We Who Advocate Peace

by Camillo Mac Bica
Published: Jul. 11, 2010 – Information Clearing House

They wage preemptive war, occupy and bomb sovereign nations, utilize video-game technology and robotics to murder and then dehumanize hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children as collateral damage. We who advocate peace and justice say that such acts of war and occupation are illegal, immoral and a barbaric and paranoid response to contrived evil . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They chose to avoid military service themselves or had “other priorities” when their Country called, but yet cavalierly send our children, not theirs, to kill and to die in their war for oil and empire. We who advocate peace and justice say that if the threat is real and the peril immanent and grave, then our chickenhawk leaders and their privileged children should be the first to go. Only then will we follow . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They continue to use the fear of terrorism, prey upon the anxiety and distress of the American people post 9/11to “justify” continuing, even escalating, their wars and occupations, and to deny fundamental human liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. We who advocate peace and justice say that the exploitation of a vulnerable citizenry, and the disregard and abuse of basic human rights is Un-American, uncivilized, and a clear violation of the very values they allege to be championing and defending . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They send our military into harm’s way to kill and be killed in pursuit of goals that are ambiguous and ill-defined in an endless war and occupation they sell to the American people and to the world as a response to terrorism. We who advocate peace and justice say that our troops are not cannon fodder; that terrorism is a tactic not an enemy or an ideology; that war, occupation, and the indiscriminate use of violence by the military promotes rather than abrogates the terrorist threat . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They fail to honor their commitment to our Servicemen and Women, “stop loss” deployment after deployment with insufficient dwell time, and provide inadequate resources to meet the medical and readjustment needs of our returning wounded and veterans. We who advocate peace and justice say that providing effective care and treatment for those physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded by war is a moral and legal obligation and should be our first priority. . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They torture prisoners at Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay and “black site” secret prisons around the world, denying “detainees” even the most basic right of Habeas Corpus. We who advocate peace and justice say that such heinous practices as water boarding and unlawful restraint are immoral, violates the U.S. Constitution and International Law, increases the risk that our troops will be ill-treated and tortured should they be captured, and that those who ordered, endorsed, sanctioned, or supported such methods of torture are hypocrites, deviants, and war criminals . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They refused to meet with and comfort the families of our soldiers wounded or killed in battle, denigrate their memory, sacrifice, and dignity by fabricating heroic fantasies of their death and suffering to increase recruitment and bolster support for their senseless war. We who advocate peace and justice say that exploiting the deaths of our soldiers and the grief and suffering of their families in order to mythologize war and lure other young men and women to slaughter is unconscionable and depraved . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They have and continue to award no-bid contracts to favored corporations for personal and political benefit. Contractors who kill without mercy or accountability, whose greed for profit influences decisions of foreign policy, promotes war, and prolongs quagmire. We who advocate peace and justice say that we must heed President Eisenhower’s warning to beware of the military industrial complex, that such corporate cronyism, war profiteering, and political corruption, is criminal, fiscally unsound, and not in our national interest . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They sell America to foreign investors, waste billions of taxpayer dollars on an ever increasing military budget to wage illegal war and occupation and to furnish the weapons of genocide and oppression to dictators and rogue nations around the world. We who advocate peace and justice say that America must end its preoccupation with militarism and war, use its wealth and influence to protect life and property rather than to kill and to destroy, and become a sane and compassionate voice for peaceful coexistence in the world . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They continue to give tax breaks to the wealthy and tax incentives to the oil industry despite record profits. They bail out corrupt Wall Street bankers but remain apathetic to Main Street workers who lose their jobs and their homes. They “compromised” away meaningful healthcare reform and see fiscal responsibility as cutting social programs such as aid to education, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We who advocate peace and justice say that benefiting the affluent at the expense of the poor and the middle class is inhumane, short sighted, a violation of trust, and of basic human decency. . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

On “National Holidays” such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, they parade, stage air shows, weapons displays, and celebrate the technology of death and destruction to commercialize patriotism and to glorify war and the military experience. We who advocate peace and justice say that these national holidays are not for celebration, commercial marketing, or deceptive recruitment practices. Rather they are for remembering and for grieving the loss of ALL who were sacrificed to the tragedy and insanity of war . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They refuse to “look back” and to investigate the crimes of those who violated the law and the trust of the American people by choosing war unnecessarily; crimes against humanity that cost billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of human lives. We who advocate peace and justice say that we are a nation of laws to which all are subject equally, that such crimes must be investigated and the guilty held accountable for their transgressions. Prosecute the war criminals! . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They sat idly by as the city of New Orleans and thousands of its inhabitants died; ignore global warming, choosing rhetoric rather than effective action while the gas and petroleum industry continues to profit from polluting the planet and destroying its fragile ecosystem. We who advocate peace and justice say that this indifference to human pain and suffering and failure to defend the planet and its diverse species against ecoterrorism is unconscionable, inexcusable, and ultimately suicidal . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

They spout the meaningless rhetoric of shallow patriotism, arrogantly waving the flag of “freedom” or pasting it to the bumper of their gas guzzling humvees, and think it belongs solely to those who unquestioningly beat the drums of war, from a safe distance of course, while their leaders sacrifice lives and treasure and violate the laws of god and of humankind in mistaken wars of choice and greed. We who advocate peace say that all war is anathema and unnecessary war sacrilege and those leaders who dare unleash its horror upon humankind are criminals and those who blindly follow are sheep who fail to understand the moral and legal obligations of their religion, of humanism, and of citizenship in a democracy . . . and they say we are unpatriotic, treasonous, and unsupportive of the troops.

