep. 27 – At least three Palestinian fighters have lost their lives when the Israeli air force fired a missile at the vehicle they were driving at a crowded district in eastern Gaza.

Israel planning new settlement in al-Quds
Fri. Sep. 25 – Despite mounting international pressure, Israel is planning to construct yet another settlement in Ras Amud, in east Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Israeli settlers, troops break into Ibrahimi Mosque
Fri. Sep. 25 – Around 150 Israeli settlers, backed by Israeli soldiers, break into the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Ishakiyya area in al-Khalil (Hebron), in the West Bank.

Israel approves 37 more settler units in WB
Fri. Sep. 25 – Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has authorized the construction of 37 additional housing units at a settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory of West Bank.

US bends again on Israeli settlement freeze
Thu. Sep. 24 – Facing strong Israeli resistance over its demand for a full settlement freeze, the US seems to play down the key issue as a precondition to restart the so-called Middle East peace talks.

Israel defies calls for halt in settlement work
Thu. Sep. 24 – Israel has given the go ahead to the construction of more houses in the occupied West Bank amid the world’s calls for a complete freeze in such activities.

Ahmadinejad: Zionist Regime committing genocide
Thu. Sep. 24 – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Israeli regime is committing “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

Israel army changes story on killing Palestinian
Wed. Sep. 23 – Israeli troops have shot and killed a Palestinian man near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.
Although the Israeli Army initially reported that the man tried to break through a military roadblock, it changed its account of the incident and claimed the Palestinian drove off away from a check point without security check.

Israel refuses to file Palestinians’ complaints
Wed. Sep. 23 – Israeli police have refused to file a complaint by Palestinian villagers who say Israeli settlers destroyed two of their houses under construction.


Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Sun. Sep. 27)

2 US, 1 British troops killed in Afghanistan
Sun. Sep. 27 – Two US and one British soldiers serving under ISAF command have been killed in separate incidents in Afghanistan, according to an official statement.

US drone hits political party’s office in Iraq
Sun. Sep. 27 – A US reconnaissance drone has crashed into the office of one of Iraq’s biggest political parties, the US military has said.

UN: 1,500 Afghan civilians dead in 8 months
Sun. Sep. 27 – A United Nations report has noted that a total of 1,500 civilians have lost their lives in insurgency-hit Afghanistan from the beginning of the year to August.

Afghan civilian deaths hit record high in August
Sat. Sep. 26 – KABUL – Rising violence ahead of Afghanistan’s disputed presidential election made August the deadliest month of the year for civilians, the U.N. said, warning in a new report that attacks could spike again when the final vote results are announced.

Huge blast kills 6, injures 10 in Pakistan
Sat. Sep. 26 – Six people have been reportedly killed and over ten others injured in a car bomb attack on a main road leading to the primary army compound in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar.

15 Iraqi soldiers ‘killed in accidental blasts’
Fri. Sep. 25 – MOSUL, Iraq — Fifteen Iraqi soldiers were killed accidentally during what were meant to be controlled explosions in a town outside the northern city of Mosul on Friday, a defence ministry official said.

US Mulls Increasing Drone Strikes in Pakistan
Fri. Sep. 25 – In a move reportedly being spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden, the United States is reportedly considering a dramatic increase in the number of drone attacks on Pakistani soil.

US drone attack leaves four dead in Pakistan
Fri. Sep. 25 – A US drone has fired missiles into Pakistan’s troubled northwestern tribal Waziristan region, killing at least four people and injuring several others.

US missile strike rises threefold in Pakistan
Fri. Sep. 25 – The death toll from a US drone strike in Pakistan’s troubled northwestern tribal Waziristan region has risen to 12 after tribesmen pulled more bodies from debris.

5 more US troops fall victim to Taliban
Fri. Sep. 25 – The Taliban ambushes and roadside bombs have reportedly killed five more US soldiers in the troubled southern Afghanistan where insurgency has skyrocketed over the past months.

2 more foreign soldiers slain in Afghanistan
Wed. Sep. 23 – NATO says that two of its soldiers, including an American, have been killed in two separate bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan.

Study: CIA torture tactics cause brain damage
Wed. Sep. 23 – Recent studies of harsh interrogations in CIA-run prisons reveal the devastating results of controversial techniques on the minds of detainees.

