Population Control & Eugenics

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4 Comments on “Population Control & Eugenics”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    I have to honestly say that it is quite the temptation, when looking at the old man John Rockefeller, to consider the benefits of a eugenics program that would put an end to such pond scum and let honest people work, breed, and care for their families.

    It is because of people like the Rockefellers and their henchmen (that scumbag kissinger) that normal people on the Earth are having such a hard time forever picking up the peices of their scattered lives and dreams. The pond scum is sucking the life force, laying waste the land, starting neverending wars, and taking every resource from the air we breathe (chemtrails) to the very minerals and metals in the Earth itself. Sucking the Earth dry and making it uninhabitable.

    We need an eugenics program to rid us of these miserable leeches that will suck up the whole Earth but never contribute one single thing of worth. Funny, all these eugenists appear a bit queer (Bill Gates comes to mind), a certain inbreed creepy look to them. I think they think this way because they feel that it is in fact themselves that need to be euthanized. This subconscious feeling is then projected on the rest of us in a massive lunatic scale as a classic Freudien compensation mechanism. Not that I can stand Freud, but they may as well have one of their own telling them what’s up.

  2. Dwight Baker says:

    How dare we reveal how to tear down!
    By Dwight Baker
    July 13, 2010

    Nothing much at all has changed. The Predator Beast is still doing what has been done since the creation of man by the one and only true and living God. Yud Hay Vav Hay GOD IN THE FLESH REVEALED IN JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD GOD AND KING TODAY. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_alphabet

    The few that speak out as if they are rulers of the lower caste of mankind must always bring around and about them benefactors of their opulent greed and despotism. The Caesar’s raped pillaged the people and lands around them but in the end the vineyards tool making trades, etc. that had become a source of income was passed along to the benefactors to take over and rule with a harsh hand and demand the acts of slavery to be satisfied or death would result.

    Look around and find the same tier group sets of folks working against our Great Creative Genius God. The building of the Tower of Babel was a step out to control all using a same set of communication language modes to control the slaves that worked for the Predator Beast. GOD stopped that by divine intervention, now will HE do the same for us today?

    I submit we must ask HIM to do so.

    Now the greater questions that puzzle mankind today and give rise to all kinds of goof ball ideas as those coming from outer space to the rules of the ancients who had no clue and was only led by what was known by them in their flesh senses make clear that many folks today want to have all things their ways regardless. So cooperation toward a common cause to take back control from the Predator Beast and give that to mass of society remains to be allusive and provides many wordsmiths more to write about.

    Yet what could be so hard about changing the things radically that has gone on for about 100 years? Seems many what to dwell on how big the forces of evil are and that they are wide and deep with benefactors all laying in wait for a big fat pay day of some kind some day! Yep that is right on, many rather talk the problem than the cure. That is a more comfortable position to be in with BIG BROTHER LOOKING IN. So where are the Democratic Titans where are those possessed with the Spirit of Nehemiah where are the King David types that rule with an Olive Branch in one hand and the righteous indignation/vengeance of God in the other?


    The Predator Beast and their Benefactors is more suspect to run and hide and try to escape when the final chips of defeat hit the table. For in their voo doo types of Wicca gatherings they have been told they are immune from the woes they inflict on others. Yes they are very religious and do have like minded folks they identify with and do belong to social orders and settings that reinforce their individual needs for attention, money and power as it is passed around to the benefactors working for the HIGH POTENTATE GRAND MASTERS AS PREDATOR BEAST.

    In each Predator Beast there is a false sense of immortality. That has been going on since time began, and at the crux of their confusion lies their want to be SELF GOD that can at will re-make them into immortality. All sorts of fables, saga’s tales and ritualistic magic sacrifices are used to promote the juices in them to live just one more day. And in all of those things the High Potentate declares HE is GOD for HE alone controls who lives and who dies. And in all of that they live move and have their very being to do harm to whom ever they choose. Thus the acts of war and decadence is in their hands to wield over others by demanding it be done. With NO CLEAR SENSE OF PURPOSE by design or thought out motives the only thing needed by them is a group of benefactors who will spin out the words to inform others of the Predator Beast wills.


    The soft sell in most Christian Church groups have empowered the Predator Beast in their illicit evil acts against the earths people. Much of the Biblical Text has been miss-stated convoluted and minced down to just a mish mash of garbage feed out to the people. And in doing has missed with intent the powerful punch required of those who Name the Name of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master. As a consequence most church members today are taught and then they see their only requirement to gain eternal life as coming to that fellowship at the appointed time and place and giving in money to keep the group alive. HOWEVER that has never been the intent of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is a total affront to HIM and what HE did for all of Humanity on the Cross. Paul in the Books of Romans is very clear about what we are to do. Read Romans chapters 13,14,15,16

    MY TAKE: The thousands millions maybe billions have not been called out by Providence to come into one accord with the Few in the Many that do know the score. And We the Few in the Many must take care to beware of the dangers in doing nothing at this time in our American History.

    THE CURE the HYBRID FEAR FACTOR: As in all un-regenerated mankind the fear of death decadence rules the base needs of survival. That is when the adrenalin kicks in and does not stop until the dangers dwindle or cease to exist. Therefore the basis for war when seeking victory over others has always been the FEAR FACTOR. And the Predator Beast as un-regenerated men and women so they like all men and women will quiver and shake and do stupid things when the HYBRID FEAR FACTOR of death and decadence is at their doorsteps.

    How dare we reveal how to tear down! Using the HYBRID FEAR FACTOR.

    We must empower the many that we represent with the knowledge of the Internet search engines. Then as time progress and our efforts become written in the stone of our time, each day new messages will be passed along to all helping using names of the Predator Beast and their benefactors to bring them out in the light and attack the evil that they represent. Much like using some of the video’s information we have watched to jab in the eyes of the evil men and women who think they are hidden from the light of God people. We will never get a far shake in the Free Press for none exist in America, the Progressive Media are mindless and clueless too, they want to spend their time talking non sense and repeating the old messages of AWAKE. I know personally many of them and they run from publishing the how to do it for We the People to take back control of our run a way Federal State and Local Governments.

    Back to the HYBRID FEAR FACTOR, I have done such as just one man. The messages were clear they were not politically correct and the hard knocks were all deserved and were delivered with a message KICK IN OR GET OUT. When the search engines figured out that was a bad thing I was attacked in an attempt to shut me down, I have the proof. Now what the HYBRID FEAR FACTOR will do in essence [bottom line] multiply the messages by 100 to 1000 times each day the search engines will be jammed by the names of David Rockefeller, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. — that will cause a roar rumble and discord among those folks that will in turn cause them to run away.

    I am sure that David Rockefeller in his 3500-acre compound has caves that he can go into and hide while the heat is really on. The same is true for many of them. They are outwardly mean tough hard-nosed people but inside they are all cowards and we know that cowards go down and out of sight very easy.

    The RULE OF LAW in America that can and will save the day for all of us We the People is found in each Sheriff Department in each specific county where those Predator Beast and their Benefactors reside. We the People can and will prepare indictments of each one have a Grand Jury appointed by us to hear out the charges then deliver that to the Sheriff to get arresting the offenders. The exact specifics of doing all of that legally will be forth coming for in each county and state will be Laws on the books that must be adhered too.


    Arrest and incarceration of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger will cause the Private Jets to fill the air. Our foes will be gone, who cares where? Not on ounce of blood will be shed, we will have full reign for a bit of time. More will come to our aid once they see and feel the plan working. Then in all of that a sense of JOY, and overcoming Freedom will weld our people together again, as our GOD intended long ago.

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