War Criminal Henry Kissinger

War Criminal Henry Kissinger Top Speaker At State Department Conference

by Jeffrey Kaye
Published: Oct. 03, 2010 – The Public Record

There was also a deficiency in imagination likely to circumscribe the value of any study by Kissinger of Kissinger. Asked about his role in the Cambodian war, in which an estimated five hundred thousand people died, he’d said, “I may have a lack of imagination, but I fail to see the moral issue involved.” — Joseph Heller, Good as Gold (Kissinger’s original quote is from William Shawcross’s Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia)

Fred Branfman has a great article up over at AlterNet pillorying the State Department’s invitation to Henry Kissinger to address a conference on “the American Experience in Southeast Asia, 1946-1975.” The conference was scheduled for September 29-30 at the George C. Marshall Conference Center at the U.S. Department of State. Along with bona fide war criminal Kissinger, the other invitees included current Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke, and Former Deputy Secretary of State, and Former Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte.

It was only last April here at The Seminal/Firedoglake that I reported on the declassification of a 1976 State Department cable from Henry Kissinger to “his assistant secretary of state for Inter-American affairs, Harry Shlaudeman, to cancel a formal demarche to the Uruguayan government, protesting the assassinations and other activities of Operation Condor.” Only five days later, former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his assistant Ronnie Moffat were assassinated on the streets of Washington, D.C. by a CIA-supported Chilean secret police killer.
But, as the Obama administration rehabilitation of the odious Kissinger demonstrates, memory is short in Washington, even when there is blood on the streets… unless that blood can be turned in for demagogic currency, as is the case with the deaths on 9/11. To have Kissinger honored as an authority on the Indochinese War is an obscenity of the first order. Branfman recalls some of the essential history: . .

Kissinger orchestrated the most massive bombing in world history, dropping 3,984,563 million tons on an area inhabited by some 50 million people, twice the 2 million tons dropped on hundreds of millions through Europe and the Pacific in World War II. He dropped 1.6 million tons on South Vietnam, as many as Lyndon Johnson at the height of U.S. involvement; quadrupled the bombing of Laos, from 454,200 to 1,628,900 million tons; initiated widespread bombing of previously peaceful Cambodia, including B52 carpet bombing of undefended villages, for a total of 600,000-1 million tons; and vastly expanded the bombing of civilian targets in North Vietnam….

In Cambodia, Kissinger told Alexander Haig to undertake “a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia. Anything that flies or anything that moves,” the clearest possible violation of international law requiring the protection of civilians. Two million people in Khmer Rouge zones, as estimated by the U.S. Embassy, were driven underground by massive U.S. bombing that featured regular B52 carpet-bombing of undefended villages.

But when it comes to crimes, we’re just getting started here. Christopher Hitchens positioned part of his career as a would-be prosecutor for war criminal Kissinger. A quick review of just the first part of his March 2001 article at Harpers, “The Making of a War Criminal,” notes Kissinger’s activities. For instance, there was the “recruitment and betrayal of the Iraqi Kurds, who were falsely encouraged by him to take up arms against Saddam Hussein in 1972-75, and who were then abandoned to extermination on their hillsides when Saddam Hussein made a diplomatic deal with the Shah of Iran…” Or consider “Kissinger’s orchestration of political and military and diplomatic cover for apartheid in South Africa.” Or read Hitchen’s detailed, documentary discussion of Kissinger’s brain-trusting for assassination and coup plotting in Chile.

What Has Hillary Wrought?

Of course, Hillary Clinton deserves her own share of obloquy for inviting Kissinger and friends, including former Kissinger protege Holbrooke and the latter’s former Saigon Foreign Service roommate, the unsavory John Negroponte. (Negroponte worked at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon from 1964-68… uh huh.) One could write an entire column about the war crimes of Mr. Negroponte, who, according to the introduction by the National Security Archive (NSA) to a slew of documents implicating him, as former U.S. Ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s “sought to undermine regional peace efforts” in the Nicaraguan Civil War. NSA also cites “multiple reports of meetings and conversations [by Negroponte] with Honduran military officers who were instrumental in providing logistical support and infrastructure for CIA covert operations in support of the contras against Nicaragua.”

