Rumsfeld’s Award, Unrest in Egypt and Food Crises

by James Corbett
First Published: Feb. 14, 2011 – The Corbett Report

This is James Corbett of with your Sunday Update for this 13th day of February, 2011.

Leading the news this week, war criminal Donald Rumsfeld was on hand at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. to receive an award signifying his status as a Defender of the Constitution.

The honour was particularly baffling to observers who noted that in his time as Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, Rumsfeld oversaw the unconstitutional imprisonment of American citizens without trial, the unconstitutional torture of detainees under American detainment at Abu Ghraib, the unconstitutional Information Operations Roadmap, which instructed US psyops personnel that American military propaganda could be used against the American population and the unconstitutional declaration of the Coast Guard as a branch of military under the newly-formed and unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security in 2003 with the unconstitutional authority to administer martial law on civilians.

Added to these points are the equally dubious–although not necessarily unconstitutional–distinctions of having presided over a Defense Department that lost at least 3.5 trillion dollars in fiscal years 2001-2005, 2.3 trillion of which was reported missing on September 10, 2001, the day before Rumsfeld’s military presided over the most spectacular failure of US air defenses in the history of America.

Rumsfeld also participated in the deliberate deceit about weapons of mass destruction which led to an unconstitutional war in Iraq, which was in fact never declared a war by Congress, but remained an unconstitutional military operation decreed by unconstitutional executive fiat.

Appropriately enough, the Orwellian scene was capped when ex-Vice President Dick Cheney was called out to present the award to Rumsfeld. At least one audience member, however, was struck by the discordant nature of the scene to apply a different monniker to the former Vice President:

In related news, unindicted war criminal George W. Bush was not able to laugh off such a serious accusation earlier last week when a Swiss human rights group’s threat to file war crimes charges against him led to Bush cancelling a trip to Switzerland.

In related news, the US-military trained and Israel-approved Egyptian transition leader, Omar Suleiman, is coming under fire as he is being revealed to be not only a successor puppet for US-Israeli interests in the region, but an active collaborator with war criminal Bush in his illegal and unconstitutional extraordinary rendition campaign.

Many are pointing out that the Obama Administration’s tacit support for a Suleiman presidency in Egypt is the 2011 equivalent of the Reagan Administration’s friendship with Saddam Hussein, in which representatives of the Defense Department (including Donald Rumsfeld) gave approval and support for Hussein’s brutal dictatorship and sold him the chemical weapons that they only blamed him for using when they were building a case for war against him.

In related news, the current political destabilization in Egypt has been largely pegged on recent dramatic rises in food prices around the world. Now, much of the spike in food prices in recent years is being blamed not on crop failures or weather anomalies, but on speculation by the very hedge-fund speculators who brought about the subprime loan fiasco and the current economic depression.

In related news, those who are using the scientifically discredited theory of anthropogenic global warming to blame rising food prices on increases in manmade carbon dioxide are now paradoxically seeking to combat the problem by raising food prices.

The journal “Climate Change” has just released a study that shows that adding $82 of tax onto the cost of beef for each ton of carbon dioxide equivalent would greatly reduce meat consumption, thus reducing the greenhouse gases released in the raising of livestock.

However, the study is contradicted by findings that crop growth is in fact dependent on high levels of carbon dioxide, and that the current level of 380 parts per million in our atmosphere actually represents a relatively carbon-dioxide-starved environment, with commercial greenhouses pumping in as much as 1000 parts per million carbon dioxide to achieve three times greater crop yield.

Ironically, it was an earlier global warming fad, the use of ethanol for biofuel, that is in part responsible for rising corn prices. Now, 24% of the US corn crop is mandated to go to ethanol, putting further strains on already-scant world corn supplies.

It remains to be seen when US-backed Omar Suleiman will receive a Defender of Human Rights award for participating in torture programs, when Goldman Sachs speculators will receive a Defender of the Hungry award for helping create more starving people on the planet, or when the global warming alarmists will receive a Defender of Low Food Prices award for helping to raise food prices.


One Comment on “Rumsfeld’s Award, Unrest in Egypt and Food Crises”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Most know but some may not!
    By Dwight Baker
    February 19, 2011

    Donald Rumsfeld set the stage for the tearing down of Egypt, as Libya, Yemen Bahrain and the other ‘now sovereign societies’ needed to stage an attack on Iran.

    Watch and read the following Rumsfeld is exposed even more.
    Ghost Soldiers
    The Pentagon’s Decade-Long Struggle to Win Hearts and Minds Through Civil Affairs
    By Mark Benjamin and Barbara Slavin | February 06, 2011

    Egypt’s military seeks to restore stability
    Egypt’s military rulers are expected on Tuesday to step up efforts to restore stability, hoping a promise of a swift transition to democracy will prevent a new flare-up in the protests, which forced out Hosni Mubarak.
    Protests, sit-ins and strikes have occurred at state-owned institutions across Egypt, including the stock exchange, textile and steel firms, media groups, the postal services and railways.

    Pro-democracy leaders also say Egyptians will demonstrate again if their demands for radical change are not met. They plan a big “Victory March” on Friday to celebrate the revolution.

    By Dwight Baker
    February 19, 2011

    Smelling a Rat is not a hard thing to do, once one takes the hood off. Something’s that have been going on in Egypt that has been reported in the supposed free press is NOT SO.

    Murbark was set up like all the other hard line tyrannical rulers have been. His pockets were full of deceitful riches made possible by the USA warring nation being controlled by the Cannibalistic Predator Beast who loves to sell the idea of Democracy. OH NO

    Well that is just the way the ball rolls down the hill. Like it or not Egypt is getting ready to be ripped apart and all those state owned and operated enterprises [owned by the work and on the backs of the Egyptian people] are going to be sold off to the highest to inside well informed bidder’s that have been pre-selected. Russia, Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan all have been or are now going though the same set of masquerading illicit ponzi schemes democratic business take over principles. While the American flag waves high in the air, folks sing about how great our USA has been, we say the pledge of allegiance but at this time we in America are nothing more than pawns in the game that empowers those Cannibalistic Predator Beast to continuing roaming and consuming while spilling the blood of our sons and daughters and using up our Federal National communed held wealth.

    The American and British Wicca demigods of banking, commerce and trade have set up to invade Egypt with paper money and sweep all those state owned things in their back pockets for one cent on the dollar. And those that labor will again suffer even more for now that same invading bunch has the Egyptian Military on their tit to benefit. Therefore digest what the protest has gained the Egyptian People?

    The games people play Joe South 1969

    Those few in the many that care will in time develop a cure for this insane money hungry madness that is against our Great Creative Genius God His words and deeds done for mankind His greatest creation.
    How the world works

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