How to Create an Angry American

3 Comments on “How to Create an Angry American”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    The guilty go about doing what they do!
    Rebellion is honored among the rich as being a step above others not possessing the actions to do pure evil.
    By Dwight Baker
    September 5, 2010


    They changed their name… the owner has moved out of the US (to avoid indictment)… and now they’ve just been caught bidding on government contracts under 30 different fronts.

    Who are these people? Answers in a short video:

    Inside the criminal mind dwells acts from hell. Like in most things when young they start to prefer the vice side of life. A voice inside them begs them to take more thus they rush to taking what is not theirs comes. Morality seen in family ties that bring about in most acts of innate civility called conscience is shunned. Some if not most of those in charge of our Nation today are from a culture of folks who prefer acts of pure evil. Without a doubt those sociopath runs our nation. They are always on the prowl for taking what is not theirs. They contrive with others of like criminal mind to rob from the general population as just the way it should be.

    They act as superior when in fact they are not. For in a society the only ones to be praised are the ones who produce creations of innovations for the common good for all.

  2. Specklefoot says:

    Too bad that we have a Democratic Administration that is continuing the wars—-and as for lies, what do you call it when Obama claims that the war in Iraq is over, when on the ground there has been absolutely NO CHANGE in work assignments? Just more semantic games, folks.

    They are ALL rats, Republicans and Democrats alike. By the time they hit the White House, they have sold their souls a hundred times over. So the only defense we have is to vote out all incumbents and keep on voting out ALL incumbents until we get people who walk the American walk. Term limits are enforceable in the voting booth. Make it so. Forget the supposed advantages conferred by the corrupt Congressional seniority system by not allowing any seniority.

    Kick the lousy cretins from both major parties OUT, OUT, OUT! And keep on kicking.

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    Civilian Legal Watch

    Is a Maverick County Texas Resident Union comprised of sovereign citizens to aid in the assembly of non prosecuted criminal matters, submitting when in question to the duly democratically elected CLP Grand Jury for the sole purpose to aid in the perfection and the prosecution of our Constitutional Empowered Laws for our civil and sane protections.

    I have been working on an idea that just might work for us and maybe you too.
    Questions to why our law enforcement is substandard.
    1. Most are crooks and they watch each other’s back sides.
    2. Our county is a way out of the place so our Attorney General likes to look the other way, while he goes off and slays the bigger dragons in the major markets.
    3. The FBI and others with the Federal Government get assigned here and begin at once to try to get re-located. That is there main focus.
    4. The good guys knows the problems and have known them for years, but lacks in leadership has left most of their crying to not be heard any more by me. [That might be a problem some of us have too]

    We are all in the same boat and most of us are having a hard time making it float. No matter where we hang our hats.

    I get a large amount of E-Mails per day wanting me to join in some huge effort to try and get some BIG SHOTS to change his or her mind.

    In our 50,000 plus township on the boarder with Mexico lands sake we got our own problems that would choke a mule. We have graft corruption missing funds and seems no body can be found when good questions needs to be asked.

    Just a bit of dissent here and there and the thugs that we deal with daily would cut a run.

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