Israel Attacks Gaza Freedom Flotilla


VIDEO – Israelis celebrating attack on Turkish Aid Ship – infront of Turkish Embassy,Tel Aviv

Israeli massacre of Gaza convoy supporters provokes outrage

Israel attacks Gaza flotilla – live coverage

VIDEO – Middle East Fury: Video of angry protests as Israel attacks Gaza Freedom Flotilla

World in shock at Israel’s deadly Gaza ship raid

Freedom Flotilla and the BBC’s Shame

Pirates of the Mediterranean

VIDEO – Israel attacks Gaza aid convoy – Protesters storm Israeli consulate in Turkey

Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists At Sea

19 photos of today’s London flotilla Demo

Israel steps up its warmongering

One Comment on “Israel Attacks Gaza Freedom Flotilla”

  1. Annie Ladysmith says:

    IF the so-called ‘state’ of Israel is not punished by a total blockade (like the US did in Iraq) of the entire area controled by the Zionists then Justice can go weeping in the streets.

    If the damned US government puts up with this terrorist nonsense and does nothing to severely restrict “Israeli” piracy in international waters by immediately bombing all the Israel airforce stations that have US ‘gift’ planes and also taking bombing a few ships in revenge for the Liberty, if this does not happen, as it should, to teach these Nazis a lesson, then the US can go to hell.

    I will personally give up any and all ties to this PUPPET of so-called Israel. You will no longer be my country, you will no longer be my people. You have been completely bought by the Zionists and currently Rahm Emmanuel is your leader and patron saint, you can all give him the BUTT salute. You are all disgusting!

    America will pay for this trechery, when the Russians have had enough! Watch and wait the nukes are coming, it won’t be long. How dare a suspossedly civilized nation stop humanitarian aid to desparate people.

    They are all war criminals!

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