War Criminals Peddle “Humanitarian” Aid for Haiti

by Kurt Nimmo
First Published: Jan. 17, 2010 – Infowars

On Sunday, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush mounted the corporate media propaganda platform and complained about the politicization of the Haitian relief effort.

Clinton said the devastating earthquake offers a chance to put aside politics and help people in despair. “I’d say now is not the time to focus on politics,” said Bush in an interview taped Saturday for CBS’ “Face the Nation” when the ex-presidents’ visited the White House in response to Obama’s call for a “bipartisan effort” to help Haiti.

Clinton and Bush were responding to Rush Limbaugh who said he did not trust the administration to use money donated via the White House website for earthquake victims.

The disaster “reminds us of our common humanity. It reminds us of needs that go beyond fleeting disagreements,” said Clinton.

Fine words coming from one of the world’s foremost war criminals. Not only did Bill Clinton terror bomb to death an untold number of people in Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, he also facilitated death squads in Colombia. He is responsible for bombing a crucial pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan. He helped the United Nations kill 500,000 Iraqi children. Bill Clinton’s favorite targets were the sort of poor people he is now claiming to help in Haiti.

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Documentary – VIETNAM, The Last Battle by John Pilger (1995)

In 1975, John Pilger reported the end of the Vietnam War from the American Embassy in Saigon, where the last American troops fled from the roof-top helicopter pad. He was made Journalist of the Year and International Reporter of the Year for his reporting of the Vietnam War over a period of almost ten years. In 1995’s ‘Vietnam: The Last Battle’, Pilger returned to Vietnam to review those twenty years, seeking to rescue something of Vietnamese past and present from Hollywood images which pitied the invader while overshadowing one of the most epic struggles of the 20th century.


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The Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza

How Many Divisions?

by Uri Avnery
Published: Jan. 12, 2010 – CounterPunch.org

Nearly seventy ago, in the course of World War II, a heinous crime was committed in the city of Leningrad. For more than a thousand days, a gang of extremists called “the Red Army” held the millions of the town’s inhabitants hostage and provoked retaliation from the German Wehrmacht from inside the population centers. The Germans had no alternative but to bomb and shell the population and to impose a total blockade, which caused the death of hundreds of thousands.

Some time before that, a similar crime was committed in England. The Churchill gang hid among the population of London, misusing the millions of citizens as a human shield. The Germans were compelled to send their Luftwaffe and reluctantly reduce the city to ruins. They called it the Blitz.

This is the description that would now appear in the history books – if the Germans had won the war.

Absurd? No more than the daily descriptions in our media, which are being repeated ad nauseam: the Hamas terrorists use the inhabitants of Gaza as “hostages” and exploit the women and children as “human shields”, they leave us no alternative but to carry out massive bombardments, in which, to our deep sorrow, thousands of women, children and unarmed men are killed and injured.

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Never Mind the Facts, Let’s Have a War…

by Finian Cunningham
First Published: Dec. 23, 2009 – Gulf Daily News 

A missile test-fired by Iran last week was reported on the BBC World Service as being “capable of striking Israel”.

The choice of words was not unusual. On previous occasions when Iran has test-fired a long-range rocket, the BBC and other western news media dutifully inform us that the said device is “capable of striking Israel”. The well-worn phrase is so reliably heard in these news bulletins that its use betrays a coded script. The not-too subliminal implications are that Iran is: a) a hostile state; b) doing something illegal in test-firing a long-range missile; and c) gearing up to deliver on its alleged threat to wipe out the state of Israel.

Within hours of these reports last week, the US government weighed in with the pious accusation that the test-firing “undermines Iran’s claims of peaceful intentions”.

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Al Qaeda – The Invented Hydra for the New World Order´s False Flag Operations