Holbrooke, of course, was recently implicated in a controversy with General Stanley McChrystal over policy in Afghanistan. MrChrystal got the heave-ho for being injudicious in his comments to a Rolling Stone reporter, and even though Holbrooke has been critical of U.S. goals in Afghanistan, it’s Holbrooke on the State Department podium, while McChrystal is out in the wilderness (for the time being). Branfman notes the ironies, and political agenda, behind the invite:

Clinton has also invited Richard Holbrooke, who as State Department head of Afghanistan/Pakistan policy has learned nothing from history and is repeating precisely the same policies that caused the U.S. to lose in Indochina — support of a corrupt and unpopular regime that cannot stand on its own. Inviting Holbrooke is particularly egregious, because following Obama’s strategy review, according to Bob Woodward’s new book, “perhaps the most pessimistic view came from Richard Holbrooke. “It can’t work,” he said. Lacking even a fraction of the integrity and moral courage of a Daniel Ellsberg, Holbrooke continues to promote in public a policy he privately believes is doomed to fail.

Branfman also notes that Kissinger is on hand to promote his “we lost Vietnam” garbage, claiming it was Congressional betrayal that failed the U.S. mission in Vietnam at the end. And sure enough, Kissinger was true to form at the conference, as reported by WRGW News:
“I believe most of what went wrong in Vietnam we did to ourselves,” said Kissinger, speaking candidly about his Vietnam experience in front of a capacity audience, including the Vietnamese Embassy….

Henry Kissinger… explained that during the Vietnam War “the faith of Americans in each other became destroyed in the process” of America reaching the limits of its foreign policy….

“America wanted compromise, Hanoi wanted victory,” he stated.

According to Dr. Kissinger, lack of support at home ultimately lost the war for South Vietnam and the United States.

Kissinger, Holbrooke, and Negroponte at the podium represent the true face of U.S. diplomacy today, which relies on the nostrums and machinations of an entire post-WWII generation which saw nothing wrong in ruling American Empire by means of mass murder, assassination, and the bombing of civilians. Today, the Obama administration steps up bombings in Pakistan, escalates the war in Afghanistan (as an exit strategy?), and conducts a world-wide Murder, Inc., which grants itself the right to execute without due process American citizens by Hellfire missiles, even as it trumpets secrecy for everything it does.

Obama’s embrace of Kissinger tells you all you need to know about what this administration is about. Behind the special treatment for war criminal Kissinger is the current administration’s aggressive pursuit of war in Afghanistan and military and covert operations around the world.
I try to imagine how the left would have responded if Bush had invited Kissinger to reflect for history upon the Vietnam War. I’d like to think there would have been universal derision. Today, there’s very little outrage expressed by this official government appearance by a bona fide war criminal. Whether it is fealty to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or a U.S. military and national security apparatus that says it stands for democracy but really stands for endless war, the state right to assassinate U.S. critics, and to intervene anywhere in the world that U.S. “interests” are involved, what stands for politics in this country is a joke. Something is very, very rotten at the core of this country. The falsification of history by the very criminals who conducted crimes against humanity is a primary exhibit of the degeneration of political discourse in America.

Originally published on Firedoglake.
Jeffrey Kaye is a psychologist living in Northern California who writes regularly on torture and other subjects for The Public Record, Truthout and Firedoglake. He also maintains a personal blog, Invictus. His email address is sfpsych at gmail dot com.

Source: http://pubrecord.org/politics/8347/criminal-henry-kissinger-speaker-state/

18 Comments on “War Criminal Henry Kissinger”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Some times too late we get all the facts!
    By Dwight Baker
    January 9, 2011

    Trust must not be a mainstay any longer for the peg to hang our hats on — despite how good they look or how well they talk or how big their promises are for us to have a better government and a brighter future.

    President Obama was tapped by Henry Kissinger for the job that he has today the day he graduated from Harvard.