Another US soldier charged with murder in Iraq
Wed. Sep. 23 – A US soldier has been charged with murder, following the killing of a civilian contractor on a US base in Iraq.


More News (Last Updated: Sat. Sep. 26)

Thousands protest against G20 summit in US
Sat. Sep. 26 – Thousands have streamed through the streets of Pittsburgh in a peaceful protest against the leaders of the world’s top economies.

US May Face ‘Armageddon’ If China, Japan Don’t Buy Debt
Fri. Sep. 25 – The US is too dependent on Japan and China buying up the country’s debt and could face severe economic problems if that stops, Tiger Management founder and chairman Julian Robertson told CNBC.

Brazil defends Iran nuclear rights
Fri. Sep. 25 – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said Iran is entitled to the same rights as any other country in its use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Obama ‘planning missile bases in Poland’
Fro. Sep. 25 – After the White House announced shelving a planned missile shield in Eastern Europe, Washington is planning to establish missile bases in Poland, according to a report.

Tehran dumps dollar for euro
Thu. Sep. 24 – Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered the replacement

NEWS (Last Updated: Tue. 22 Sep. 2009)

Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Tue. Sep. 22)

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli tank shells
Tue. Sep. 22 – At least two Palestinian fighters have reportedly lost their lives when Israeli tank shells landed in the proximity of Jabaliya refugee camp, in northern Gaza.

Israel raids West Bank, fires sound bombs
Fri. Sep. 18 – Israeli soldiers, who conduct regular overnight raids in Palestinian neighborhoods, have attacked a number of West Bank communities, injuring five civilians.

UK labor unions vote to support Israeli boycott
Fri. Sep. 18 – Britain’s labor unions have voted to support a massive boycott movement on Israel in response to its December-January offensive in Gaza.

Israelis abduct more Palestinians in West Bank
Thu. Sep. 17 – Israeli security forces have kidnapped seven more Palestinians, including a woman, in various areas of the occupied West Bank.

UN probe: evidence of war crimes in Gaza conflict
Wed. Sep. 16 – UNITED NATIONS – A U.N. investigation concluded Tuesday that both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, raising the prospect that officials may seek prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

Israel rejects independent inquiry into Gaza war
Wed. Sep. 16 – JERUSALEM – Israel said Wednesday it would not appoint an independent inquiry into its conduct in the Gaza Strip war, rejecting a key recommendation from an explosive U.N. report that accused the Jewish state of war crimes.

Netanyahu: East Jerusalem settlements not up for discussion
Tue. Sep. 15 – Bethlehem – Ma’an – Settlement construction in East Jerusalem will “go on as planned,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Knesset members in a meeting Monday, as the Israeli leadership continues to negotiatie with the United States on a settlement freeze.

US denies deal with Israel over settlement freeze
Tue. Sep. 15 – The US rejects reports that Washington and Tel Aviv have struck a deal regarding cessation of Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank.


Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Tue. Sep. 22)

British soldier falls in Afghanistan
Tue. Sep. 22 – A roadside bomb has killed a British soldier in southern Afghanistan, bringing to 217 the overall British fatalities in the war-ravaged country.

UK troops tortured Iraqi detainees, Inquiry finds
Tue.  Sep. 22 – British troops have violated international law in Iraqi prisons on numerous occasions through the “banned interrogation methods,” a public inquiry reveals.

Huge blast rocks Afghan capital
Fri. Sep. 18 – At least six Italian soldiers and 10 Afghans have been killed after a huge blast took place on a road leading to the Afghan capital Kabul’s international airport.

New attacks claim more lives across Iraq
Fri. Sep. 18 – At least seven people, including four security officers, have been killed and nine others sustained wounds in a spate of attacks that struck war-shattered Iraq.

US military death toll in Afghanistan at 757
Fri. Sep. 18 – The US Defense Department confirms that 757 members of the US army have been killed in Afghanistan as a result of its invasion of the country eight years ago

60 percent rise in Afghanistan violence
Fri. Sep. 18 – Violent unrest in Afghanistan has risen by 60 percent compared with last year and Taliban insurgents have “expanded their strength and influence,” General David Petraeus says.

US soldier shoot and kill Iraqi shoe thrower
Thu. Sep. 17 – American soldiers have killed an Iraqi civilian after he hurled his shoe at their military convoy in the central city of Fallujah.

