Lucis Trust for A One World Religion

Courtesy: MD Jarv

5 Comments on “Lucis Trust for A One World Religion”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    We won’t “win this thing”, “be not troubled, all these things will come to pass, and still the end will not come”

    We won’t win this thing for the simple reason that the cup of evil will be filled to overflowing and all souls will see the ultimate fulfillment of evil on the Earth. This is the Father’s plan.

    Evil will have it’s hour, for how else will the generations of man, who have been sitting on the fence for ancient ages, decide once and for all who they will serve? The vials, the cup of evil will be poored out on all the Earth. There is no stopping it, it is Divinely mandated.

    Man, who let’s just say, has little interest in the God of the Universe, will have his fill of Satan, the god of the Earth (and the dimensions surrounding Earth reality). If you think the new age is a great thing, buckle up, for it’s author will be coming to visit very soon, if not already.

    What to do?? What to do?? Well, there are, in essense 2 choices for all of us; one is the broad path and the other is the narrow path, that few find. The choice is yours, but I guarantee it is going to get a lot worst!

  2. LG says:

    JUIFS + FM !

  3. […] VIDEO – Lucis Trust for A One World Religion […]

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