DOCUMENTARY – Nicaragua, a nation’s right to survive (1983) by John Pilger

John Pilger’s 1983 film about the small nation of Nicaragua and its right to survive investigates the corruption in Central America. In 1979, the Sandinistas won a popular revolution in Nicaragua, putting an end to decades of the corrupt US-backed Somoza dictatorship. They based their reformist ideology on that of the English Co-operative Movement, but was to prove too ‘radical’ for the Reagan administration.

In this film, Pilger describes the achievements of the Sandinistas and their “threat of a good example”.


Nicaragua: A Nation’s Right To Survive from John Pilger on Vimeo.


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3 Comments on “DOCUMENTARY – Nicaragua, a nation’s right to survive (1983) by John Pilger”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Parallels do exist from one people to the other.

    John did a stellar job. The facts of our warring nature were certainly exposed. I saw myself when in grade school long ago crawling under the school desk. Then I realized like never before this con has been going on for a long time. But prior to seeing John’s film I had watched the one following by Russell Means. His statements about the imposed cruelty on his people the American Indians brought a tear to my eye and sadden my heart and soul. Hats off to John Pilger may he live to be one hundred and twenty. And may his zeal and zest never diminish.

    Treat the Earth Well: It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our Children
    Ancient Indian Proverb
    Thus what are the roots of sanity civility freedoms and longevity?
    By Dwight Baker
    January 15, 2011

    Family is the lowest number of individuals that comprise some state of living with family members and others. Thus the family is the root from whence all societies of men have come from. Good or evil societies make no difference.

    The sane commonality between members in the society can propel the general societal plans for perpetuation.

    Yet outside influences to dissuade and persuade against the powers of the elders that that have existed for generations is the road the terrorizing tyrants take to bring all under their subjection.

    Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

  2. Dwight Baker says:

    Another good resource of information that confirm the statements made by John to be true is the film below MISSING.

    Missing is a 1982 American drama film directed by Costa Gavras, and starring Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea and Charles Cioffi. It is based on the true story of American journalist Charles Horman, who disappeared in the bloody aftermath of the US-backed Chilean coup of 1973 that deposed leftist President Salvador Allende.
    The film was banned in Chile during Pinochet’s dictatorship, even though neither Chile nor Pinochet are specifically mentioned by name in the film (although the Chilean cities of Viña del Mar and Santiago are).[1]
    Both the film and Thomas Hauser’s book The Execution of Charles Horman were removed from the market, following a lawsuit filed against Costa-Gavras and Universal Pictures’s parent company MCA by former Ambassador Nathaniel Davis and two others. A lawsuit against Hauser himself was dismissed because the statute of limitations had passed. Davis and his compatriots lost the lawsuit. After the lawsuit, the film was again released by Universal in 2006.[citation needed]

  3. captain says:

    thomas hauser’s book is probably the finest insight into the corrupt dealings of the junta and the US diplomatic corps (which is a mere front for the CIA) and MISSING has got to be one of the best polit-thrillers of all time,it almost makes any other performance of jack lemon utterly irrelevant

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