Two UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Thu. Sep. 17  – Two more British soldiers have been killed in separate blasts in southern Afghanistan, the UK Ministry of Defense has announced.

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,344
Wed. Sep. 16 – As of Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009, at least 4,344 members of the U.S. military had died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

More U.S. troops needed for Afghan war: Mullen
Wed. Sep. 16 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Even more U.S. troops will likely be needed in Afghanistan beyond the 68,000 who will have deployed there by the end of this year, the top U.S. military officer said on Tuesday.

Tens of thousands displaced in new Pakistan offensive: officials
Tue. Sep. 15 – ISLAMABAD — Between 56,000 and 100,000 people have fled their homes since Pakistani troops launched a new anti-Taliban offensive in the tribal Khyber district, UN and Pakistani officials estimated Monday.

Three killed, 20 wounded in Iraq violence
Tue. Sep. 15 – At least Three people have lost their lives and twenty others have sustained injuries in the latest string of attacks to hit conflict-plagued Iraq.

30 militants killed in northwestern Pakistan
Tue. Sep. 15 – Attacks by government troops and a US drone have killed at least 30 pro-Taliban militants, leaving several others injured in northwestern Pakistan.

Four more foreign troops killed in Afghanistan
Tue. Sep. 15 – Four more troops and service members operating under the ISAF command, including two US soldiers, have been killed in separate insurgent attacks across Afghanistan.

Missile kills 4 in Pakistan; 18 die in stampede
Tue. Sep. 15 – MIR ALI, Pakistan – A missile fired from a suspected unmanned U.S. drone slammed into a car in a Pakistani tribal region close to the Afghan border Monday, killing four people, intelligence officials and residents said.


More News (Last Updated: Tue. Sep. 22)

Ahmadinejad: No power will dare to invade Iran
Tue. Sep. 22 – Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iranians offer a message of peace for all nations, while stressing no power will ever dare to think of invading Iran.

‘45000 uninsured Americans die annually’
Fri. Sep. 18 – A new study reveals that nearly 45,000 Americans die annually due to lack of health insurance while the Obama administration tries to pass a healthcare reform plan.

Colombia suspends gas exports to Venezuela
Fri. Sep. 18 – Amid increasing tensions between Colombia and Venezuela, Bogota says that it has suspended gas exports to Caracas for technical reasons.

EU threatens Honduras with new sanctions
Thu. Sep. 17 – The European Union has threatened the coup-installed government of Honduras with new sanctions in case they block efforts to resolve its current crisis.

Without sanctions, Israel will be ‘forced to attack Iran’
Thu. Sep. 17 – Days ahead of much-anticipated talks between Iran and the West, a former Israeli defense official says Iranian nuclear sites will come under attack by Israel if crippling sanctions are not imposed on Tehran by the year’s end.

Venezuela signs $16-bln oil deal with China
Thu. Sep. 17 – The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has unveiled a 16-billion-dollar deal with China to drill for oil in the resource-rich Orinoco basin.

Iraqi shoe-thrower tells tales of torture
Wed. Sep. 16 – Upon release, Iraqi shoe-thrower journalist says he was tortured after his arrest, vowing to reveal the names of senior Iraqi officials involved in his mistreatment.

Israel ups anti-Iran psywar with ’secret weapon’
Tue. Sep. 15 – Amid heated speculation about the “secret” visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Russia and the pirate attack on a Russian freighter, a mysterious Israeli “secret weapon” has joined the arsenal of psychological warfare against Iran.

IAEA ‘bans’ attacks on nuclear installations
Tue. Sep. 15 – An Iranian proposal prohibiting military attacks against nuclear installations worldwide has been approved by the UN nuclear watchdog’s general conference, an Iranian official says.

Tiger by the Tail: Understanding the reality of Israel and Palestine

Israel is trying to avoid having the nature of the occupation understood in the world because the more it’s understood the more it will appear to be a policy that cannot be defended legally, morally or politically.

part 1/5

part 2/5

part 3/5

part 4/5

part 5/5



Gaza: The horror ignored by western hypocrisy

Barbaric Israel

Israeli Nazism is a clarion reality

Pushing for “normalization” of Israeli apartheid

Boycott Israel

Gaza’s tunnel economy

VIDEO –  Gaza under siege

Israeli tanks, bulldozers roll into Gaza

Israel: Old lies no longer work

VIDEO – Gaza war victims testify before UN panel

VIDEO – Gazans feel effects of humanitarian crisis

Smile on the face of the tiger

Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for beating the Israeli blockade

VIDEO – Nakba remembered amid Gaza suffering

Documentary – The Iron Wall (57 mins.)

