Original Sin, the Synagogue of Satan, and the Sex Trade

by Annie Ladysmith
Original Article:  NWO Observer

The whole idea that evil is a “force”, an opposition, something that balances good, and therefore eternal, universal, and inevitable, is the greatest lie men believe. If evil is anything, it is personal, pre-meditated, malicious, deliberately insane, and completely abhorrent to all living processes and beings. Evil exists in fallen beings. They are fallen because it is their choice to destroy and desecrate, to rebel and foment rebellion. The one that started it all is Satan; he is after your soul and desires you to join in his rebellion. He is the Serpent of old and he has his children here on earth that do his will. It is essential to understand the concept of the original sin of man and how we are subtly seduced into believing lies.

In the beginning there was a garden. There were 2 trees, 2 directions, 2 possible outcomes in that garden. #1 was the Tree of Life. #2 was the tree of good and evil. When God the Creator makes creatures he makes trees. Everyone has a body with roots, either mobile or stationary, limbs, and a crowning ‘head’. The 2 trees in the garden were beings. One of the beings gave life, the other the knowledge of good and evil. Satan was the tree of good and evil and he came after human brings like a hunter stalking a prey. Like little birds we still get caught in his claws, no-one gets through this world without losing some feathers, or much worst.

I am going to tell you what happened in a little different way, and how it changed the way humans would live and die ever after. The knowledge tree, the inventor of evil, came to the woman in a serpent/phallic form and enticed her to partake of this secret knowledge of evil, eat the fruit of his tree. Her eyes, it said, would be opened by this experience and she would be a god. The word used to ‘open’ actually means an opening and closing of the eye, we shall see how this ‘knowledge’ works in the brain. Thus, we can follow and understand the mechanism of evil.

The prey was utterly seduced; she had sex with the serpent. This is what happened in her brain and it has been happening ever since, we call it conventional sex. Through the many nerve endings in the genitals, the input is relayed to the large sex nerves of which there are 4, hypogastric, pelvic, pudental, and vagus. The large sex nerves relay the input along the spinal cord and up to the “pleasure center” of the brain. This is the selfish ‘taking pleasure’ center were an orgasm brings seconds of intense sensation which is identical to a heroine rush. It is the Kundalini of Hinduism and the New Age. What can be wrong with that?

In orgasm the “mammalian brain” limbic system lights up (the opening of the eye), there is a corresponding closing of the eye of the lateral orbito frontal cortex; this is the ‘seat of reason’ behind the left eye. It shuts down completely during orgasm. Dopamine is released and the first drug high is experienced. Dopamine and the reward circuitry is behind every craving and most behaviors in the lives of men and women. The woman’s natural wiring was hijacked and turned from the bonding hormone oxytocin to the addictive highs and lows of the dopamine junkie. Having her eyes ‘opened’ to this drug she then recommended that her mate also have his eyes opened by the same cunning creature, and he also had sex and orgasm with the beast.

In the twinkling of an eye reality was changed and the human being, made in God’s image, was turned into the limbic beast we have been ever since, dominated by the lower sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, with all of creation following suit, slaves to the pleasure center in our brains and the dopamine it releases. This is the origin of sin. Testosterone, as it happens, is instrumental in the knowledge of evil and has turned our world into a dangerous, fearful environment. Testosterone is what makes sharks so terrifying, it is behind every act of violence and every show of force, it is the driving force of the natural world in between dopamine highs. It is neutralized by oxytocin.

We are all slaves to our limbic system which is the seat of emotions, desires, drives, and impulses. Every cruel tyrant and CEO on the planet is functioning from this part of the brain. This is what is wrong with the world and this is the original sin; to choose the animal instincts over the God given consciousness. This is the root of evil, for it knows nothing except its own pleasure. Falling in ‘love’ is limbic system love. It doesn’t last long because after the high there is the hangover. Here is what happens in between orgasms; dopamine drops, prolactin surges (in men and women) decreasing the sex drive and slightly to greatly repulsing the sex partner, causing hostility and anxiety in women and impatience in men, headaches, mood changes, depression and despair (think post-partum blues). It’s a roller-coaster ride and it takes 3 weeks to clear the brain after an orgasm to get to more balanced brain chemistry. (This is not even possible without lowering testosterone). I don’t care who you are, you cannot get close to the Holy God if you are having conventional sex, and it is high time someone figured this out! The only thing that dampens testosterone is the bonding hormone oxytocin.

The frontal lobes of the higher brain make us compassionate, tender, kind and truly loving human beings. The brain behind the left eye is where the soul entwines with the higher brain by an electrical current, and a unique personal frequency, to light us up from above and not the junkie fix which is from the genitals and is our basest reflex. That is why to destroy the soul evil Anglo-Norman-Kennazi doctors went around plunging ice pikes into people’s eye sockets. They did this knowing they were severing the person from everything that made them an image, no matter how shattered, of the Living God. Shrinks, mostly Ashkenazi, Jish imposters, perverts like their founder, have never stopped performing lobotomies.

