So What Really Happened in The Ukraine?

by Lord Stirling
Published: Nov. 22, 2009 – Europe

We have lived through a most interesting experience. From the very end of October until about a week ago, a large Central European nation, the Ukraine, was experiencing what could only be called a man-made biological warfare event in the western part of the Ukraine. At its height, 200,000 people were becoming ill a day! Final official figures indicate that over 1 1/2 million people became sick in a short time, and about 150,000 were hospitalized (over half of which are still in the hospital), but less than 400 died.

As I said at the time, there were really two stories. The first story was the outbreak of what was/is called “Ukrainian Plague”. The second story was the fact that the mainstream news media totally ignored the story for the first couple of weeks; with British newspapers (and some American media) finally covering the story only in the last week or so.

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