Documentary – Psywar: The real battlefield is your mind (2010)

Published: Sep. 23, 2010 – Information Clearing House

How did the land of the free and the home of the brave arrive at a place where citizens could be manipulated with such efficiency and on such a massive scale?

Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”), John Stauber (“PR Watch”), Christopher Simpson (“The Science of Coercion”) and others.



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5 Comments on “Documentary – Psywar: The real battlefield is your mind (2010)”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    The ultimate battle field will be getting the guns away from the American people so they can be butchered like the Russians after the Bolsheviks took over and the Yids got their revenge. Likely the Cabal will just nuke America and they are all buying places down under right now, is this a clue to our future? Arch-Yid himself, Kissinger, is moving to NZ!

    I hate these British accented people talking about anything, pompous ass’s! WE DON’T NEED YOUR BORING OXFORD OPINION CLIFF HANGERS!
    We need to get the City of London out of America, and that’s not all we need to kick out but would be a start.

    Chomsky, something about that guy I don’t trust. The slyness behind the eye, the lizard’s stare void of emotion. Has he been MK Ultraed? Lots of doom, gloom and death, listening to him we all might as well gas ourselves, and perhaps that’s his MK point!

    A Republican form of government comes from LOCAL government not Federal, the US was not founded on DEMOCRATIC ideals but REPUBLICAN which is very different. It is a democracy that the people do not want. They can take their stupid democracies to the third world which is just the place for them since these populations are poor and starving already.

    The US, a history of cowardly politicians easily bought by the International Cabal with paper notes, presidents pieced together like puppets, and rotten, perverted, scandalous judges who keep child-porn rings going because that’s their entertainment. Yes, it’s sickening!

    If you still have hope in any form of utopia better move to the Plieades! All I see is fire from Heaven coming down to burn all the evil to ashes. Kissinger will be looking for a rock to hide under on that day. Hey! Henry! Where you goin’ hide? Your sins and murders are heaping up to Heaven, your judgement is at hand.

  2. […] – Psywar: The real battlefield is your mind (2010) Jump to Comments Published: Sep. 23, 2010 – Information Clearing […]

  3. Anonymous says:

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