VIDEO – The American Dream


8 Comments on “VIDEO – The American Dream”

  1. wanda says:

    Factual and entertaining… thanks.

  2. captain says:

    this video has been removed by the user , yeah right fucking CENSORSHIT ! all authority must be hanged from scaffolding under blackfriars bridge !!! and i sincerely mean that,anyone advocating non-violent resistance to the NWO is clueless about it all,they will laugh at you while they euthanise you and your family,what happened to the british guy fawkes attitude? just like in the U.S. i guess all the sodium hexa flouride turned us all into boot-lickin’pussies,you know i dearly love this site but the time for talk is over ,the birds are falling out the skies coz they have deployed the SCALAR WAVE WEAPONS and if ever you had the gut-wrenching opportunity to witness what these weapons can do to a herd of cows shielded by a 3m thick lead-enforced concrete wall ,you would know exactly what im talking about,but hey, business as usual,sorry, i better read my antony c. sutton books to calm myself down a bit.

  3. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Do not fear! Do you hear? Do not fear their sicko scaler tech crap!
    Do not fear the birds falling out off the sky. I think good, the birds will not suffer through the worst of it. If you fear anything they can do, you are done.
    No amount of opposing force can stop this now, it is going down. Man has opened the floodgates to the future occupants of hell, if you think you can fight them with physical strength you are mistaken. Look to save your soul and not your body. If anyone tells you anything different you are listening to the lie. It is the time to endure.

    • Paulo says:

      Enough said!

      Fear is all they want. But we must keep talking to each others, and incite strength and courage between. Heads up brothers and hold on!

      My take: ruff times ahead but let GOD take care of it. Just stay on His side and do his will. Let your intuition be flooded with the Holy Spirit. Deliver yourself to Jesus our only rescuer! Talk to Him…

      Sorry if I sound “religious”. It is not my intent…

      p.s – Above post link correction Elite Openly Flaunts Plan To Turn Cities Into High-Tech Slave Grids

  4. captain says:

    dear paulo&annie thank you for your kindness and support im sorry to have blown my gasket but sometimes i just get so mad,like yourselves i spent a lifetime researching the spectre of evil and everywhere i may look or turn i find more and more of it,relentlessly,the tidalwave that turned tsunami obliterates all good people who are in positions to pull the plug on this thing and no one even knows of them or what they died for,for instance US NAVAL COMMANDER JEREMIAH BORDEN-suicided for active resistance to the chemtrail projects,former NSA chief A.C.GRIFFITH unable to live with the bottomless evil he witnessed went public and now lives as a vagrant,there are 178 CIA whistleblowers solitary confined in secret prisons,JOHN P WHEELER drugged&murdered for talking to Jesse Ventura, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,i caught a MI5 surveillance unit on my tail today they even bugged my PS3 (i got a DARPA SPYBUSTER gadget) i just want them to know im well prepared and i will not go down without taking them along

    • Paulo says:

      I feel the same way: surrounded by evil. The time is set for total and blatant takeover by the wicked ones. But I tend to believe that what lives inside us is stronger than what dies around us. Quoting brother Dwight biblical passage “You are in the world but not off it”.
      Do not waste your efforts on confrontations and focus on your soul relation with our absolute Creator, like Annie said. What is supposed to be is going to be. It is written for millennia… Throw your ps3 out of your window and feel free!!!

      You are a musician, please check this “documentary” if you haven’t already:
      Fullscreen recommended!

      Thank you too and may GOD bless us!

  5. captain says:

    dear Paulo thank you for the support and insight and please,don’t apologise for sounding religious this place is our refuge from people who judge us according to our beliefs / opinions etc we are all equals here , and thanks for the link i got out of the regular music biz a long time ago and all my friends are normal people with no ties to any such nonsense , stay safe and sane , kindest regards c

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