Would Adam and Eve have had sex eventually? It may have taken a million years but the answer is yes, they were created to create. It would not have been conventional sex; it would have been oxytocin bonding coming from the higher brain, and as a delightful secondary consequence of the wiring, firing from top brain DOWN the spine to the genitals. In love there is no sin. It would have been an entirely different reality but we followed Satan, or as the English Royals/Talmuds and the Illuminati like to call their old friend, Lucifer their ‘light’ bearer.

Going back to Adam and Eve; the next thing they did was cover their genitals with fig leaves (the fig tree is another story), prolactin was kicking in and they were a little disgusted with these anatomical parts by now, best to cover them up for the time being. God didn’t hold back, he told them all the consequences they were going to experience living in base sex hormone hell and sent them packing from the garden since they had scorned the Tree of Life person (his own son), and polluted Eden with selfish pleasure juices so that even the grass they walked on shriveled on the spot.

Eve was pregnant with twins. One twin was the result of the serpent and the other was the natural child of sex with Adam. Eve had the twins and the seed of the serpent has been trying to kill off the seed of the Adamic branch of man ever since, or experiment on them. This is the spiritual and physical war that has gone on from the beginning. Cain, was not from Adam, he was the firstborn seed of the Serpent, Satan. Here is the goal of the seduction of human beings and copulation with the woman; the Serpent was able to populate the earth dimension with his own evil spawn. This was the ultimate goal because the wicked spirits do not have BODIES. Satan needs his evil children to work for him in our physical dimension to create bodies that the wicked spirits can live in and go back to what they consider their “golden” age of rebellion, Atlantis, where they hobbled around as freakish giants with 2 rows of choppers with which to chomp up humans. There is no end to their frantic experiments in this regard. They work feverishly because they don’t have much time left. We are nothing more to them than animals, to be experimented on and used. They need our DNA, vital organs, and hormones to continue there work and it is true that MANY humans go MISSING.

The seed of the Serpent is the lineage of Cain, the Kenites. The DNA gets mixed up and it is possible for siblings of the same parents to be of different seeds. The tribe of Dan, the 13th tribe, is called the Serpent’s trail; they are traitors and murderers of the true Israelites. The wicked Kenites/Danites are Judah imposters. They have followed the Jews closely because Judah was the lineage of the promised redeemer, Judah is the scepter tribe, and the Serpent’s seed if they crave anything, it is to be the masters of the world and make there Serpent father the king and so they keep close tabs on Judah to destroy the Real Jews and take their place. They plan to make Satan, their father, the fake savior of the whole world in-stead of Judah-Jesus-God. They control most of the world now and are making their final moves to enslave the natural seed of man and usher in their instead-of-Jesus. Their father actually had the deed to the world, by deceiving man, which is why he was able to offer it on a platter to the Tree of Life. But, he lost it at the Cross and his time here is short, from an eternal perspective. If people could only see what is going on behind the scenes of our physical world! These creatures will always need people for the harvesting of vital organs, hormones, and other unique human substances to keep their freak bodies alive. We would be slave’s for this purpose, and kept in cages, if they had their way. Some missing people suffer this terrible imprisonment.

The wicked ones, Serpent’s seed, are the scribes and Pharisees of the bible, the self-styled, so-called interpreters and makers of the Law. They call themselves ‘lawyers’ in our modern age and have taken over all law-making and judicial branches of governments. They know where the power lies and they grab it like sharks. They have always cloaked their horrifying evil in LAW. They invented ‘science’ and made up its ‘laws’ which includes modern ‘medicine’, which does nothing but kill people, and their all time favorite “science” EVOLUTION. They want you to believe that you came from a piece of slime, it suits their purpose perfectly. They created paper money, the money system, usury and interest, companies, communism, capitalism, and DEBT. If you want to know who they are, follow the paper trail of money and debt. I’ll just give you QE2 as an example and tell you that they run the world from the City of London and the U.S. is nothing more than a tribal colony whose Adamic sons are used as cannon fodder. The children of the Serpent are the Jish imposters, Satan’s tribes and bloodlines, evil to the core and constantly interbreeding with stupid vacuous Eves to produce hybrids that cannot be physical distinguished by most humans to be serpents (but do regard the eyes). They are the Synagogue of Satan. They wholeheartedly worship Satan and he gives them their worldly riches, crowns and fame. They are everywhere.

