Inside Story – The price of Israel’s siege of Gaza

AlJazeeraEnglish — 02 de junio de 2010 — Inside Story asks what the ramifications of the Israeli military attack on the Gaza aid flotilla will be.

5 Comments on “Inside Story – The price of Israel’s siege of Gaza”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Yeah! The Liberty fired on them also, and those school kids in Gaza are always shooting rockets at them, everyone in Iran wants to’wipe them off the map’, Hezbollha uses the entire civilian pop. of Lebanon as human sheilds, and the Zionists best puppet, the USA, has to constantly be policed by the Antidefamation League and their IRS Secret Police.

    The truth is the Zionists have no friends anywhere and even the Jews are turning against them. The more they know they’re hated, the more the escalation of violence grows. Now they do this thing in international waters, and it is so trully AMAZING that not ONE COUNTRY will condemn them, what do people fear?

    People, WAKE UP, they could not get away with this overt, blatant, maximum aggressive, warlike attitude, killer mentality, IF THEY DID NOT ALREADY OWN THE WHOLE WORLD. They do not care what people think, they do not give 2 hoots about anyone else, only their own agenda, ruling the whole world from Jerusalem, from a temple built on gold and silver and with the ruthless god of this world basking in their worship.

    They are very close.

  2. Annie Ladysmith says:

    Eldar? What rock did they turn over to find him slithering out?? Columnist? The US is Don Quixote?? The US fought 2 world wars (and all others) for the Balfour Declaration and the Zionist protocol and agenda and this squirming worm of a man has the arrogance to say it has been fighting windmills?? No, creepy worm-man, the US has been fighting all those dirty wars for the Israeli Zionists, everyone knows this. Israel would get nowhere without US aid and protection. How dare this creepy little Zionist say such a thing, he needs to get back under his rock, IDIOT!

  3. Annie Ladysmith says:

    I’m back! The world Zionists desire to incite the Arab/Moslem world into rash actions so they can justify using nuclear armaments against them.

    This was a well planned raid, the murders of civilians was not by accident but by design. They want to infuriate their enemies and then kill them and blame the fury on their deaths.

    Iran is too smart, they know the ploy of over-reacting and thus playing right into their hands. Iran is staying strong, they have nothing on Iran. Every country should pay attention to how Iran handles the Zionists.

  4. O Biden já veio dizer que Israel tem todo o direito de actuar dessa forma. Claro que as ordens do Obi para a zona estão a ser cumpridas.

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