Even The Troops Are Waking Up

4 Comments on “Even The Troops Are Waking Up”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    This is why the Canadian and American forces are put in dangerous hell holes of attrition war. This is meant to irradicate any mortal strength within the expendible citizenry to sucessfully fight of the neo-fascism in the West.

    This is why the national troops are being replaced with UN troops (especially Russian, who are well trained in the art of merciless destruction and death in a door to door format, think census). Even though you may think the whimps in the blue berets have done nothing much to date, I say wait till the Russians take a UN “mission”, or the Chinese.

    I fear too much has already been lost and the fascists, under the Jackass, are very happy with the growing body count of young Americans and Canadians. Interestingly, the police, as witnessed by thousands in Toronto, don’t have any problem shoving, shooting, bashing, and running peaceful unarmed people down with horses. I think they are recruited from a certain personality profile just like the thugs at Blackwater. People who love to intimidate and humiliate their fellow man, psychopaths, lots of them around. Service personel are more regular with families and are driven more by patriotism and not psychopathology.

    My conclusion; North American fascist governments will never bring the troops home, they will only send more into the hell holes. The only ones that will get to come home will be maimed by battle or vaccine, or dead. We are indeed fighting the wrong enemy.

  2. No fundo, os americanos, como os outros povos, gostam muito de matar, é fun.

  3. Annie Ladysmith says:

    ps. I commend this honest young American and I would like to tell him to get a body guard as many troops will be paying heed to his poignant message.
    The Jackass/POTUS mafia won’t like that. He has a powerful story from the heart which could change the way a lot of patriots think.

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