by Anders
Published: Jan. 05, 2010 – Euro-med.dk

Summary: Everything seems to suggest that 9/11  was an inside job, an excuse to initiate Brzezinski’s “Grand Chess-board” – military operations in Central Asia in order to submit it to the New World Order World Government. More and more people think so – and are therefore skeptical when new “terrorist attacks” occur. An attempt by a Nigerian in a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit to detonate a bomb triggered suspicions of a false flag action by U.S. government in order to create the right panic to renew the unconstitutional Patriot Act in Congress in February. There is also suspicion that the USA has plans to deploy its military in Yemen, where the terrorist is said to have had his insufficient education. Mr. Obama and Gordon Brown claim that Yemen is haunted by Al-Qaeda fighters who have fled Afghanistan and Pakistan and are now making the world unsafe from Yemen. There will probably just ensue some bombing and a police expeditionary force, as the U.S. cannot cope with a new front. Besides, A  Somali Shabab/”Al-Qaida” sympathizer in Denmark has tried to collect the 1 mio. dollar reward and a ticket to Allah´s Paradise for killing a Muhammad-cartoonist.
On the basis of the Nigerian´s failure which occurred under very strange circumstances, the United States, Britain and Spain have now closed their embassies in Yemen for fear of Al-Quaida – and Obama promises to defuse these hateful warriors – an echo of President Bush in 2001.
But the question is whether Al-Qaeda is anything more than a convenient scapegoat and an excuse for the New World Order with the U.S. and Britain at the forefront to be used for promoting their policies. A BBC study concludes that Al-Qaeda never existed, and the very Council on Foreign Relation’s Magazine, “Foreign Affairs”, states that Al-Qaeda consists of only 200 frightened warriors who try to hide in Pakistan’s mountains. Al-Quaida has not been able to establish any network in the U.S. and the FBI has not found a single Al-Quaida cell nor seen just one single Al-Quaida attack in the entire world! A look back at 9/11 also shows strange situations. There is several credible evidence that the “hijackers” are alive and well-off after 11 Sept! There is only 1 person convicted for 9/11 involvement in the U.S. – and that happened on false evidence and because of the man’s aggressive threats. In other cases, there have been confessions after up to 183 waterboardings in a month – but no convictions, only Guantanamo! A judge ruled that the CIA and other government agencies lied with regard to 9/11 “evidence”
So,everything suggests that “Al-Quaida” has just been conveniently invented by the U.S.

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Are US Forces Executing Kids in Afghanistan?

Americans Don’t Even Know to Ask

by Dave Lindorff
Published: Jan. 04, 2010 – CounterPunch.org

The Taliban suicide attack that killed a group of CIA agents in Afghanistan on a base that was directing US drone aircraft used to attack Taliban leaders was big news in the US over the past week, with the airwaves and front pages filled with sympathetic stories referring to the fact that the female station chief, who was among those killed, was the “mother of three children.”

But the apparent mass murder of Afghan school children, including one as young as 11 years old, by US-led forces (most likely either special forces or mercenary contractors working for the Pentagon or the CIA), was pretty much blacked out in the American media. Especially blacked out was word from UN investigators that the students had not just been killed but executed, many of them after having first been rousted from their bedroom and handcuffed.

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A New World War for a New World Order

The Origins of World War III: Part 3

This article is Part 3 in the Series, “The Origins of World War III.”

Part 1: An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III
Part 2: Colour-Coded Revolutions and the Origins of World War III

by Andrew Gavin Marshall
Published: Dec. 17, 2009 – Global Research


In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I have analyzed US and NATO geopolitical strategy since the fall of the Soviet Union, in expanding the American empire and preventing the rise of new powers, containing Russia and China. This Part examines the implications of this strategy in recent years; following the emergence of a New Cold War, as well as analyzing the war in Georgia, the attempts and methods of regime change in Iran, the coup in Honduras, the expansion of the Afghan-Pakistan war theatre, and spread of conflict in Central Africa. These processes of a New Cold War and major regional wars and conflicts take the world closer to a New World War. Peace can only be possible if the tools and engines of empires are dismantled.

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The Scientific Manipulation of Our Reality

Published: Dec. 07, 2009 – NoWorldSystem

The following quotes are from Bertrand Arthur-William Russell who was a renowned British philosopher, a supporter of eugenics and World Government. He’s had a huge influence in the scientific dictatorship that we all live in today. The following quotes will describe how governments use propaganda in public schools, TV and movies to shape public opinions and beliefs to manage large populations for the benefit of the elite.

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Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why (With Videos)

by Giordano Bruno
Published: Dec. 09, 2009 – Pak Alert Press

Mind Control” is a loaded term, often associated with science fiction and the fantastical by people who are not aware of its very real history. Images of Orwell’s “1984” or Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” are conjured; dystopic nightmare landscapes assumed only possible in pulp literature. What many people do not know or realize is that these books were based on actual ideas and theories that had been put forward by social and scientific elites for decades, and in some cases, centuries. The desire of the “ruling class” to understand the mechanics of the human mind has left a trail of misery dating back to earliest recorded history. It was not enough for them to subjugate the masses through force; the Elites wanted the people to accept their slavery, to integrate it into their psyches. They wanted us to be “thankful” for our servitude, for only then, would they truly be in control of the world.