Camillo “Mac” Bica, Ph.D. is a Professor of Philosophy at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, a former Marine Corps Officer,Vietnam Veteran, and the Coordinator of Veterans For Peace Long Island.

Source: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25918.htm


4 Comments on “We Who Advocate Peace”

  1. Dwight Baker says:

    Who advocates absolute truths as the way to live?
    By Dwight Baker
    July 12, 2010

    I submit not many! Experiential information is one of the worst ways to try and conduct our lives. Read some of the test cases. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10402681

    We might as well face the music absolute truths do not exist in Washington DC. President Obama speechwriters have no sense of what he said yesterday and how that should line up with what he is going to say today and on and on and on.

    Now the general public is so dumb down that they will go for about anything as long as enough lipstick high heels and lip-gloss is put on the advertising blitz, or political twist. But even the dumbest of the bunch still understands his groans in his tummy when no money is there for lunch.

    Yet the flamboyant hucksters trying to resurrect the cause that got Obama in the White House have not a clue what to do for their super pleas for more money to drive their campaigns have all been shut down.

    Who can believe anything about anyone any longer? President Obama should clean his plow but that might take 100 years and I doubt if he has the staying power to stay in the White House that long.

    Sitting here this early AM I can think of at least 1,561 lies that have been spread around as a partial truths that is still hanging in the air and no one seems to care. Now if that is using common sense and reason to run the Greatest Empire these world systems has ever produced something is terribly wrong with the power bosses behind the scenes.

    Well there again I go trying to use absolutes to compute and in this age forget about doing that.

  2. Dwight Baker says:

    Has the power in the words of TRUTH
    Been shrugged off by most?
    By Dwight Baker
    July 9, 2010

    If so, then how can we as a sovereign people ever expect to be led to more liberty freedom and power to project the change’s that is needed now in our Rich and Abundant America? I submit until a change comes to our free press it is never going to happen.

    Because those who appear often as media hucksters, puppets, pundits and politicians, that fill our heads with duplicities that are mindless senseless and that proves they are blind towards the real impassioned ardent needs of us HELD IN THE TRUTH we will sit dazed and confused and in the end we will all lose.

    Therefore they as individuals stand for nothing and their words are empty of hope, faith and trust thus I submit they are mindless cowardly filled people who’s words and them too are headed toward the epicenter of the great abysmal crack in non-civility never to be heard or read again.

    Therefore many that declare they are of a progressive media exposé and it is to them to tell us which way to lean and glean for the Real Truth of things. I personally know and condemn most of them for they simply are not. I think most spin and spin and leave most of us hanging in mid air without using the power in words to led folks in the right directions to find and know the TRUTH.

    So what is the indicator’s that all can use to pick out those who use spin and those who do not? Look and read closely to see who regurgitates what others have said that goes counter culture to common sense and reason and then those who investigates for the real TRUTH of the matters and lays hold to expose. Then make your decisions based on those things.

  3. Dwight Baker says:

    GOD wrote His cosmic plan and play
    WE His people pick our part!
    By Dwight Baker
    July 11, 2010

    The following was written for a life long friend confused by many political and religious signals that were just wrong.

    I had been beset knowing my friend leaned far to the right and was content with us killing innocent victims all over the world. Yet in her stated belief she was a good Christian waiting on the rapture to carry her away from all the horrors. The conflicts of people trying to live those lies are just horrid.

    The word pictures following are big tall and broad-brush strokes I felt that were needed to try and convey the truth in simplest form.

    Essay Begins

    The best of mankind motives and lofty ideas are nothing without GOD being the author of such. All actions by mankind without the knowledge and leadership of GOD are simply works of the flesh, the animal instincts of man. Therefore when Abraham and Sarah were chosen of GOD to bring forth His chosen people a new act in Gods play was up for others to choose a part.

    The same is true when Jesus Christ was born, lived, died on the cross, rose again, became the first of many second Adams [then handed over the keys of His Kingdom to His bride His church meaning [movement] now Jews and Gentiles alike must choose the part they want to play].

    But again all of mankind independent human instinct motives lofty ideas; concepts of deity are nothing without the one true and living GOD being the author of such. And for many that are where the rubs comes in for sometimes the hook they must swallow first is study. Yes GOD does call and zap some with the light we know that for it has been recorded as such, but GOD is GOD and we are not and He picks whom HE wishes to call and zap.