Covering up Israel’s Gaza crimes with UN help

Aiding and Abetting War Crimes

Israel Investigated, But Will It Repent?

VIDEO – Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy

Documentary – dispatches: Gaza – The Killing Zone (49 min.)

VIDEO – Israel DID use Human Shields in Gaza

Waiting to enter Gaza

 Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It
Documentary – Palestine is Still the Issue by John Pilger (52 min.)
Documentary – Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land (80 min.)
Documentary – Occupation 101 (78 min.)
Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US?

A UN Special Focus on Gaza Under Siege

A big thank you

Why we back the boycott call

Al Quds – Jerusalem: Ethnic Cleansing and Denial of the Palestinian identity

UN: Israel ‘deliberately’ attacked Gaza civilians

‘Strong evidence’ of Israeli ‘willful killing’, torture, extensive destruction of property in Gaza.

Published: Sep. 16, 2009 – Middle East Online

UNITED NATIONS – A UN report Tuesday accused both Israel and the Palestinians of committing “war crimes” in the Gaza Strip, but particularly slammed Israel’s use of disproportionate force in the conflict.

The damning report found Israel violated international humanitarian law during its assault on the Gaza Strip eight months ago.

The four-member probe panel “concluded that actions amounting to war crimes and possibly in some respect crimes against humanity were committed by the Israel Defense Forces,” the head of the UN probe, former international prosecutor Richard Goldstone, told reporters.

Read the rest of this entry »

NEWS (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Palestinian dies of Israeli bullet wounds
Mon. Sep. 14 – Palestinians hold Israel responsible for the death of a 25-year-old Hebron (al-Khalil) resident injured by Israeli bullets last month.

‘Israel plans to grab more Arab land’
Sun. Sep. 13 – Palestinian sources say Israel is working on a new settlement plan that is equal to the grab of nearly 140-thousand acres of Arab land near Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Israeli gunman opens fire on Palestinians
Sat. Sep. 12 – An Israeli gunman has shot and wounded two Palestinians in East Jerusalem, where Tel Aviv continues to expand its settlement activity despite international opposition.

Chavez accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza
Thu. Sep. 10 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has described Israel’s deadly offensive on the Gaza Strip as an attempt to exterminate the Palestinians.

Israeli court orders demolition of Palestinian homes
Thu. Sep. 10 – Israel’s High Court has ordered the demolition of what it terms as “illegal constructions” built by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Shocking figures from Gaza war
Wed. Sep. 09 – A human rights group says the deadly Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip killed at least 773 Palestinians who had not taken part in any military activities.

Israel steps up harassment of defiant village
Wed. Sep. 09 – Over the past three months, Israeli forces have increased nocturnal raids on Palestinian towns, breaking into civilian houses and kidnapping non-combatants.

Israel pushes ahead with Jerusalem settlements
Wed. Sep. 09 – Israel pushes ahead with plans to build hundreds of homes in East Jerusalem, despite warnings that the move could threaten stalled peace talks with Palestinians.

UN: Gaza Offensive May Cost Palestinians 4 Billion Dlrs
Tue. Sep. 08 – The Israeli occupation military offensive in the Gaza Strip in December and January caused four billion dollars of losses to the Palestinian economy, a UN think tank said Tuesday.

UN blames Israel for blocking food aid to Gaza
Tue. Sep. 08 – As Israel claims its imposed siege on Gaza is for security reasons, basic foodstuffs are being blocked from reaching the impoverished strip.

Israel’s new settlement ‘brushes out peace’
Tue. Sep. 08 – The Israeli government faces condemnations over its decision to erect hundreds of housing units in the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel defies world, pledges to build more
Mon. Sep. 07 – Despite increasing international concerns over Israeli settlement activities Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will authorize construction of ‘hundreds of new homes’ in the West Bank.

Israel enters Gaza, kidnaps shepherds
Mon. Sep. 07 – At least four Bedouin Shepherds have been arrested after a special Israeli army unit stormed a village in the northern Gaza Strip.