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The Climate Religion and Copenhagen I. UN: “Environment Should Compete with Religion, So That We can Shape People and Countries”

by Anders
Published: Dec. 04, 2009 – Euro-med.dk

Summary: The UN´s  Environmental programme (UNEP) is very ambitious. It wants the environmental movement to be vying with religion to set our standards and values. A heretofore secret document shows the UNEP will command governments on climate issues to include all social conditions, and milk governments for money. The UNEP is engaged in a gigantic mission work, starting with  green- and brainwashing children through 30,000 organizations worldwide – using the same methods as the British government´s  Futerra. At a meeting in Paris on 4th and 5 Sept. UNEP took the oath of the media to run environmentalist propaganda  until the Copenhagen Conference and beyond, while the whole UN apparatus is mobilized in an unprecedented campaign of climate lies for a political agreement in Copenhagen.

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With Hurricanes At Thirty Year Low, Gore Turns To Photoshop

The King of cap and trade simply airbrushes them in to his new book to create a more scary earth

by Paul Joseph Watson
Published: Nov. 19, 2009 – Prison Planet

With the increasingly discredited notion of man-made global warming crashing and burning on a daily basis, climate alarmists are being forced to accelerate their fearmongering to unprecedented levels. With the evidence failing to match up to the doomsday proclamations, Al Gore has turned to photoshop in order to make a CO2-choked earth look scary enough to sell his cap and trade scam.

The latest example of climate cult fakery comes in the form of the front cover of Al Gore’s new book, Our Choice; A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis.

Shortly after the devastation of Katrina, Al Gore was busy making a correlation between hurricanes and global warming in an effort to drive home his claim that higher global CO2 emissions cause an increase in extreme weather events. The cover art for Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, features an image of a hurricane rising out of a smoke stack.

Seemingly underwhelmed that there have been no major hurricanes since Katrina, along with the fact that global hurricane activity is now at a thirty year low, Gore came up with an ingenious method of solving the problem of the lack of scary depictions of frightening hurricanes to display on his book – simply airbrush them in!

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US army uses video games as part of recruitment drive

Published: Nov. 12, 2009 – Uruknet.info

As its troops continue to face lengthy and mutiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States is looking at new ways to attract potential army recruits.

The US military says the economic downturn and rising unemployment are sending more and more young people into their recruiting offices.

As Monica Villamizar found out, a lot of those conversations happen at the army’s newest, multimillion dollar recruiting venue in Philadelphia – the military’s version of a video arcade.

Source: http://www.uruknet.de/index.php?p=m60004&hd=&size=1&l=e



US Military Spending vs. The World, 2008

The Military Invades U.S. Schools: How Military Academies Are Being Used to Destroy Public Education

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WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu

First Published: Nov. 05, 2009 – Prevent Disease

The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to deceive the world by stating sweeping assumptions about the Ukraine pandemic. Despite huge differences in transmission and deaths rates, the agency stated Tuesday that it was valid to assume that most of the cases of influenza reportedly combing through the Ukraine were caused by the pandemic A(H1N1) virus.

There is very little left to be respected of the WHO. After months of using junk science and contradictions to conceal actual swine flu cases, they are now launching phase two of their deceptive operation: Convince the world that a more lethal strain of flu is still the same H1N1 virus.

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Microchip (Verichip) Propaganda

Via Debbie’s blog



VIDEO – The Surveillance Society: 1984 Came 25 Years Late

Cash to become extinct as chips take off

VIDEO – Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother’s All-Seeing Eye

VIDEO – North American Union & RFID Chip (from Zeitgeist)

The End of Money

DOCUMENTARY– Suspect Nation (47 min.)

Comprehend VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip

Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants

VeriChip shaves 3mm off human RFID chips

Enslaving the human race with microchip technology

DOCUMENTARY – The Age of Transitions (59 min.)

NEWS (Last Updated: Mon. Nov. 02)

Obama’s Wars (Last Updated: Mon. Nov. 02)

Hundreds of Pakistanis gather in anti-US rally
Mon. Nov. 02 – Hundreds of Pakistanis have demonstrated against a US bill that the army and opposition say have negative impacts on Pakistan’s national security.