    Kissinger has been just one of the many high profile mainstays that has been in the back pocket of David Rockefeller. They have willfully done as directed by the corporate ruling bodies of the Predator Beast.

    So here on NWO folks come around that have studied the facts and they like wise have lost the thought duties to Trust.

    Skepticism and cynicism is our only strongholds that will last into eternity. The world system is corrupt and the best that we all can do is telling all we know to BEWARE.

  2. captain says:

    well to me,all political satire became obsolete the day this thing, this mega swine and most abominable of all creatures ever to besoil the face of the earth,was awarded the nobel peace price.it sure put me into uncontrollable fits of insane laughter,for the worlds self-appointed academic leadership exposed itself in its full ugly glory,please!,someone!,bring this vile verminous thing to my house,i will skin him,er sorry,it,alive and make a fxxxxxg lampshade out of him,sorry,it!!!

  3. Captain says:

    Heinz Kissinger and his sex slave Karl Rove DID rape an untold number of cambodian boys and then blamed it on US Marines,when a recent investigation uncovered what we knew all along,he ordered blackwater mercs to dispose of all witnesses including a judge,2 journalists and 14 of the victims.he cannot enter germany since the “baba” of the turkish mafia in berlin put a €1million price on his head,but fear not,i know the exact location of his secret hide-out survival bunker in australia’s blue mountains i will personally put this fuckpig in the oven where he belongs,on slow roast !

  4. Captain says:

    i just got a tweet from one of my air force friends i recently aquired during my investigation into the murders of j.p.wheeler,sen.ted stevens,william phillips sr,theron smith etc by MITRE CORP-he says his C.O. was at a recent oval office meeting with the heads of JSOC&NORCOM. Hilary Clinton was there but kept her usual big mouth unusually quiet but guess who was sitting at his usual place,yep Heinz (Henry to the americans) Kissinger and President Barry Soetoro (that’s obama to those who don’t know) was taken notes while Kissinger dictated to the assembled what the score was going to be.you know i can see it,all that’s missing now is that filthy communist snake Casper Weinberger and the Gangster party of the last century would be complete to ride once again into the nuclear sunset.

  5. Dwight Baker says:


    Please give me the source of the information you supplied. I like to collect data for future use.


  6. Captain says:

    And never forget how much Kissinger hated J.P.Wheeler for stopping those animals from slaughtering 400.000 cambodians with biological weapons J.P.Wheeler was in Kissinger’s face til the end for using BZ Nervegas on US troops (J.P.Wheeler was as aggressive as he was intelligent,funny & patriotic !!!) that’s why Warren Buffet & Dr.(death) J.R.Schlesinger & Maurice Greenberg set him up with MITRE-where he was bound to find all the dirty secrets (the OPERATION BLACK SWAN/PHOSGENE/SCALAR/MITRE’S NANO THERMITE PATENT/HUMAN GENOME BINARY WEAPONS PROGRAM&IT’S COVER UP BY CYBERCOM IDF infiltrators etc,etc) Wheeler knew when he was told of the “suicide” of General Tinsdale hey i got irrefutable evidence&proof of who&why wheeler was murdered,yet the FBI won’t listen to me coz i know the fake car park attendent lady was one of their agents !!! America must be cleansed from the kahzarian nightmare before it chokes all reason and humanity we must make an example of Kissinger

  7. Captain says:

    dear dwight i cannot give you all sources due to the mortal danger these good people will put themselves in but here are the ones ready to fight for what’s right first of all my uncle US Air Force Colonel Jim Schweigert formerly stationed as assistant to the US Army airbourne division Mannheim/Rammstein AFB Germany he now has retired and lives in Ft.Lauderdale Forida USA – like Wheeler he was also a member of RISOPT (Red Integrated Strategic Operational Plan Team) and Major Stephen Klein his long term friend and assistant to the then allied commander in germany General Alexander Haig,both my uncle and Major Klein served with Wheeler in Vietnam and were regulars at the house of General Tinsdale.Lt.Colonel A.C.Griffith former chief of NSA who with my uncle helped me with all resources available to compile my investigation along with the Ft.Lauderdale retired officers golf association (an unregistered club of retired pentagon generals set up by Wheeler and maintained by US Navy Intelligence) cont.

