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3 Comments on “VIDEO – Palestine: Women and children treated like cattle”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Palestine [have we all the facts?]
    By Dwight Baker
    January 9, 2011

    The Moabites inhabited the east bank of Israel when Moses crossed the Jordan many years ago.

    The Moabites/Palestinians are cousins to the ten tribes of Israel. They like the Israelites have the promises that God made to Abraham as their inheritance. Yet since the Jews took back the land after WWII they have been put up with but mostly shunned, robed and cheated and now they have been targeted to be removed from their homeland on the coast.

    WHY? The profit from a giant find of natural gas awaits them, their mineral rights in the water is where the wells were drilled. So again money is the prime mover to keep the killing fields running with blood.

    The so to speak terrorist attacks must be looked at with skepticism.

    The pact of Predator Beast that rule the entire planet do not let any big money items slip out of their control.

    • Captain says:

      well said Dwight ,but may i please add, god does not make promises – ever ,to no one since that would contradict his/her/its infusion of free will.the OFFICE for STRATEGIC PLANNING & BRITISH INTELLIGENCE made THIS promise.even the JESUITS were in on this what ends ,well only that god knows and the rothschilds.

  2. captain says:

    well it should come to no surprise then that in germany,once again, they have started to come after the jews,the politically correct german government issued a gagging order to all media outlets&any internet chatter/blogger is jailed immediately but the fact remains,the few synagogues left are being firebombed on a weekly basis, it has nothing whatsoever to do with nazism or the neo-nazi groups,hitler knew this very well & used it to further his push for rise to power with devastating effect,the fact is,and remains the germans hate the jews,always have & always will,it’s embedded within their genetic make up,it’s in their blood,they are bound to it by an invisible force,i know,i grew up over there,and no well-meaning christian doctrine or politically motivated education or law can ever change that.

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