War for the People, Profit for the Bankers

The Federal Reserve was set up in 1913 to finance both sides of two subsequent world wars. In other words, these wars were funded by the credit of the US taxpayer. Apart from profiting from it , the Illuminati bankers use war to enslave us with debt, enact social change and consolidate their power .

by Hamad Subani
Published: Jan. 11, 2011 – HenryMakow.com

(Excerpt from “The Federal Reserve as an Instrument of War” )

The Federal Reserve has helped underwrite continued American military expenditures, even after the World Wars. As of 2009, “Defense” accounts for 23% of all American Federal spending. And therefore, the gargantuan size of the American Federal debt is related to the continuation of American military interventions abroad.

If we assume that such systems are primarily instruments of war, can we also infer that the World Wars could have been prevented in their absence.

Most of us naively assume that the Federal Reserve only underwrote the American war effort. This is not the case. In World War II, the Lend-Lease program was used to ship supplies worth $759 billion to other countries involved in the war.

Some of these countries, such as Soviet Union and China, cannot be considered belligerents. Even more bewildering is the fact that the inflated dollars churned out by the Federal Reserve managed to find their way into Nazi Germany, through American private “investments.”

Once we discard the myth that Germany recovered after World War I like a punching doll, it appears that the rearmament of Germany was largely the effort of Americans “investing” the new American dollars produced by the Federal Reserve.

One such case is that of the German chemical conglomerate, I.G. Farben, which was central to the rearmament of Germany. It had on its board of directors Paul Warburg, who also sat on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Warburg is considered to be the mastermind behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Other board members of I.G. Farben also sat on the boards of Ford Motor Company and the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil. Suspiciously, the main I.G. Farben complex in Germany managed to avoid Allied bombing during the war.

War is a profitable enterprise. But the destruction of economies also hampers profits for banks and major commercial entities. An investigation into the motives of The Powers That Be with respect to the World Wars is beyond the scope of this paper. And this aspect cannot be fairly understood while fixating on monetary profit.

But if we give credence to fringe historians, we can arrive at some basic conclusions. It could be that monopoly capitalists in the United States, such as J. P. Morgan realized the limitations they faced in the Western world.

And so, they decided to expand outside the Western world, creating societies free of the limitations they faced in the West. In both the World Wars, only the Soviet Union made notable territorial acquisitions.

While offering a panacea to capitalism, the Soviet system created an unprecedented concentration of power, creating a form of monopoly state capitalism, which was highly favored by The Powers That Be.

The Soviet Union may have thus been a modern day colony of “capitalists” based in places like New York and London. Notable capitalists took trips to the Soviet Union as if it were a country club.

Since the Soviet Union did not allow private investment, these visitors may have had a direct stake in the Soviet Empire. While the United States spared no effort in creating a military industrial complex to counter the Soviet Union, actual operations against the Soviet Union were half-hearted.

For example, the Vietnam War forced many Vietnamese people to ally with the Soviets.

Source: http://www.henrymakow.com/the_federal_reserve_as_instrum.html



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6 Comments on “War for the People, Profit for the Bankers”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Outsides the bounds of normal mankind
    Resides the Predator Beast attached to each other through Ancient Witchcraft,
    By Dwight Baker
    January 14, 2011

    The words used to try and describe the acts of these Predator Beasts have been many and most folks get lost in the dialogue.

    First the Predator Beasts that control the world system of governance today are in alliance with each other. They do not stand-alone but with each other as in the crime syndicate’s sub-culture Mafia bosses. There is not one thing about them that is done for the good of mankind. We the masses of humanity are only viewed by the Predator Beast to be their slaves to do their warring, conquering and building.

    Thus, we must emphatically put all of these Predator Beast humans in the same class High Priest and Priestess of Witchcraft and quit trying to re-analysis history. Once done we can take charge of our own lives and move out to help our family friends and kin understand more fully the crisis times that we live.

  2. captain says:

    Dear dwight , totally agree, also the 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE – represent the 4 main geographical sectors of this planet under pupeteering control of the predator beast according to an ancient teutonic legend which is also represented by the NATO/OTAN logo – WOTAN=teutonic god of war&death as far as i can recall from my schooldays. actually i would really like to know what Annie Ladysmith’s take is on this issue,i been far too occupied with current military black ops to get a handle on this.

  3. captain says:

    also right now im trying to get a grip on who exactly were the individuals who made almost weekly contributions to Heinrich Himmler’s secret slush fund KONTO-S,i am certain now that even he didn’t know who most of the contributors were.if only my dad would still be alive,he and his old SS buddies used to be an endless goldmine for my relentless questions,maybe i should dig at the Luftwaffe archives.

  4. Nós também vamos comer americano:

    “Os Estados Unidos querem ter acesso a bases de dados biométricas e biográficas dos portugueses que constam no Arquivo de Identificação Civil e Criminal. O FBI, com a justificação da luta contra o terrorismo, quer também aceder à ainda limitada base de dados de ADN de Portugal. O acordo com o Governo português está feito e só falta ser ratificado na Assembleia da República. No entanto, este mês vai sair um parecer da Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados (CNPD) que alerta para os problemas que constam no texto do acordo bilateral.
    Em Junho de 2009, Janet Napolitano, secretária do Departamento de Segurança Interna norte-americano esteve em Portugal e firmou o acordo com os ministérios da Administração Interna e da Justiça. Em Novembro deste ano, foi pedido à CNPD um parecer. Este, segundo o DN apurou, embora não seja vinculativo, vai alertar a Assembleia da República e a Comissão dos Negócios Estrangeiros para os perigos de violação da privacidade dos portugueses que decorre deste acordo bilateral.
    O acordo prevê que o FBI tenha acesso às informações constantes no bilhete de identidade de todos os portugueses. Além disso, quando se tratar de cidadãos condenados, poderão também receber o seu registo criminal e informações do seu ADN caso exista alguma amostra na base de dados que está sediada em Coimbra e que é da responsabilidade do Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal (INML).” bfds

  5. Dwight Baker says:

    táxi pluvioso
    We will also eat American: "The United States wants access to databases of biometric and biographic Portuguese appearing in the Archives of Civil and Criminal Identification. The FBI, with the justification of fighting terrorism, it also wants access to the still limited database of DNA from Portugal. The agreement with the Portuguese government is done and just need to be ratified in parliament. However, this month will leave an opinion of the National Commission for Data Protection (NCDP) which warns of the problems listed in the text of the bilateral agreement. In June 2009, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security was in the U.S. and Portugal signed the agreement with the ministries of Interior and Justice. In November this year, was asked to NCDP an opinion. This, according to the DN was found, although not binding, will alert the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee and the dangers of the Portuguese invasion of privacy that is implicit in this bilateral agreement. The agreement provides that the FBI has access to the information contained on the identity of all Portuguese. Furthermore, when dealing with citizens convicted, they could also get your criminal record information from your DNA sample in case there is any database which is headquartered in Coimbra and that is the responsibility of the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML). "bfds

    Translation site

  6. captain says:

    thanks dwight,yep sad fact the beast wants control of all DNA for the BINARY GENOME WEAPON”S PROGRAMME-my contacts in the US MILITARY informed me that all personel is now being forced to undergo BIOMETRIC & DNA scanning,but the revolt has started and the pentagon is going to unprecedented lenghts to pacify the soldiers (smoking ban on all bases reversed,gourmet food for marines,no prosecution for smoking dope on navy vessels etc)

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