    Yet in HIS ways found recorded by Moses the rules of an organized society living within the rules of our GOD teaching of all was paramount and to be trusted in and done. And in all of that was GOD ways for His creation mankind to step up and gain a likeness for divinity to be practiced in all ways and thus become a SON / DAUGHTER of the Living Creative Genius God.

    Therefore many of those calling themselves Christians today have not that deep appreciation for all the kinds of divinity of God to be practiced in all ways in our day-to-day lives. And the main reasons for such problems has been the dispensationalist in their attempts to bring all matters of GOD into their simple Simon thinking that has been pagan [without the knowledge of GOD and his Cosmic plan and play].

    Thus for years during the growth of America denominational churches grew in great numbers. Every kind of strange doctrine came along and tenets of that faith particular to each congregation were displayed and were to be taught and adhered to by the members. Many of those denominational doctrines were that the OLD TESTAMENT WAS DONE AWAY WITH and had been REPLACED BY THE NEW TESTAMENT. That being the central key in keeping and preaching the ideas of the dispensationalist, who were wrong from the very start and remain wrong today, for they in total have no idea who GOD is and what HE demands from His called out Sheep.

    And because of that most folks that have a zeal to know who GOD is starts a migration from one church to another trying to find those cores of thought to bring them closer to our God His plan for man and parts in His cosmic play that is up for our individual choosing.

    Those denominations preaching born again new birth etc. talking in tongues etc recorded as actions done in the early church are one in the same with the dispensationalist. I know of NOT ONE of the Roman type top down organized churches today that have even the slightest hint of what to do for the people except provide a meeting place hard driving or orphic music dance and all the rest of the fleshly needs and then extract offerings that are held for operational cost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpheus

    The bigger the ministry the bigger the money mill. In Florida there has been the worst of the worst hang up their church signs and entrap the rich to give and give and give regardless of how mundane or out of step the minister or huckster gets with the rest of the congregation. When that becomes an issue the folks there are in a CULT. And with the semi- and rich retired run to Florida to hang their hats many ministers go there to reap in the money. I could name many but I refuse to watch their crap any longer, much like the hum drum mindless crap that comes out of Washington DC.

    I am not a bigot; I am an engineer practical pragmatic that works all angles in being cynical. I do not believe anything that goes against my knowledge of GOD. I do not have time or the patience to tear down temples built to the ideas of the elite deitest and there are many.

    I hold most elected officials in derision for their actions and words done against us as a people. The roles they have decided to play are against my GOD and I am right there with HIM to disapprove.

    Thus, Paul in Romans 11–12-13-14 presents a very good study that we must endure and learn for there we will finally see our connections to the Vine Our God plan and play for man being Jewish all the way, God has not changed His mind nor has He any more prophetic things for those today to see only then go about writing books making arguments simply to make money.

    Therefore to understand what God wants His people to do today read the 613 Laws of God presented by Moses. Now the pure and perfect sacrifice for our sins has been done, by the Acts of Jesus. So forget about reading all the actions needed to get a cure for the sickness of sin and guilt. But please do not miss all the positive laws or regulations how we should deal with each other in our each communed Israel settings all in tune with our God as His children.

    The study is refreshing and delightful in that God knows all about us and what each of us needs along the path of life to be a vital part of His community. The disparity that we try to live in daily is one foot serving the flesh and the other trying to serve the Lord. That is where and when men and women go mad. We must choose who we are going to serve and that is just the way God wrote His plan for man and Play. Now some will not beckon to the call to study for they have seem to reached the heights of all heights and have made agreements with others that all have arrived.

    Finally belief is not the cure— good words and works for others in day-to-day living is proof we have arrived and we are in the Kingdom of God doing His perfect will. Yes it is a quest to learn how we should be like God first made His Chosen man Jewish in all ways.

  4. Annie Ladysmith says:

    I have read that the biggest % of Congress who had close relations, their sons and nephews, drafted into the American created hell of Vietnam never went above 3%, that was the high water mark of our proud polititians, who with knowledge aforethought, sent other people’s children into the meat grinder.

    And we witness it happen again in more hell holes, rejected but strategic (if they could only get rid of all the people) places on the Earth that have been made unlivable by American foreign policy, the IMF, and the absurdity of ‘sanctions’ by the ludicrous “UN”.

    Who are these fuckers kidding??? The Canadian Forces and especially the US Marines are cannon fodder for the whims of this so-called military industrial complex and the elite who run the show.
    They are a culture of death, it is all they know and what they desire for every living thing outside of their bell jar.

    The jackboots are stomping loud and clear, the night raids hanging over us like thunderbolts, Blackwater torturers sidle around us becoming familar with our poor rural towns and our major cities alike.

    Do not, never, let them take your humanity. As we flee help others around you, look for others to help for this will keep your humanity alive. They do not want us to be human, they stand ready to grind us to dust. Find the true Rock to stand on and you will never fear their faces. Do not be troubled, we know that all these things must come to pass.

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