EU: Illegal Israeli settlements must stop
Sun. Sep. 06 – The European Union has called on Israel to scrap plans to build new settlements in the West Bank, saying the settlements are ‘illegal’.

Israeli soldiers kill Gazan teenager
Sun. Sep. 06 – A Palestinian teenager has succumbed to death because of grave injuries he suffered after Israeli soldiers opened fire at him in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.


Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

US seeks to fragment Iran and pakistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – A former Pakistani intelligence chief asserts that the ultimate goal of the United States in Pakistan is cutting out a ‘favorable state’ out of parts of Iran and Pakistan to run its regional operations.

September 4 NATO strike killed 69 Taliban, 30 civilians
Mon. Sep. 14 – An Afghan government-appointed commission finds that at least 30 civilians were killed in the US-led air strike on September 4 in an area of northern Afghanistan.

US drone attack kills 5 in Pakistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – A US drone has fired missiles in the tribal belt of troubled northwest Pakistan, killing at least five people and injuring several others, officials say.

Blast kills 4 in Pakistan’s Baluchistan
Mon. Sep. 14 – At least four people have been killed in a landmine explosion in southwestern Pakistan, as violence continues to take its toll in the conflict-riddled country.

Gunmen kill policeman’s sleeping family in Iraq
Sun. Sep. 13 – BAGHDAD – Gunmen broke into the home of a Kurdish policeman in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk while he was away early Sunday, killing his wife and three children as they slept, authorities said.

2 killed in attack on Pakistani troops
Sun. Sep. 13 – ISLAMABAD – A bomb blast killed two paramilitary troops Sunday in Pakistan’s Khyber region, where security forces are pressing ahead with an offensive to secure a major supply route for foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan claims two more US soldiers
Sun. Sep. 13 – A roadside bomb has killed at least two US soldiers in troubled eastern Afghanistan, where insurgency has skyrocketed over the past months.

Violence in Afghanistan claims 50 lives
Sun. Sep. 13 – At least fifty people, including 32 civilians, have been killed in a string of attacks across Afghanistan in the past two days.

Taliban kill 7 Afghan policeman, including chief
Sat. Sep. 12 – Seven Afghan policemen including a police chief have been killed after gunmen attacked their checkpoint in Imam Sahib district in Northern Konduz province.

Giant US military base in Iraq under attack
Sat. Sep. 12 – A giant US military base has come under mortar attack as the war-ravaged country is being rocked by a string of deadly bombings.

ICC to probe war crimes in Afghanistan
Fri. Sep. 11 – Media reports said the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — which includes US and other western troops — could potentially become the target of an ICC prosecution.

Twin blasts kill 4, injure 30 south of Baghdad
Fri. Sep. 11 – At least four people have lost their lives and 30 have sustained injuries after two consecutive bomb explosions ripped through a popular market south of Baghdad.

Car bomb explosion kills 8 in Iraq’s Kirkuk
Thu. Sep. 10 – A powerful car bomb explosion in the restive Iraqi oil-rich city of Kirkuk has claimed eight lives Wednesday, police say.

Gates: US won’t abandon Afghanistan, Pakistan
Thu. Sep. 10 – The US defense secretary states plans for a long-term stay in Afghanistan, claiming US has learned a lesson from the past and will not abandon the country again.

Attack on NATO base kills two people
Thu. Sep. 10 – A bomb attack in a NATO base in Afghanistan has reportedly killed at least two civilians and injured several foreign troops and local residents.

Truck bombing kills 17 in Mosul
Thu. Sep 10 – A deadly truck bomb explosion in a Kurdish village near Iraq’s northern city of Mosul has left more than 17 people dead and at least 25 more wounded.

US suffers 4 more casualties in Afghanistan
Wed. Sep. 09 – With insurgency on its peak in Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents kill four American soldiers and 10 Afghan troops in the troubled east.

Canada loses 2 soldiers in Afghanistan
Tue. Sep. 08 – Two Canadian soldiers serving under ISAF command in Afghanistan have been killed in the southern part of the country, a Canadian official has confirmed.

US troops ‘raid’ Swedish charity hospital
Tue. Sep. 08 – A Swedish aid agency has accused American troops of storming through one of its hospitals in Afghanistan, breaking down doors and tying up staff, searching for wounded ‘Taliban fighters.’

