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3 Comments on “World War 3 (Iran-sanctions or attack) Scenario By Webster Tarpley”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Have despots ever taken advise from wise men? The NWO is going to have WWIII and it looks like Iran is the only nation that will take them on. All the better that it is filled with natural resources like water for the power junkies grab. They need it for their intended headquarters in Jerusalem.

    However, Iran is not Iraq. These Iranians will fight off foreign attack with experience and gusto.
    In the end, the NWO will foster and foment this war for their goal is to take out all opposition and all automomy. Remember Iran is a rogue state BECAUSE it refuses to have a central bank so the globalist can control their money, issue them debt, then make them banrupt.

    I’d say Israel has been building underground bases and has aggressively been grabbing land to secure the perimeters of these bases and for a clean bountious water source to fill up underground reservoirs. Syria and Iran are two plentiful sources that Israel plans on getting. The water has to be secured before the nukes fly or the poor Israels will die of thrist as they wait out the fallout.

    The Iranians aren’t stupid people, they are well educated and sophisicated. They know what’s going on. When it comes down to it they will try to stall war as long as they can, however, as we have seen, the Zionist’s puppet has no unction about bombing the crap out of a country from the air and then invading, any old excuse will do.

    We cannot expect sanity out of this global oligargy that have been hell bent on ruling the world and are now going to any extreme measure to hasten their goal. We have seen the behavior, we are witnesses to the growing insanity. Is it not like the escalation before WWI and WWII?

    • Mohsen says:

      Surely no one is happy with the war.
      But when Israel massacred the oppressed people of Palestine , all need to go to war with it.
      Unfortunately, Western governments such as America and England only support war with the oppressed.
      If World War with Iran happen, obviously only the Middle East will lead.
      Today Iran have advanced weapons that still them dont show to the public.
      I agree with you. Iran is very different with Iraq

  2. jashua upchurch says:

    your comments amuse me do u think information
    so point blank so clear really would be realised in such a way that evry single person who goes on gogle can know? puppets dont know they have strings so tell me are u a puppet?

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