The power of sexual sin cannot be overestimated. The original sin of conventional sex is still the most popular subliminal message in our world, same old, same old, really BORING but still working on the masses. It worked for the Serpent the first time and it is still working. Sexual perversion is a rite into Satanism in all its forms. The younger the Synagogue can get kids hooked on sex and porn the quicker they are lost forever in hell. The more perverted the sex, the more addictive it becomes as the payload of dopamine increases to keep the rush coming. It is sick and it is sin. The greatest sin is a sexual assault on a child, dirty sexual predators like this have already given up there souls and will burn forever in the Lake of Fire. Children and virgins of all ages have yet to activate this slavery cycle and thus find great pleasure and optimism in the simplest activities of life, if they are not interfered with by evil perverts. A child who is interfered with is set up for the most miserable suffering throughout life with a chronic increased risk of suicide and perversion. The only way out is to take and eat of the Tree of Life. This is a universal hope and salvation but it must be ‘eaten’ by each of us. It reverses the cycle to return to the top-down spiritual human who is made in the image of the Creator, the El Shaddai. We are expected to make the right decision to reject evil even living in this world of flesh (limbic system), and it is an individual’s responsibility to get it all figured out while you live.

The origin of sin started with conventional sex and there is no end to the lies that abound on its pleasures, when it is the foremost form of slavery in our existence. I hope, if you have read this far, that your eyes have been opened to the propaganda we are inundated with in regards to conventional sex. I hope this at the very least makes you think about the whys and wherefores of its existence and why we are powerfully and externally controlled by it. My advice is to take a break from conventional sex and try to clear your head. Try having a friendship to increase your oxytocin and decrease testosterone. . The question is, is dopamine worth the price of your soul? Does it not make more sense to rip out your right eye if it offends you than have your soul cast into the fire, notice it is not your left eye, the seat of your soul! Get out of the lie that sex is what you need, and realize that in each of us, it is a personal love with the Creator that is the real ardent desire behind our souls. We were created for this from the real beginning, before Genesis, when we lived in peace. You can go back to an even better place. Overcome the evil one, it is worth the fight and eat from the Tree of Life!


20 Comments on “Original Sin, the Synagogue of Satan, and the Sex Trade”

  1. LG says:

    tres interessant…

  2. LG says:

    The Talmud is the master of evil…

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      We are all very glad for the tribal members that come out of this religious cult since they are usually very intelligent and embrace the truth with passion!

  3. hmmmm says:

    REALLY? This is a great site BUT this particular bulletin seems fairly INSANE……no offense to the writer but DEFINITELY the content….puhlease

  4. hmmmm says:

    “These creatures will always need people for the harvesting of vital organs, hormones, and other unique human substances to keep their freak bodies alive.” the most insane part, REALLY? soooo they want our “unique human substances” to keep their “freak bodies” alive? And where are they? Hiding in caves only coming out to drag in people for their dna?

    • Paul Luc says:

      Wait and you’ll see. Then we all will become insane.

      Do you know what are those witnessed Grey aliens? They’re nothing more than avatars (literally like in the movie), biotech bodies serving out-of-this-dimension/density entities… the so called demons.

      Here is something already in the public domain:
      Rat Brain Robot Uses Cultured Rat Neurons

      Now, imagine what is going on in the military complex, believed to be 50 plus years ahead…

      The initial industrial and the latest technological revolutions all come from the same place. Guess from where…

      p.s – I hope for approval of my comment. The latest two comments I made on this one and on another article weren’t approved. Thank you…

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Dear, you are the cave-dweller! You are the nincompoop, wait till you get “probed”, may change your point of view. Hey! you are total proff of everything I’ve written. Must be a serpent, HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Dear, you are the cave-dweller not Paul Luc, my replies got switched. You sound like a punk who listens to heavy metal. Did you graduate from a seconary school in your cave of origin? Sorry you don’t get it, it dosn’t get to everyone!

      • Paul Luc says:

        I’ve understood to whom was the reply.

        I am waiting for more knowledge like this article…
        Further more, I would like to see it listed on “key information”, or even on a dedicated category.

        Thank you for this enlightenment and sorry for my english.

        Greetings from Portugal.

    • Annie Ladysmith says:

      Yeah! They like Hollywood!

    • Paul Luc says:

      They like it so much that they own it!

      • Annie Ladysmith says:

        Dear Paul Luc, thank you for your support.
        They own all the media everywhere, it is the “head” of the beast that sprews propaganda constantly. They took over Hollywood early on and you can’t work there unless you’re a tribal member. They hate Mel Gibson for making a movie about Jesus Christ. They make movies like “The Last Temptation of Christ” which blasphem His righteousness and life, or like the “Da Vinci code” were he had sex with His follower Mary.
        The tribe have used these lies from the very beginning, they can’t come up with anything else. But, you’ve got to ask yourself what are they so afraid of that they continually make revolting movies like this to remind us that Jesus was not God. They are afraid of Him, and the people who believe on Him are their sworn enemies.

  5. telena says:

    you said it m’lady!!

  6. psibianl says:

    Informative article. Can you elaborate on the statement. “It is the Kundalini of Hinduism and the New Age”

  7. Viola_Bipt says:

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