  8. Captain says:

    further more the former p.a. Seargent to General (ret.) Kenneth Miniham (beware very dubious , sinister & dangerous man!) i cannot give you any other names ranks etc since they are still active serving officers,dwight please be extremely cautious anyone snooping into their affairs ended up dead so far 4 journalists were murdered, the only reason i got away with it was due to 2 factors 1st they consider me just a harmless rock’n’roll nutjob 2nd my uncle has the most amazing contacts and not just in the military i spent 25 days in the US chasing this thing i sent pt1 of the article/investigation to our beloved nwo observer moderator didn’t get a reply though,guess it’s too hot to handle but i give you a breadcrumb you must very carefully study the surveillance footage first published by NY Financial times one of the smoking guns lies squarely with that footage ! ! ! (don’t look centre observe the edges)

  9. Dwight Baker says:


    Thanks, I respect your sources. In time maybe more can come out.

    My hopes dreams and personal aspirations is the Providence will soon bring down these GOONS that have hid behind our Nation to do wrong instead of right.

    I know that if two individuals were arrested and put behind bars all these world wide crises would end in a heart beat. They are Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller let us all hope that some how some way that can happen before both die of natural causes.


  10. Captain says:

    well dwight im all with you on that but as history shows if you want something done you gotta do it yourselves im not really religious but on the other hand it can’t be a coincidence that my girlfriends nan has a property in the blue mountains overlooking kissinger and rockefellers hideout for years they tried to get her out of there but i told her how important it is to hold out til i have the funds to get there to make a move on them,go hunt this news item :rockefeller heir mysteriously vanishes in australia ! i know where he is ! btw the revolt in the military has already started by murdering Wheeler they stepped over the line,why do you think they helped me with all possible info the US military wants kissingers blood,like my friends from Motörhead always told me:if you hold the sword of light,& can do god’s work,you must do god’s work !!!

  11. Dwight Baker says:


    All good news. I will help do what ever needs to be done, if I am able.

    God does work in mysterious ways, and many do not see His handy work Yet we must all admit that some how some way a glow into the hearts minds and souls of many on the planet now is filled with exuberance that help is on the way. God has always been for the underdog for when Jesus was here with us He made that abundantly clear. The following is a little of my BIO so that you and others might know who I am.

    I once was Christianized religious but turned my back on the lies that were being told. I was awaked by the truth years ago and from that time I have been on a long and sometimes-hard path to get de- programmed from all the lies that I had believed for many years.

    Since that time of waking up I have been an avid ardent student in Scholarly biblical studies for over 35 years. When I was in oil and gas and all things were going good I enrolled in UMBC and took advance courses in Philosophy, Hebrew Language, Christian Counseling along with other like subjects. During those years of study I began building my study library. I have been a lifetime student of Dr. Roy Blizzard PHD University of Texas he lead us and others on a study trip through Israel some years ago at that time our tour was one with an archeological view.

    Dr. Blizzard was one of the archeologists that worked on digging out the East Gate to the Temple in Jerusalem. The East Gate was the path that Jesus often took up to the Temple Mount. And at the East Gate is where Peter Delivered the First Sermon YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. It was a delight while there to be on those steps on the day of Pentecost. Below the steps were the over 60 ritual emersion baths where the 3000 were baptized in water after being filled with the Light of God HIS Holy Spirit.
    Thus I submit that many things that are out there today tends to lead un-suspecting Christians in the wrong direction, but the Holy Roman Church did that intentionally in 300 AD. And out of the Holy Roman Church most of the doctrines of faith and interpretation of the Scripture has been the key ingredient in the over 3000 denominations today.

    Therefore I know where the line is drawn in the sand between the good and bad on Planet earth. And to that end all who do good by their people and try their best to live civil and sane have a place in the world to come. And all who do not are Predator Beast and they will not enter that wondrous place.