Bomb blast leaves 5 dead in volatile Baquba
Tue. Sep. 08 – At least five people have been killed and 20 others injured in a suicide bomb explosion in the city of Baquba, the capital of Iraq’s restive Diyala province.

US drone kills seven in NW Pakistan
Tue. Sep. 08 – A US drone has fired missiles on two houses in the tribal area of North Waziristan in Pakistan, killing seven people and injures five others.

Baghdad rocked by bombings, attacks
Tue. Sep. 08 – At least one civilian has been killed and fifteen others injured in a recent spate of lethal attacks in the disrupted Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Explosion hits Kabul’s international airport
Tue. Sep. 08 – A strong explosion has been reported at Kabul’s international airport, killing two Afghan civilians and injuring four foreign soldiers including three Americans.

Renewing Blackwater contract illegal – IAF legislator
Mon. Sep. 07 – BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A lawmaker from the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front (IAF) said renewing the contract of the private U.S. security firm Blackwater, which killed several Iraqis in al-Nusoor incident in 2007, would be running counter to the law.

Gunmen kill 5 in Iraq’s Mosul
Mon. Sep. 07 – Five Iraqis, including a two-year-old child and her grandmother, have been killed in a series of shootings in the restive northern city of Mosul.

Taliban attack claims another US troop
Mon. Sep. 07 – Another US soldier has been killed in a roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan, bringing to 184 the number of US troop fatalities in 2009.

Fatal rocket attack kills 3 in Kabul
Mon. Sep. 07 – A rocket attack in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has claimed three more civilian lives, as violence continues to take its toll in the strife-ridden country.

Car bomb kills 7, wound 16 in Iraq
Mon. Sep. 07 – A car bomb explosion in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi has left at least 7 dead and 16 others wounded, police have reported.

‘US building mini-Pentagon in Islamabad’
Su. Sep. 06 – Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam blames the US for problems facing the country, saying Washington is trying to change Islamabad into its military base.

More dead in renewed Iraq violence
Sun. Sep. 06 – A series of bomb attacks across strife-plagued Iraq have reportedly taken the lives of many civilians and inflicted injuries upon several more.

Poland suffers another casualty in Afghanistan
Sun. Sep. 06 – Amid insurgency on its peak in Afghanistan, one polish soldier has been killed and five others injured after a bomb exploded near their military convoy in the east of the country.


More News (Last Updated: Mon. Sep. 14)

Morales: US planning coups in L America
Mon. Sep. 14 – The Bolivian president has accused the United States of planning coups in Latin America after Washington reached an agreement with Colombia over military bases.

Survivor: On 9/11, blast hit WTC before plane
Sat Sep. 12 – One of the 9/11 survivors claims that a huge interior explosion preceded the plane crash into one of the buildings hit during the catastrophic attacks.

On 9/11, Putin warns against Iran war
Sat. Sep. 12 – On the eighth anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks that ignited a war on Iran’s neighbor, Afghanistan, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says an attack on Iran would be “dangerous” and “unacceptable.”

US lawmakers to vote on cutting gasoline delivery to Iran
Fri. Sep. 11 – The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs is likely to vote next month on imposing sanctions on Iran’s gasoline imports, according to the committee chairman.

In US, nearly 40 million people in poverty
Fri. Sep. 11 – Nearly 40 million people in the US have lived below the bread line last year as the recession snuffed out jobs and dragged down incomes.

Israel: Deployment site for US missile shield?
Thu. Sep. 10 – The United States may pick Israel over Eastern Europe as the deployment location for the partial installation of its controversial global missile defense shield.

US leads world in weapons sales
Tue. Sep. 08 – The United States snatched the lion share of the global arms sales in 2008 which amounted to more than two-thirds of all foreign armaments deals, a government report says.

UN: Over 1.5 million displaced in Somalia
Tue. Sep. 08 – Over 250,000 people have fled violence in Mogadishu since May, bringing the total number of displaced within Somalia to over 1.5 million, the UN says.

New deals cement Iran-Venezuela alliance
Mon. Sep. 07 – Iran and Venezuela sign three cooperation agreements in the fields of medicine, oil and trade at the end of President Hugo Chavez’s two-day visit to Tehran.

Iran, Venezuela vow to form anti-imperialism front
Sun. Sep. 06 – As relations between Iran and Venezuela continue to blossom, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran and Caracas are determined to form a united front against imperialism.