VIDEO – Patriot Act for Internet ahead?



Wikileaks – A Big, Dangerous US Government Con Job

5 Comments on “VIDEO – Patriot Act for Internet ahead?”

  1. jim says:

    Traitors, remember them

  2. captain says:

    j.assange adopted as a child by anne hamilton berne cult/melbourne which is a front for CIA MK-ULTRA/MONARCH/ARTICHOKE projects. set up by George Soros to be patsy for several aims:1st destruction of BANK OF AMERICA for takeover by G.Soros at minimal share value point.2nd break up of by intellectual means.3rd to raise diplomatic profile of ISRAEL.4th to gain MONOLYTHIC CONTROL of internet

  3. captain says:

    Let’s not forget why they want control over the internet , g.soros , j.liebermann , n.rothschild&h.kissinger recently proclaimed that alex jones ( was the most dangerous man alive . yet to assassinate alex jones was no option since that would cause acts of ultra-violence not just by his devout followers but by a large section of the nwo resistance as a whole.since jones gave away obama’s real name (BARRY SOETORO)&bin laden’s CIA cover-name(TIM OSMAN)& the global eugenics prog. the NSC put jones as no1 on their target list along with JOHN YOUNG & many others . now the game within the game has created the opportunity to silence all hi-profile resisters , well i feel sorry for the nwo , what horrible empty and disdainful lifes they must lead, never to experience empathy, love , compassion , joy , happiness, euphoria & rock’n’roll – only hate & sorrow . very sad indeed!

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