    Last, you are right as can be We must have words and works to support our missions what ever those might be. Nothing is going to get done unless those two things come to pass.

  12. Dwight Baker says:

    Henry Kissinger has always been a lackey minion and I think a moron in the employment of the Rockefeller family. Many know that and many do not. He is a wanted man for many crimes throughout the world, but so far with the present administration he is UN touchable.

    After Barack Obama Graduated from Harvard Kissinger picked him to become President.

    The following resource information might prove to be beneficial for some.





  13. Joseph Monte says:

    I have spent many years researching the mechanisms of the New World Order Group as they pressed forward to subvert many nation-states of the world through various crisis’. This group of traitors have subverted and slain multitudes of innocent citizens within each nation over the past 40 years. I personally opposed what was going on in the world during this course hoping America would escape the tragedies of other nations, but that was not to be. There is something much more massive behind the crisis and collapse of nations, that seems like destiny being unfolded before our eyes. Almighty God, the God of the Bible has permitted these things to come to pass, and He has told mankind exactly what is to come, as He has offered Himself as the only pathway of escape (Isaiah 45: 22, 23; Acts 17: 31).

    Yes, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros’, Specter’s, Kissinger’s, Bernanke’s, Greenspan’s, and multitudes of others, will realized their new world order,.. but only for a seven year period! Knowing what ‘their future’ will be following that brief period, and where it will be, I wouldn’t want to change places with any of them, for all of the wealth in the world! And none of these people realize ‘what’ they are doing today, and ‘Who’ they are going to face!

    I realized that most people in the world cringe at the words Holy Bible. However, I cannot emphasize greatly enough that this one Book speaks with incredible (100%) accuracy when focusing on the history and future of the earth, the universe, time (which is a dimension that we live within), and the events that ultimately will transpire on this earth. For instance, nations are mentioned that will go into this seven year period of global government on earth (and these nations) are mentioned in the Bible, written over 2500 years ago. Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Turkey, Russia, Persia (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan), Israel, and others are mentioned, written by the Old Testament Bible prophets over 2500 years ago. Another important point to consider, is the One World New World Order, couldn’t have taken place until after May 14, 1948, when Israel became a “nation within a day”!

    The “Day of the LORD” is rapidly approaching and today, the God of the Holy Bible is crying out to mankind of every race, kindred, tongue and nation: “Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11: 28, 29); “Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is none else” (Isaiah 45: 22). These words were spoken (NOT by the “moon god”), but by the God Who Created the moon, and the sun, and the earth (Isaiah 45: 18; Genesis 1: 1; John 1: 1 – 3; Hebrews 1: 1 – 4), and “..He Created the stars, also” (Genesis 1: 16d)!

  14. Dwight Baker says:

    My Dear Brother Joseph Monte

    The tools in our Kingdom workers bag to use as trades of getting out the Real Gospel that Jesus put forth and the Truth about who the enemy is, has seemed to be an endless and often times thankless pursuit.

    Yet what else can we do? Other than put out the call for seekers to come and those coming to teach and admonish them to go forward and do the same thing!

    Elijah as a mortal was the greatest prophet of God that ever lived, he never became a star in any mans eye except for the Lord. He was tested tried, and left to wonder around not even have the resources to feed himself yet those things were the test by God to see if Elijah would do his bidding regardless of the seemed consequences.

    When Elijah had finished his work on planet earth he passed his mantle down then God transported him to Heaven as one who never died a mortal death. Now we who have accepted the Gospel of Jesus have the same day awaiting NEVER TO DIE A MORTAL DEATH. And like Elijah be transported to the place called Heaven.

    But at this time there is much work for the Few in the Many to do and that is what you are doing HATS OFF FOR A GOOD JOB.

    I would like to add some bullets for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to put in their remembrance.
    How the world works



    God and our foes are the Cannibalistic Predator Beast trying to disguise as Bankers, and warmongers like Kissinger that has gone out to do their bidding.

  15. […] War Criminal Henry Kissinger […]

  16. There’s definately a great deal to learn about this issue. I like all the points you’ve made.

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