Karzai declared Afghan president
Mon. Nov. 02 – Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission has declared Hamid Karzai as the country’s president after the cancellation of a presidential run-off.

Mortar hits US base in Iraq, causes blasts
Sun. Nov. 01 – A mortar attack has targeted a US military base in Western Iraq, causing seven consecutive explosions, an Iraqi source has said.

250,000 displaced in Pakistan’s Waziristan offensive
Sun. Nov. 01 – Pakistan’s military offensive against pro-Taliban militants in a northwestern tribal area has forced nearly 250,000 civilians to flee their homes.

33 militants killed in S Waziristan
Sun. Nov. 01 – The Pakistani military says its troops have killed 33 pro-Taliban militants in the ongoing offensive in the South Waziristan tribal area.

Several dead, wounded in Iraq car, bike blasts
Sun. Nov. 01 – The explosion of a bicycle loaded with explosives has killed five people and wounded 37 others in a market south of Baghdad, Iraqi police say.

Roadside bomb claims 7 Pakistani soldiers
Sat. Oct. 31 – At last seven Pakistani soldiers have been killed after a roadside bomb hit their military vehicle in the restive northwestern tribal region of Khyber.

Seven militants dead in NW Pakistan clashes
Fri. Oct. 30 – Pakistani troops have launched fresh attacks on hideouts of pro-Taliban militants in the northwest as insurgency and violence continues to plague the country.

US military suffers another GI loss in Iraq
Fri. Oct. 30 – The United States military has lost another soldier to a non-combat incident at Camp Adder, located outside Nasiriyah, in the south central part of conflict-stricken Iraq.



Israeli Apartheid (Last Updated: Sat. Oct. 31)

Report: 4,524 Palestinians detained by Israel since the start of this year
Sat. Oct. 31 – GAZA Researcher in prisoners’ affairs Abdelnasser Farwana reported Friday that he documented 4,524 Israeli arrests of Palestinian citizens since the start of 2009, 412 of them took place in October.

Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes
Fri. Oct. 30 – Israeli soldiers demolish two Palestinian residents in East Jerusalem Al-Quds, while illegal settlers destroy olive groves as part of efforts to Judaize the city.

War crimes arrest awaiting Olmert’s UK visit
Fri. Oct. 30 – Former Israeli premier Ehud Olmert would probably face arrest on war crime charges if he visited Britain, a leading British newspapers has quoted a lawyer as saying.



More News (Last Updated: Mon. Nov. 02)

US allocates more funds to anti-Iran broadcasts
Mon. Nov. 02 – The United States has incorporated a bill into its annual military budget, which will allocate millions of dollars for Persian-language broadcasts.

Iraqi parliament: BP oil deal illegal
Mon. Nov. 02 – The Iraqi parliament has expressed concern over what it calls an ‘illegal’ multibillion-dollar agreement that British company BP is to sign Tuesday with the Iraqi government.

Nearly 3 million Britons out of work by 2010
Mon. Nov. 02 – As the economic recovery fails to boost the jobs market in the UK, a new report finds that nearly three million Britons will be out of work by the end of next year.

Israel confirms running spy networks in Lebanon
Sun. Nov. 01 – Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon has confirmed that Israel is running intelligence-gathering networks in Lebanon.

British soldiers support anti-war Glenton
Sun. Nov. 01 – British trooper, Joe Glenton, who faces jail for refusing to return to Afghanistan after a tour of duty in 2006, says soldiers support his cause.

Israeli spy in US wanted $2 million for his secrets
Fri. Oct. 30 – The celebrated American scientist charged with spying for Israel had asked for $2 million for his secrets, federal prosecutors has revealed.

Honduran interim gov’t to restore Zelaya
Fri. Oct. 30 – Honduran de facto leader, Roberto Micheletti, has announced a deal to reinstate the deposed President, Manuel Zelaya, in a move to end the country’s political turmoil.

The Swine Flu Fear Mongering and Pandemic Propaganda can Stop Now

by Bill Lindner
Published: Oct. 03, 2009 – American Chronicle

It’s beginning to look more and more like the fraudulently fabricated Swine Flu pandemic is turning out to be a false alarm — even the World Health Organization (WHO) is reportedly admitting that there is no deadly mutation of the H1N1 Swine Flu. It’s time to put an end to the Swine Flu fear mongering and all the egregious pandemic propaganda…and to tell the truth about the dangers of the vaccines.

The Swine Flu dangers have been grossly overstated and the Pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only one that have reaped the benefits of a fraudulently created pandemic. It’s becoming increasingly clear — there is a disturbing pattern — that the Government has once again manufactured fear to terrify the public. In keeping with their tradition of tooting the Government’s horn, the media has been playing it up for all it’s worth. Not that it’s surprising, but America is still being led by liars.

The Swine Flu pandemic is turning out to be quite a little racket. First the Pharmaceutical companies reap in billions of dollars while the world’s population gets screwed and now VeriChip’s stock reportedly tripled after they were granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it develop implantable virus detection systems in humans. VeriChip’s system involves Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) for use in bracelets — and humans — that those who are forced to vaccinate could receive in some places. It’s time for the Police State that has run rampant in this country the past eight and a half years to come to an end.

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Swine Flu Shot Propaganda Goes Into Overdrive

by Paul Joseph Watson
Published: Oct. 14, 2009 – Infowars

The establishment’s propaganda drive to convince everyone to take the swine flu shot has gone into overdrive, surpassing any previous effort in the domain of public health and stoking suspicions about the motivations of pharmaceutical giants, especially in light of the fact that the H1N1 virus is far less deadly than the regular seasonal flu.

Governments have temporarily backed away from their plans to mandate the shot, but this hasn’t stopped the juggernaut of a mass media brainwashing campaign that is brow-beating reluctant citizens to take the vaccine even in the absence of the widely promised deadlier second wave of the swine flu virus.

Everywhere you look, the corporate media is over spilling with big pharma mouthpieces endlessly regurgitating the refrain that the idiot public should shut up, stop asking difficult questions about mercury, squalene and other additives, and just ‘take the damn vaccine’.

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New York Times recycles fabrications about Iran’s nuclear programs

by Peter Symonds
Published: Oct. 06, 2009 – WSWS

The media campaign of half-truths and fabrications over Iran’s nuclear programs stepped up a notch over the weekend. A prominent front-page article in Sunday’s New York Times breathlessly revealed “a confidential analysis” by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors who “concluded” that Tehran had sufficient information to build a workable atomic bomb.

While even the New York Times conceded that the conclusions were “tentative and subject to further confirmation”, the article conveniently provided the opportunity for Obama administration officials to do the rounds of the Sunday television talk-shows to argue for intensifying pressure on Iran and for right-wing commentators and lawmakers to demand more aggressive action.

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Tiger by the Tail: Understanding the reality of Israel and Palestine

Israel is trying to avoid having the nature of the occupation understood in the world because the more it’s understood the more it will appear to be a policy that cannot be defended legally, morally or politically.

part 1/5

part 2/5

part 3/5

part 4/5

part 5/5



Gaza: The horror ignored by western hypocrisy

Barbaric Israel

Israeli Nazism is a clarion reality

Pushing for “normalization” of Israeli apartheid

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VIDEO – Nakba remembered amid Gaza suffering

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Aiding and Abetting War Crimes

Israel Investigated, But Will It Repent?

VIDEO – Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy

Documentary – dispatches: Gaza – The Killing Zone (49 min.)

VIDEO – Israel DID use Human Shields in Gaza

Waiting to enter Gaza

 Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It
Documentary – Palestine is Still the Issue by John Pilger (52 min.)
Documentary – Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land (80 min.)
Documentary – Occupation 101 (78 min.)
Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US?

A UN Special Focus on Gaza Under Siege

A big thank you

Why we back the boycott call

Al Quds – Jerusalem: Ethnic Cleansing and Denial of the Palestinian identity

Why Propaganda Trumps Truth

by Paul Craig Roberts
Published: Sep. 15, 2009 – Information Clearing House

An article in the journal, Sociological Inquiry, casts light on the effectiveness of propaganda. Researchers examined why big lies succeed where little lies fail. Governments can get away with mass deceptions, but politicians cannot get away with sexual affairs.

The researchers explain why so many Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, years after it has become obvious that Iraq had nothing to do with the event. Americans developed elaborate rationalizations based on Bush administration propaganda that alleged Iraqi involvement and became deeply attached to their beliefs. Their emotional involvement became wrapped up in their personal identity and sense of morality. They looked for information that supported their beliefs and avoided information that challenged them, regardless of the facts of the matter.

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